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A Midnight Encounter With Ghost on 2015-06-29

Before starting I would like to make clear that this isn't my story but my papa's. The incident occurred when he wasn't married and was in initial years of job. I know about it as I had dears from him. This isn't any imagination but something that occurred for real. It was beginning of winters duri...

Talking To A Spirit on 2015-06-23

Thanks for your positive response to my first story. This encouraged me to share another incidence which some of you might find hair raising or you may find chill running down your spine. I am not exaggerating but talking to a spirit is not something that occurs everyday. This incidence dates back ...

Premonition Or A Spooky Experience on 2015-06-18

After I read accounts of people telling about their spooky experience, I thought I should share mine so as to get answers to what I felt. Some of you may take it as premonition also. This happened with me around October 2014 first week. That day was Tuesday, we talked about cleaning house as just ...

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Yes I have had visions of future places or incidences. They have a difference of a year or so.
What you said is true about our subconscious mind. But the problem about my dream is that I have never seen any of the lady before nor have heard of them thex were total stranger. The second lady who invited me I saw her death news 2 days after I had the dream. This is what left me confused that I saw someone on the day or day before their death in their spirit form. When I saw the cutout I first saw her address to make sure it was not my subconcious doing the trick but I had not heard of the place before let alone the visitation.
I don't think my dreams are a result of teenage harmones or stress as this doesn't explain the randomness of my dreams which may be twice in a fortnight or none in a year or two.
Hello sds
I don't know whether you will be reading my comment or not but I will still write. I have had visitation dreams. Since you are from India I hope you will be able to help. These dreams are posted in detail as comments in my story midnight experience with ghost. Please help me interpret them.
Thanks Tweed
Yes I am a girl. Your help is appreciable as I do think it may be about women abuse. The lady who died after a day of my visitation dream may have signalled something wrong with her as she keep insisting me to visit her home.
I never dwelled into that possibility. Maybe you are correct cause the dream about that girl killed in college was merely a month before I started college. But I am still confused. I don't know much about people who can help cause to be truthful in India mostly either people relate it with superstition or deny it. Not many are able to relate that's why I asked your help. So could you please refer me to someone or ask your friends help. Your mother is a tarot card reader maybe you could ask her if she may help. I am 19 and I don't think here people would care to give ear to a teenager. I hope you understand.
Date: 2016-05-25
Did you come up with any explanation yet. Please let me know on my story
Date: 2016-05-17
I posted my dreams in detail on my story please view them
I will describe both the dreams to you. To be specific I got them last year.
In one dream I dreamt that I was back in my old home sleeping. I would like to tell you this was the same place I started experiencing visitation dreams. Back to dream I saw I was sleeping in my parents room and then a girl in her late teens came and holded my hand. As if in some kind of trance I held it and them we time travelled to her college days. She showed me how she stood against wrong and gained enemies. She was then burnt alive but it was made to look an accident. Surprisingly I felt all her emotions. After she showed me we were back to where I was. She then disappeared.
My another dream was of lady inviting me to her house. After 2 days I saw same lady's condolence message. Her spirit had some evilness that meant harm.
I am able to differentiate people from spirits. Spirits possess an aura differently. Some have goldenish tint. One thing that's common is they seem massless, they are not solid. I can tell their nature even. Not just spirits my sixth sense can sense the positivity or negativity of humans as well. Its as if their nature and activities they are involved gives away the energy they radiate.
Date: 2016-05-13
I want to learn about them so if possible I can help them. What is your veiw about the dreams I had. What do you think could be the message? The spirit showing me her death and lady's spirit
Date: 2016-05-12
Is it possible that spirits can contact you in your dreams. I have had dreams of spirit contacting me and telling me things. I can tell they are spirits due to their aura. Recently I dreamt of a spirit telling me actually showing me of her death. She was burnt alive and I even remembered the name of place few days after that dream but I couldn't gather courage to google the incident.
I would like to tell you usually the dreams that are of importance only last in my memory.
I had another dream of a lady spirit inviting me to her house. Just 2 days after I saw her condolense message in newspaper. Also I have never seen the lady.
Date: 2016-05-08
Hi Tweed
I didn't know how to contact you so I am leaving a message on your story.
Since we can't share dreams on this site I don't know how to get answer on whether spirits can contact you through dreams. Cause I had had dreams in which spirit of known and unknown contacted me with some message connected with real world.
Date: 2016-05-06
Hi Luna
I too had an experience similar to you except it was at home and around 3 in morning. First I thought it was my brother crawling up my bed. When I opened my eyes or rather peeked from under my blanket I saw shadow near my bed and then at a little dist. If you find any explanation please do tell me.
Since you are in ghost adventure can you please tell me if spirits can contact people in their dreams and show what happened to them.
Date: 2015-07-01
Hi aru,
In India people believe that it's better to get rid of things that are attached to person's death as they are magnet to spirits. If objects can't be removed they should be blessed. I feel the lady died under the tree she loved most as a result of which her spirit became bound to tree. The only solution can be it's blessing as the idea of removing the tree may make the spirit angry. You should not be afraid of trees as they are the most beautiful creation of nature.
Thank you all for such a good response to my story. It enhanced my morale to share more incidences with you. I would like to request not to use slants in comments. I am sorry if I had hurt anyone. Once again thanks.
Date: 2015-06-28
Uncle who came to visit was her son who died at an early age of 3. My grandma's possession was in her last 2-3 years.
Date: 2015-06-26
No, she is not between us now. She passed away only after few months of this incident in October2008.
Hi sheetal
We had rented the house and as of what I know from my friend (house owner's daughter) , house has no bad history. My mother didn't give it much importance. She was also not clear what it could be. I am a little more sensitive in my house to feel spirit. I can even sense type of energy a person has in them especially negative ones. I don't talk about this with my parents as you know how it is.
Date: 2015-06-25
Hi sheetal
Actually my aunt and elder s were aware of spirit visiting my grandma for which they already had a talk with a knowledgeable person who had advised them to make her drink blessed water. I was asked to talk to spirit as they knew it would not harm a child. They needed a little time to bring water and it was necessary that spirit was kept distracted so that it didn't become aggressive.
Hi red,
I think you are right as I did have another encounter with the shadow in that house. I felt a heavy hand on my chest. It was just few days before we left the house. This experience was again around 3:00 in night. Even my father had a similar experience a day before about which he told when I informed him about mine. So it can't be just imagination.