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Glowing Yellow Hallow Eyes on 2015-06-29

I was reading your ghost stories here for quite some time and I have finally decided to share my own experience. Since English is not my primary language I don't know how this will turn out but I hope you will understand it, here it goes: This event occurred to me when I was about 6 or 7 years old ...

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Tweed, thanks for response in such a quick time. No I have not searched the area for anything or do I know where to start. The only place I would check now is the nursery for which I have heard that it was haunted caus it burned up in the war and took many lives... However when I was little I was too scared to go there at day time and night was completly out of the question (at night things start to happen there, at least so I have heard) and now it was rebuilt so there is no way to go there...
I also need to tell you the eyes were floating in the middle of the air not like a reflection on the wall they were very close to the door and to me for that matter. Also just recently my grandma (grandpa is dead for 5 years now) told me that some stuff dissapear and I witnessed it a couple of months ago on the sugar cup. There are two of them and grandma always puts them on the same spot both of them together, but that day when I came and searched for them caus I needed sugar one was gone. I told her imidietly so we started up the search and found it among the dishes where it would never be put by anyone as nobody except her and me even touches them... I don't know this comes up to my mind so late
But I guess I was more worried about that first event then this, and she is very old 76 to be precise so I thought that she could have maybe misplaced it and forget but now I look at it diferently... Again thank you all for reading this:)
Thank you all for reading it:D now I must answer to you too I am sure they were not headlights from any vehicle or anything because of the curtains and the blinds on the windows in the room and the eyes were on the side that has wall behind and they were definently the only thing glowing I mean if they were car's headlights I would have seen them from my room as they both face the same street with their windows. However that about the shadow I kind of like it relieves me that it's maybe just my brain finding his way out of the let down from parents. Thank you and I must tell you I have read some of those stories already but they are different these eyes were real circles that were glowing only on their edges their inner part was fully black just like the rest of the room was... How do I explain this, they were empty inside and I still find it disturbing about how did those doors open by them self and the touch feeling that made me turn that way: (