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A Boy And His Dog on 2015-06-30

On March 7, 2015, we had to make one of the hardest decisions in our life - to get our 14 year old dog, Faith, put to sleep. Faith was a very intelligent Rhodesian Ridgeback. She loved to play and loved attention from everyone - except small children. She would never bite at anyone, but she would gr...

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Date: 2015-07-01
Thanks all for the comments.

[at] lady-glow, The only signs of Faith's presence we've witnessed are those where our son calls out for Faith, all similar situations to what I wrote about, but this was the first time he gave me a clear answer as to where Faith really was.

[at] Hecate0, It makes me so happy that Faith is finally over her growling at little ones. She is finally at peace.

[at] scar-remains, such a sad story. Ironically enough, Faith came in to my life due to her mother getting killed by a car. My brother was living in TX at the time and was moving back home to PA in 1 week. He had been taking care of a stray dog, but hadn't seen it in a few weeks prior to his move. One night, he was packing his things and he heard a knock at his door. He checked and no one was there. A few minutes later, he heard another knock, so this time, he stepped out completely and he saw a little puppy on the ground. So he brought it inside and the next morning, he saw the dog he had been taking care of was hit and killed down the road from his place. But before she died, she brought her puppy to him.