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Adelaide Hotel Sighting on 2017-12-03

It has been a long time since I have posted thank goodness! It's been a pretty uneventful two years. However something happened to my husband and I that I cannot explain! We were in Adelaide for the week and staying at the Crowne hotel, we have stayed there a number of times and not had any issu...

Other Experiences In This House on 2015-07-16

I've posted two of my other experiences on here these ones are just a couple of small things that have happened in our new house. Our Daughter was sick and had been keeping me up the past couple of nights, I was extremely tired and cranky with everything that was happening in the house also. ...

Our Second Experience In Our New House on 2015-07-15

My husband and I had my best friend and her boyfriend over for dinner one Friday night. The guys eventually went into the family room and played Xbox. Our daughter had kept me up the previous night so my best friend and I went into my bedroom to lay down and talk while I fed our daughter. We talked ...

Our First Experience In The New House on 2015-07-15

My husband and I recently bought a house. The house is a three bedroom, two bathroom. We had been there 3 weeks when I fell ill with an ovarian cyst that eventually ruptured. I was on bed rest for a week, I was not on any serious painkillers I might add. One morning around 6:30 my husband go...

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Hi Rook:)

These were all before my uncle came in an Prayed, You may be right about the monitor I've seen another baby a couple of doors down maybe it was interference from their monitor if they have one. Hopefully that was all it was but after the dog growled I had my suspicions.

The 'scratching' that my friend heard happened like you said after my first two stories and a week before my uncle came over.
Thank you for your comment:))
Hi Guys! Sorry for not getting back to you straight away, my laptop decided to die over the weekend, I'm now armed with a new one and plenty of questions and comments to acknowledge;D WISH ME LUCK!

RedWolf- Thanks for that! I'm glad its all settled down as well. It certainly was taking the fun out of having a new house!

Tweed- Thank you for the non paranormal advice! I will be keeping it all in check. Hopefully my posts from now on will be all past encounters! Nothing new from this house (FINGERS CROSSED)!

Bone_rose- Thank you for the support, I certainly will be posting if anything new happens hopefully I won't need to, but I will be posting some of my past encounters with familiar spirits from when I was a child and teen:)

Rook- Couldn't agree with you more! It got physical with this thing after my Husband began praying with me at night, You're right I believe it knew its time in our house was limited. Hopefully I won't need to be posting any updates in regards to this 'thing' but I will certainly if anything does happen, thank you so much for the support! ❤

ZulaGirl - Thankfully it was away from my Daughter, our bathroom is on my husbands side and the first time it appeared on his side, the closest it got to her was when it stood at the end of our bed:) It's a bit hard because I can't ask her but shes not been acting strange at all so fingers crossed she won't be able to see these types of things! Mind you apparently children are sensitive to these kinds of things.:)

Rook- Thank you for clearing ZulaGirls question while my computer decided to die over the weekend;)
Thank you for your comments everyone,

Tweed - It was about a week between experiences, I noticed that I was being attacked when my husband wasn't around. I didn't select the help option as We believe it is gone, My Uncle is a pastor and he came to the house and prayed with us, prior to this happening my Husband had not yet given his heart to God, My uncle believed that because we were unequally yoked the sprit had a door into our house. My Husband gave his Heart to God and we stood together and prayed in the house, I have not had a sighting since, My uncle said he felt something in the Hallway which is surprising because I was seeing it mainly in our bedroom. I agree with you about not looking into the history of the house! I'm not sure where to even start if I Wanted too:) Thank you for your comments ❤

TPA_Abhijeet- I agree with that not the best time to be reading stories haha Thank you! I've been having dramas with spirits for years and I always write them down afterwards so I don't forget them, My husband thinks the book with my experiences is creepy!:)

Miracles51031 -

Thank you for your comment! We believe it has left (see above comment:) Our room feels different as well, the other night I walked to the kitchen to get a drink and didn't turn on the light and felt completely safe, something I have never been able to do in this house. I'm glad our Daughter isn't being attacked as I know what its like being a kid and dealing with this. My Mum found and old diary of hers the other week and she had written down every time I saw a spirit it was happening on a monthly basis at one stage. I do not want that for my little girl!:) I was hesitant to share my experiences but I'm so glad I did thank you everyone for your support ❤ ❤
Thank you for the warm response guys, I was hesitant to share but glad I did!