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A Ghostly Reminder? on 2015-07-20

My roommate used to have a chocolate lab mix pitbull. It was one of the biggest, dumbest, fattest, loveable dogs I've ever seen or met. My friend grew up with this dog, so you can imagine his anguish when the dog started randomly going into seizures and urinating all over the house and back yard....

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Haha, now she is talking about getting medication, stuff that could easily induce night terrors, all you have to do is look online.

Then OP talks about smoking and it's not "ciggerates" either. Depending on what she was smoking, she could have been under all sorts of weird influences.

Oh well...
I'm sure you are far from finished, within the next few days or weeks, you'll "remember" something else that happened or you'll be marrying your demonic boyfriend or something.

I believe in the paranormal, that's why I spend so much time reading the stories on this site, I just don't believe you.
Long time lurker, first time poster.

I've been reading a lot of stories on here lately and the last few weeks I've noticed the current writer has had a lot of activity.

I had to make an account to say this - this entire thing is rediculous, the stories sound like complete fiction.

Add in the fact of the writers age, admitting that at least her father suffers from some sort of mental problems, which could easily be passed on genitically, the frequency of these stories she "remembers" and the tantrums she has thrown on the comments section, this entire thing stinks like yesterday's laundry.

And frankly, I'm not really sure so many of you are helping very much with this either, all of your advice and theories are only adding fuel to a fire, giving her more ideas and concepts.

Maybe you guys need to start being more careful about what you post, maybe the site needs to have cool down peroids for submitting stories from users so they can't sling them out as fast as the writer has been, but something should be done, because a lot of the stories being submitted and published lately are doing the site massive discredit.

Now she's also going around and giving her own special brand of "advice", even though she admits to being new and not really knowing what she is doing.

When real people with real problems come here, they are going to see what looks like a massive role playing website. I don't know if that's what you really want, but this is a god-dang joke.