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The Lady On The Bench on 2016-09-21

In my hometown there is bike trail that used to be a railroad. The railroad was ripped up and it is now a very nice gravel path. They have added lots of plants and benches along the way over the years. It goes for 24 miles. It's called the Great River State Trail. I grew up using this trail, and hav...

I Was About To Say Shut Up on 2015-06-25

The only paranormal experiences I've ever had have been when I was around thirteen. I have read that girls going through puberty tend to be more susceptible to the supernatural, particularly poltergeist activity. Sure seems true in my case. I am twenty eight now but I still think about what happened...

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Just my dad and I are the only ones who experienced anything in that house. It came up at a family campfire one time. I like to believe it was my grandfather that my dad saw.