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Shadow In The Apartment Complex on 2015-07-02

In November of 2011, Me and my dad moved into an apartment complex called Candlelight, It's in Mt. Orab. Well, all the way from the time we moved in there until the day we moved out, Weird stuff happened. It wasn't really scary, just creepy. A month after we moved in, my aunt died. I am not sure if ...

Big White House on 2015-07-01

When I was about 4 years old, my dad got married to this woman named Judy. We moved in to her house in Williamsburg. It's on 133. Well, my dad has told me numerous times (and still tells me to this day) about a man who owned that house way before any of us did. He was said to be a fishermen and ...

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Date: 2015-07-16
miracles 51031, no it started with an H but not completely sure on the name.
You may be right. It may be all in our heads. But my dad has believed in ghosts for as long as I can remember and tells me all the time about experiences he has had. I believe him when he tells me these things but I'm not sure myself if I believe in ghosts because other than one experience being a little kid, I have never really seen anything. I have seen books fly off of tables but I always thought maybe the books were poorly stacked to begin with. Not quite sure.
Date: 2015-07-13
What part of Ohio did you experience this in? I read something about a tunnel where men died and their ghosts supposedly haunts it and it's somewhere in Ohio.
Date: 2015-07-02
brettscharff... I will some day. I just need to build up the courage.