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Date Night Entity on 2015-10-06

My last story involving the paranormal happened in 2004 in the apartment complex that I still reside in to this day, but in a different apartment. Back in 2004 I had falling away from my Christian faith and had been practising a form of Gnostic Paganism. I had been quite active within my new foun...

The Green Imp - A Demon Tale on 2015-09-24

This story takes place in 1975, at the time I was only 5 years old, but this event has been burned into my memory and don't believe I shall ever forget it. My parents and I had taken a road trip to California to see my mother's aunt and uncle who lived in Fresno. This trip crosses long stretches ...

Haunted Theatre In Utah on 2015-09-17

My story of an encounter with the supernatural happened when I was seventeen. I had had an earlier experience with some strange phenomena was I was about four years old but the one I had in my teens was much more frightening. It was 1987 and I was working at a downtown Salt Lake City movie theat...

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Hello, The best advice I've seen so far in these comments has been by Rook, start keeping a dream journal & marking date & times of these dreams & do so immediately upon waking up. Paranormal experiences can be challenging to deceipher & many can fall into the area of stress. Major life changes can induce scary or even frightening dreams. Keeping a dream journal, or even a journal period, is a great way to get day to day stress out of your head. Often people manifest their stress in their dreams in the form of violent images & or actions. This is how our mind processes stress. Moving out of your parents home, being on your own, moving in with your boyfriend, getting a new job; all of these things can be major stressors that maybe your mind is processing as this burnt man thing. It doesn't mean your being haunted by a roving entity or something negative. Keep a journal, talk with someone you trust, exercise, find something that will help you process your stress. The down side to your visions, & have seen this happen before, is if you don't make the attempt to deal with whatever anxiety you may have, could escalate into more frightening visions. I don't think your being haunted, I think your young, just starting your life on your own, it's exciting, it's scary, & think you may be just processing this stress in your dreams. So your not crazy & don't jump to conclusions. Find some positive stress relievers & I'm sure these dreams will eventually just fade away as you get used to your new life. Freedom & independence is an exciting & stressful thing, just be positive & it should work it's self out!:)