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Montage Of Weird Occurrences on 2015-07-13

I don't know if my friend Hugo was a magnet for the paranormal or it was just bad luck haha. But in this piece I'll provide you a montage, if you will, of weird stuff that happened to my friend and another experience that I had in a house that he was living in. So my friend Hugo, moved to a ho...

Propane Trip on 2015-07-08

My story is a very simple one but when I look back and think about it gets a bit more freaky than what I remember happening. I live in Tijuana Mexico, I have a friend called Hugo who was, at that time, living in a small apartment in the second floor of a suburban household. They had build a se...

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Date: 2015-07-17
[at] Tweed

Lol goes to show you how accurate the internet is.

But I have heard before of faceless creatures before the internet, although it could be just boogie man type stories.

But the description in the story here and what the slenderman does is kind of unnerving since it has a lot of similarities lol.

Cheers bud:D
Date: 2015-07-17
[at] Tweed

I was looking up the description and like I said in my comment it sounded like a slender man, and I looked up some information on the real myth and it turns out it gas some germanic roots.

Here is what I found on the history of the slender man and also on it's kind of profile, and I believe that it answers your question on why he only stalks his brother, apparently he chooses who he haunts, and has no defined reason.

Slender Man has no exactly defined or specified history, however contributors have placed early sightings of Slender Man-like beings in early 1600s Germany and before, where it took the dress of a knight or royal figure. Germanic fairy tales and mythology also makes use of the creatures to be used as cautionary tales for children.

Photographs from the early 1900s were the next confirmed reports, where imagery of Slender Man can be found in classical black and white and sepia imagery. Reports from this time indicate sightings in America, the UK, and Russia, as well as reports of child disappearances.

By the mid-1900s, some rare run-ins occurred in the war zones in Germany, apparently Slender Man's native land. Soldiers were the primary targets here. In America and Canada, reports of missing skiers and children appeared, coming from forested areas of the nations.

After a spree of building burnings from unknown causes, several deaths and a few surviving witnesses, it could be gathered that the Slender Man had the following traits:

Slender Man will find interest in a victim for reasons unknown
It would then contact the victim, if it is a child, presenting itself as friendly
The adults he stalks have a common trait: they have all been through a terrible tragedy in their life, even if the tragedy was made by Slender Man directly
If an adult, it would stalk the victim for long amounts of time causing what is known as "Slender sickness" causing massive paranoia, nose bleeds, nightmares, hallucinations appearing to only the sick person, and many other dangerous symptoms.
Eventually, it would abduct the victim into nearby forest, where they would be killed.
In 'messy' cases, it may remove evidence of its existence by causing fire of their home, place of work, or school.

And here is the page I found the info on.

Date: 2015-07-16
[at] StrangeThings

Pretty intense story, looking forward for more stories.

The description of the entity kind of reminded me of Slender man. But who knows?, it is a freaky story tho.
Date: 2015-07-16
[at] RedWolf

Must have been tough, the good thing that he did not go alone your relatives came for him, that's cool.

But I know what you feel, I remember that when I was 6 or 7 years me and my father had 2 pets a cat and a dog, we got them when they where cubs so they got along just fine and played around with each other.

But one day, when they where like 5 moths older, our cat which we called missy, came through the window of our bedroom and started to meawo very insistently, and she went from the bed to our door and scratched it, then we opened the door and missy went to the entrance of the house and again meawoed and scratched the door.

Then we followed the cat to the hallway on the side of the house, where we kept the dog named pirate, and we followed her and saw that pirate was half conscious, and the cat looked at us and back at pirate and she went over and licked his face and trying to keep him awake and looking at us like "HELP HIM PLEASE".

We took him to the vet and had to be put down, to avoid him suffering.

We went back home and I cried and missy cried with me...

I'm crying right now just remembering lol.

Very sweet story Red, and sorry for you guys loss, cheers.
[at] RedWolf

Doubt they need it anymore it's been years since that, it was like back in 2008 or 2009, but it still was pretty effed up lol, but thanks I'll check some of rooks methods, but I do have some that I use my self.

Thanks for taking time on reading my story have an awesome day.
Date: 2015-07-14
[at] FallenAngel98

I recently became more sensitive in feeling other spirits myself and I agree with Rook you need some cleansing and shielding methods. I have my own, which are prayer's and when you become "sensitive" you do have to help by guiding them back to where they belong.

I had to learn this because I did some family constellation and it opened me up like a can of worms lol, but it helps a lot, and you'll start to feel better after you do them.

Check Rook's methods and if you wish I'll pass you my methods too, Cheers! 😁

Hmmm the name is sort of common in Mexico, but maybe the name resonates with you energetically, meaning that maybe you have a connection with that name to an spiritual level.

For instance, there was a friend of mine, a very close friend, there where periods of time where we didn't see each other, but when ever I thought of her I called her and every time I called, she was in some sort of trouble, or things where not going right in her life and I always called when she needed a friend. Could have been coincidence, but I believe that we grew a strong energy connection, that subconsciously reminded me to call her.

Kinda same with you and the name Hugo, maybe the fact that hurricane Hugo affected your family has some sort of connection with you to a certain level (but I'm just spitballing here lol).

But yeah I partly experienced the event and I got freaked out hahaha.

Thanks for taking your time to read my story have an awesome day!
Date: 2015-07-14

No, my friend moved to the house on my other story, and I'm guessing it was an intelligent haunting, because my friend told me that he would hear the toilet seat smashing up and down, and also sometimes the door knocking. But who knows if they helped the spirit.

Although they told me that the ghost or spirit that was lingering is most likely the uncle, because the aunt died of natural causes, but the uncle committed suicide.

Which would unnerve anyone.

Thank you for taking your time to read the story, and yes I agree, we all want that outcome, and if there is any advice I could give to anyone who has this sort of experience, is to bless your home. Even if you don't believe in god, do it, there is no harm on doing so and if it helps for you to have a more tranquil life, is for the better.

Cheers and again thank you.
Date: 2015-07-13

Yeah it is very sad case for the family that lives there, and I think it wasn't traumatic because it wasn't a visual experience, but in the moment it definitely freaked me out haha.
Date: 2015-07-09
abbykay_luv, yeah the house was built like 10 years before the incident I had, and the second level like 8 years before, so It was already some time that the house was built, and the deaths I think where like 5 years before my auditive encounter.

I remember because the woman's older daughter was like 17 years old at the time, and she met her mothers uncles before they died.

But the area that I lived in had a lot of paranormal rumors, mainly because before it was a residential area, it was full of farms and open spaces and a lot of the gangsters way back in the day, had there body dumping ground, so there are a lot of rumors and stories there.

Thanks for taking time to read my story cheers:D
Date: 2015-07-08
What I would suggest is that you and Gem have a talk on your experiences, because there has to be some sort of communication about that so you can deal with it as a couple, now if its paranormal it's still at 50/50, but for argument sake, let's say that there is some activity.

It seems that who ever it is is worried of taking care of your children, most of the incidents that you describe are either in your child's room or near your children, either waking you up so you take care of Em or even soothing shhh noise to calm G.

In any case, I don't know if your are a spiritual or religious family, but you can do some prairs to cleance the house in any case that there is a spirit or whatever.

In the more normal side, could be just old house noises and kids running wild with they'er imagination
Im sure that there is nothing to be affraid of.

Hope you guys have a happy life and your children grow up to be awesome people:D cheers.