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I'm 22 years old and living in Alabama, less than an hour away from the Gulf of Mexico. According to my friends out west, I never developed a Southern accent. According to my friends in New England, an accent thicker than mine couldn't possibly exist.

I'm currently practicing massage therapy in hopes of sending myself back to college to earn a degree in early childhood special education. (Almost every woman in my family sees ghosts, and every woman in my family has been a teacher. Go figure.) I'm a committed black belt, hilarious cellist, human garbage disposal, and an artist by general definition. I'm engaged to a man with three beautiful children and an overwhelming desire to turn everything into a drum set. My dog is learning to like him.

I've been passionate about the paranormal my whole life. Everything I know about it has stemmed only from personal experience, but my many experiences mean a lot to me. I love swapping stories, ideas, and knowledge of the paranormal.
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Entity Called Me Pet Names on 2015-07-27

Over a span of twenty-two years, I've come to learn that living in a haunted space or simply being a sensitive person is a lot like sharing your home with a cluster of usually invisible cats. They're clingy, occasionally affectionate, a little snobby, mildly self-involved, and you're never sure if i...

Unknown Woman Haunting My Grandmother's Home on 2015-07-15

When my maternal grandmother and (late) grandfather were first married, they purchased a several acre lot on the street where my grandmother spent her childhood. They built their own home using inexpensive bricks recovered from the rubble of the Chicago fire, and if you care to look, you can easily ...

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Thank you, Tweed. You're right- I need to tell David. Being deceptive is wrong of me anyway, and it probably makes the situation worse. Also, I never considered how my expectation may have altered my impression of the voice. That's a good thought, and I bet you're right. I will definitely be telling David and taking steps to evacuate the entity. Thank you, Tweed.:)
Haha, thank you, Hecate. I'm glad you read my story and enjoyed.
The image was of my great-great grandmother, his grandmother. But there is a picture of his mother that refuses to stay on any of the walls, no matter what frame we put it in. (Just mentioning that because it's interesting... I knew his mother in life. She and I were so, so close, and the ghost was around for decades before she passed in 2006.) Also, I know you meant your statement good naturedly:)

Surprisingly, none of us have ever thought of the idea of the smoke being from that fire. We've always assumed it was her. Interesting thought!

My grandmother's brother passed away surprisingly young and suddenly from a heart attack years ago.
Thanks for your comments and ideas, you guys! I've often wondered if she is tied to the bricks myself.