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I love programming and I'd like to teach people how to write code. I am a bush firefighter (awesome job) in Australia.

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Sensation Of Being Watched on 2016-04-19

This is a story about a real experience that has happened to my friend and I. Overview: This started some years ago but my friend and I will get the occasional sense that we are being watched by something not from this world. Detailed story: Some years ago, my friend came to my house for a sle...

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I have been to every part of the house and my mother is not keeping me away from any part of it. The constant presence of this "thing" does scare me a little because it sometimes gets a little too close to me. Today, I was with my class in the bush (My school is situated on a farm with various parts covered in bush) and I could sense the "thing" about at least 150m - 200m away from me behind a tree in the same bush.

It does sound like a really good story to post, I'd like to see it,
Buthaya (your welcome).

Being watched by something that does not belong in this world is sometimes scary but it also could be exciting because they are focusing on you the whole time.

You guys are awesome at helping me, thanks a lot.
Hello Spiritwaiting,

No, we didn't see anything, only felt a sort of electrical - but paranormal - charge in the air. It definitely was not a power plug that was left on. When we got back home, I checked everything and nothing was on except a light and the Wii (which my friend and I left on).

The "thing" did not make any noises at all.

I suppose it was trying to stop us from getting out but, I'm not too sure.

I can't explain question 4. ("I'm curious, how long did...")

Sometimes when I'm alone, I can sense the "thing" watching me. My friend doesn't want to talk about it so I don't know about him.

I can't feel anything with family around, only when I'm with my friend or by myself.

I hope this answers some of your questions.

whoops, I didn't see the part in brackets, '... Except, no ghost' 😆 😆
Don't send me a photo!
Hello Miracles51031! Can you please send me the photo zoomed in a bit? If so, my email address is lucas_02 [at] I had a very close look at the photo using the link you posted and I think I can see what your describing as the old woman. I'm not sure exactly so if you could send me a closer image, I can then confirm what I am seeing. Thanks.
Date: 2015-10-28
it may even be a rendezvous, a memory that will happen sometime in the future.
Date: 2015-10-28
hmm... This sounds like some sort of telepathy or past life flashback.
This seems really weird that your house is haunted for no exact reason. Other than that, nice story!
the word your are looking for is possessed
Other than that, good story 😁
Date: 2015-06-18
this really does sound as though its made up... Although dogs do have a sixth sense which means that they can sense when someone is about to die, they can also smell cancer in humans and they can also sense ghosts.
Date: 2015-06-17
This seems more like a coincidence? I'm not sure if its exactly a ghost... 😕