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Lost For Awhile on 2015-07-23

My story happened last 2003 in my grandparents' house. Every weekend we always stayed in our grandparents' house to spend the quality time with them and with my other relatives. Until something weird happened to me. After we eat our lunch me and cousins went to the 2nd floor of the house to watch...

Our Protector on 2015-07-22

This story happened when I'm still 2 years old. This story is about the white dwarf "dwende" in our old house in Bicol. My parents are both working so me and my older sister and brother (ate and kuya) was left in the house with our nanny (yaya). But are nanny keeps on hurting my siblings when are...

A Little Girl on 2015-07-22

This happened last 2012 in Lawton Manila. Me and classmates stay together in a boarding house. Since the house is already old, we already expected that something creepy will happen. And it really happened! One night, when my classmates already sleeping, I suddenly feel a very strange temperature ...

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Date: 2015-07-26
to lady-glow: our nanny stayed in our house 24/7 that's why my sibling can't complain to our parents.
Date: 2015-07-26
Sorry for late reply...
For DEATHBYDONUT... My answer for your doubts:
1) Did you had any dreams while sleeping?
- - My mother also ask this question to me and I said that all I can see in my dreams is just a pure white background and I don't see anything or any one or any kind of elements in my dream.
2) How old were your cousins?
- -my cousin 'lenlen' is already 15 years old because I'm just 2yrs younger to her. And my other 5 cousins is 12,9,7 and 4 (2girls).
3) How many were down and how many were watching movie?
- -i don't remember how many are in the G/F that time. While in the 2nd floor we are 7.
4) Had your cousins checked the room neatly?
- -they said yes.
5) You said that you got conscious but you also said that you were sleeping. Then were you sleeping or had fallen unconscious?
- -I got conscious at the time when my uncle saw me. I fall asleep in my aunt bed.

6) What kind of noises your uncle heard?
- - he said that he heard a footsteps in the 2nd floor.
Date: 2015-07-26
To manafon: I've never seen them physically. But we saw unexpectedly their footsteps out side kitchen door because that time my uncle put a cement on it and in the morning we are all surprise to see a tiny footsteps. It is like a baby footstep but in a small size like a cat footstep.
Date: 2015-07-24
actually we also try to ask for a lotto number but they never gave it. Haha. 😆 😆
Date: 2015-07-23
one of my classmate ask the old housekeeper that the house was build last 1960's. And he said that the daughter of the owner of the house died in a very young age (he did not mention the reason why this young girl died).

To sds-- I encounter this little girl around 3am while my classmate encounter her around 7 in the evening and in the same place where she saw it.