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Ghost Emergency on 2015-07-27

I have had many experiences at the house I am going to talk about, but one in particular I feel sums up the types of events we endured while living in the house in question. I lived in a house in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, back from 1998-2001. Many weird ghostly things happened like noises, f...

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Date: 2015-12-12
Hi Ivarey,
This in an interesting photo. I will start with the fact I worked in the photography industry for several years, using photoshop daily, including camera sales and and was a photo lab technician. Many on here are saying they had a "professional" look at your photo. The term professional is quite subjective when it comes to photography. Every soccer mom with a DSLR thinks they are a professional these days. To be honest I don't know how someone could make a conclusive decision regarding your photo without seeing the original files.
To me this likely is not anything on your lens or even on your camera sensor, otherwise it would be seen in more than one photo. This is also not what a corrupt file or 'camera glitch' would look like. If it were something related to the equipment it would likely be sensor related, but again if this is not seen on any other photos in the same places it is unlikely.
I agree you should try take more. My gut tells me something paranormal here. Without investigating your camera in person or the picture files there is no way to conclusively tell.
Date: 2015-09-04
Oooohhh I liked your story! I believe by what you say that there is activity at your place of work and you being sensitive to it definitely noticed. This may have all happened close together because of something simple like your mood, or may be because of what is going on in your life may change your energy and make you more receptive. I believe you actually saw the door open and shadow figures (not seeing as in your minds eye). I am offering my opinion from personal experience, I believe entities can imitate peoples voices to a tee. Not sure if this was the case, or if somehow the event had not yet occurred and an entity gave you a window into that conversation that was to occur with the actual people...? I wonder if the conversation was made by your family members?
Thanks for sharing!
Date: 2015-09-04
Hi Rithika I enjoyed your story, if you go back to the beach house BE CAREFUL! Entities can harm you! If you could find out if anything ever happened there that might give you the answer you are looking for...
On another note, the apparition you saw that looked like your friends mom, that could be an entity purposely doing that too. Some are capable of "shape shifting" (not sure if that is the actual term), but none the less some can take on the appearance of other people or things.
Good luck to you, I think if you dig up the history of the place that will answer some questions.
I am also curious if you have ever had any visions other than this one? Someone wanted you to see this obviously or more people would have seen it living in the house. In my opinion I would think it is another way of showing something that happened, instead of seeing someone as a ghost or in your mind's eye it presented as a portal type of thing. I by no means have any fact to back up my opinion, but I believe you could be sensitive and this was showing you something that did happen or is going to happen maybe...
Date: 2015-09-01
This is a creepy experience! Did you know dolls were originally created to "house" the dead... Glad I didn't really like dolls growing up!
Date: 2015-08-14
Oh I forgot to mention in response to Valkricry's post, I do not know the date of the 911 call when the other people lived there & I don't remember when it happened when I lived there. I would like to find out, it may make the research into finding an event much easier! Just not sure how to properly dig up info in past events & housing:/
Date: 2015-08-14
Hey everyone thanks for the comments and reading about my (my brothers) experience.

Just to clarify and answer a few questions...
*My father is NOT RCMP, the people who lived there before the dad is RCMP.
*Yes doors are always locked, Canada gives the image we don't have to lock doors? Not everyone is nice here:P
*I feel this is an intelligent haunting because of some things that happened there, in particular one night it was just me & my boyfriend (now husband) there and he was sleeping, there was this noise that sounded like change, like coins, being dumped back & forth between plastic containers, every time I would try to wake him it would stop. This felt purposeful like other incidents. They knew we were there and that I have special abilities to see & hear what most don't.

I unfortunately do not know the history of the house but I agree something bad happened. I know there is a little girl who appears to be from Victorian times... Gauging by her dress she is wearing. I saw her multiple times and would hear a little girl singing ring around the rosy once in a while.
I have tried to research it but it is very difficult to find info. If I come up with anything I will post it! I have so much info about what I experienced there but nothing fact wise from the newspaper or anything.

Also to add to this, my friends' ex-boss moved in after us and said weird things were happening to them too!