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Woman In Black on 2015-07-02

This experience happened when I was still in college, I think I was 18 or 19 years old and the year was between 2009-2010. This university is situated in a tree-filled place. If we are not mistaken, we are the only one who were using the fourth floor during that time as our professor comes from the ...

White Lady From Our Kitchen on 2015-06-29

I have started reading stories from this website since last week and got the courage to post my experiences. I had this experience when I was in college. I need to submit my notebook the next day, which is Saturday and so I needed to stay up around 1am that Friday. I was sitting on our living room f...

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Date: 2017-11-24
This almost made me cry at work. 😭 tried my hardest to stop the tears from flowing. I know how it feels to lose a dearly beloved pet. It's really heart breaking and it feels like you cannot almost breathe. I'm glad that Peanut made you feel comfy even for just a few days.
Sorry that to be honest, this story made me laugh as I imagine you and your husband but if it happened to me, I might really think of moving to another house. 😭 I'm a scaredy-cat, I admit that.
Wow. I imagine it and it must be really spooky. I would have been unable to move if I were you. 😨 Thank goodness that you're able to jump and run away from it.
Date: 2017-11-24
[at] Aaru275, yes. It's true. 😨 I was really scared during that time.
Date: 2015-07-08
sushantkar, hello. I have not seen her again and that's a relief.:)
Date: 2015-07-08
Jawsh, thanks! 😁 It would also be enjoyable for me too if I would not be scared like that again. 😆
Date: 2015-07-07
Hi Ninoburst2, it's PUP-Taguig.:) Thanks for dropping by.:D
Date: 2015-07-02
Hello, Des. They might not believed you at first but when things started happening to them too, they would surely be.


Date: 2015-07-02
That is scary! Thank goodness you were able to outlived that moment. I would be terrified myself too just imagining what you have experienced.

Godspeed and regards,

Date: 2015-07-01
Zozie84, based on your experience, it seems like the entity is somewhat an incubus. I am not expert of it but I heard that they are attracted to females. I hope some of our fellow YGS members would explain this further for you.


Mayuki ❤
Wow. This experience is quite terrifying. Those people who have toyed with the board should have not started it at the beginning. Many movies have shown us what it can lead into but then, they still did not respect those who are not human being. I'm glad you did not participate with them.

Godspeed. 😁
Liza25, Hello! 😁 As far as I can remember, I am the only one who saw her though my mom told me that when she was in the kitchen cleaning the dishes or cooking, she would feel that someone was staring at her back.

Good thing is, whether it was indeed a ghost or any form of being, it was not hurting us and I feel that they are there to watch over us. 😉
Hello, everyone. Thank you for the comments and feedback.

Tweed, I remembered just now that my mom told me that our village was used to be a dump site and one of the trash dumped here was the Rubicon Tower. Many from our neighbors told us that there were bones dug before as there were many who have died on that incident. I swear, since that incident I always prayed for the soul or spirit of anyone who have not yet found their peace. Furthermore, I do not remember having trouble when that happened.

Sheetal, Bad thing is I did not forget it since I think our house was occupied by her and a teenage girl who happened to be seen by my father when it was midnight and he needed to use the toilet. The teenage girl, as for my father's description, is wearing a sailor uniform and on pigtails. She was knocking on our room and he thought, the teenage girl was one of us. It disappeared right in front of his eyes.

Hecate0, I think the two ghosts in our house seemed to be protecting us. We do not like this certain visitor and when she takes a bath and came out of the bathroom, her back was scratched with cat-like claws. She claimed that our "friends" do not like her and she is afraid of being alone in our house.

Liza25, Hi! I think the ghosts are somewhat related to our land being a dump site before of a Rubicon Tower incident. My parents and our neighbors told us that some of the building's fragments was dumped on our land before it was converted to a housing area.
Sheetal: Sorry about that.

Let me translate it.

I never saw her again however my younger sister told me that she dreamed of this White Lady. She was sitting on our living room's floor when the White Lady suddenly attacked her from the kitchen running towards her. She was very scared in her dream but at the same time, she managed to say the "Our Father" prayer. The White Lady was about to lean on my sister's legs but all was left was her dress.
Tweed: Hi and thank you!

1. She was wearing a white simple dress.
2. I think, this was way back 2008 or 2009. We had the house renovated in 2013.
3. She was looking at me and I can still clearly remember that up until now.

Thanks for reading my experience.
Bella: Hi! Magandang hapon din. Di ko na sya nakita ulit. Pero nakwento sa kin ng kapatid ko dati na napanaginipan nya yung White Lady na yun na sinugod sya mula sa kusina namin papuntang living room. She was praying in her dreams of "Our Father". Nakaupo din yung kapatid ko sa sahig when she dreamed of it. Paglapat ng White Lady sa legs nya, all was left was her clothing.
That was totally scary! Thank God, he was able to go to the watchman.