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Cheap Room? on 2015-06-17

I was just turning 17 and started college for some reason I had decided to go to college in El salvador I had problems with my boarding so I ended up going to this small place called Guazapa with one of my college friends once there I was staying with her but I found out that about 10 minutes walkin...

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Date: 2015-06-19
hi Rook yes he heard it actaully he hated my room after that I would not sleep in it and yes he heard his named being called out and saw everything same as me had a neighbour experince something in my room too, now as for the couple that had the room before I am not judgemental I'm just writing what I was told after I left the room and I had found out who the prev tenants had been but the most intriguing thing is that I visited about two years after I left and the owner hadnt managed to rent the room again I'm not sure about now but when I went to visit and asked if anyone else had lived there after me and the said no the room was locked ofcourse bu other stuff happened there I will try to write about those experinces later on
Date: 2015-06-17
hey lissa well more stuff happened in the room will post more stuff about it well the person that had other rooms there were only 4 rooms in total said that prev to me there had been a young couple that had lived there they were supposedly satan worshipper and that they had promised the life of their baby to him in that room the baby was born the young lady the mon became a christian and after that they say the place stayed all spooky, I think the owner know becasue he hadnt been able to rent that out for a full year until I moved in