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1. Adore reading - currently own 367 books not including Ebooks.

2. Several paranormal expriences, most of which have been negative I have to admit.

3. I am a psychic empath, which means I can read the emotions of people around me.

4. I have dabbled in divination and have a powerful bond with my rune set.

5. A lotof my family are non-believers. (everything including magic) (makes christmas a little awkward).

6. Sometimes my hands don\'t listen to my brain (they type words in the wrong order etc.)

7. I have an intense phobia of clowns.
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Step By Step on 2017-11-24

I have just moved into a new house, AWAY from a troublesome spirit. Before I was dealing with a very nasty spirit, with regards to scratching his initials onto my glasses and moving an entire cupboards worth of stuff onto the landing. This spirit is completely different, I can just feel her. Now...

Priest Pranks on 2015-06-17

Way back before we moved in a priest had lived (and died) in the house. He had crosses lining the walls and all sorts of church artifacts tucked up in boxes. My parents removed all of the stuff and sorted out the house so we could move in. I was only a baby back then so I had little knowledge of it....

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Date: 2017-11-15
hi everyone,

The house that I moved out of has been abandoned for two years now and no-one will buy it.

I used the runes in the hosue asking only yes or no questions. I only ever got no. Even if I knew the answer was yes. (for example - did you live here?)

The crosses were plain and removed immediately.

Divination has been in my family for years. My grandma has a natural talent for finding and predicting things. She also has a friendly entity in her house and has told a malevolant spirit to leave her alone (never had a bad experience since).

I have a new problem, the landing of my old house was terrifying and now the landing in my new house has started feeling the same. The letters RD continue to pop-up (once in a coffee shop on the fog on the window). Not sure if this is a bad sign.

Again, we don't know anything on the priest who lived here, just that he lived and died there.

Thank you for your comments
Date: 2016-09-06
sorry for the long wait

We have since moved
During the moving process no one came forward for six months. Whoever did come would be keen until they came to look at it then they would refuse. I blame him.

The face was faceless,
Like someone pressing their face through a sheet and stretching it around their face.

I am part of a church but it is not routine.

My mum saw the letters on my glasses but not the string or the face. I doubt she would have believed me.
The priest left no hint about which church he attended or anything like that.
I did perform a cleansing jar ritual twice on both doors and a sage and white oil ritual on the windows but nothing happened. Also my runes didn't work in the old house. They started to but half way through they would just resort to their previous answer. Every time.
I am going to do some digging and find out what happened. Just a heads up ill tag you in the article.
Also in the new house lights flicker and things move. I think he followed me
Date: 2015-08-10
Ok update
The dining room is bad
Really bad
I have seen something
It might be nothing but I have seen the letters R, D again
On the floor made from string
Then a face in the bathroom mirror from steam
Now this could just be a coincidence but it is creeping me out
Help please
Date: 2015-07-26
sheetal? He died of a disease but we are not sure where. No I haven't yet tried to cleanse it but one of my friends is like me and is terrified to come to my house. She won't even step through the front door and she has told me too several times.
This is making me nervous, really nervous.
Tweed? My glasses were cleaned and the letters removed
However I still hate having my back to the dining room, that room freaks me out.
And as for the cleansing thing I wouldn't know how to and would it affect my family?
Seraphina? I have been trying to avoid the thought of a ghost but now, especially on a night time, I am getting freaked out.

Thanks for your help! X