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The Messenger Of Death on 2015-06-24

As this is my first experience I am sharing on the website - or any in that case - and I plan on sharing all of them as my time allows, I would like to preface my story with a bit of background regarding my experiences. In the past 10 years, ever since I was about 15 years old, I have had some profo...

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Date: 2015-06-25
ms_st0308, Wish-Not, and Tweed, Thank you for responding! I appreciate any and all opinions anyone has and is willing to share. I'm not sure how to reply to comments directly so allow me to respond in turn.

Hi ms_st0308, in response to possible medical explanations for this phenomenon I would say that I am a quite healthy person now as well as back when this happened. I was definitely not under any stress or anxiety at the time I would say, although certain experiences I've had have come when I'm going through a stressful period. I will also say that I am in healthcare, and I am required to get yearly physicals and psych evals as part of my line of work, and I have no underlying health issues that anyone has found, nor do I have any history of it in my family. In regards to the black dog omen, I did a quick google search after reading your comment and found a wiki on the black dog ghost that coincides with the experience I had fairly well. (I know wiki's are not the most credible sources though lol)

Hi Wish-Not, thank you for the positive encouragement! =)

Hi Tweed, I am glad to hear that in your experience the dog has been a positive influence, that's fascinating that you and others have had similar experiences as me! Whenever I have told any close friends in person I have never had anyone relate really to what I went through. That's a valid point you made about the hallucinating or hearing sounds after a video game marathon. I have experienced that before and I can confidently say that when I saw the dog it was so much different than that; it was just so clear and real, I was 110 percent positive that there was an animal there, I just really wanted it to not be a ghost!

In response to a bit more on background and what I have done to get rid of spirits: I was raised in a very Christian household, always of course told that demons and angels are real and of the spiritual battles that take place that we cannot see. I have not considered myself a christian since I was 12 and I am now 25, and hold no beliefs to anything specific in a religious sense except that there are things out there that are beyond our understanding, and there is no way to say for certain if one belief is more correct than the other. In light of this christian upbringing though, I find that in my moments of fear and panic I somehow find myself praying until I fall asleep or pass out. I have never seen any direct effect from this though. My paranormal episodes happen so infrequently that I have never felt the need to cleanse the home as after a couple of weeks without an occurrence I tend to stop thinking about it.

Anyways, I really appreciate the feedback and very much enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts on the matter and would be very interested in anyone's similar experiences. I will be writing about more of my stories as soon as possible. Thanks!
Date: 2015-06-13
Wow, that was quite creepy! I have heard a laugh like that as well. It was Halloween, funny enough, and growing up, I had never been allowed to partake in the holiday. This was the first year that I had, and I was with a friend of mine. It was around midnight or later and we were on the second story of an old barn on his property which was in a wooded area. It was pitch black outside, we had the barn doors open, and we were telling scary stories regarding paranormal things we had experienced in the past. We had our guitars with us as well, and the amplifiers were on next to us although we were not playing at the moment. Just then, exactly as you had described, we heard a short condescending laugh come from the speaker. There were no sounds except that laugh, and then silence. I understand that amplifiers can pick up radio signals... But this was clear as day a laugh that felt directed at us, and I felt that it was amused by the fear that we were already experiencing from recalling our old stories. Reading your story gave me goosebumps as it reminded me of that experience. I wonder what would cause a spirit or entity to feel the need to make itself known in those instances. I wonder, is this a common paranormal occurrence?