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A Child's Scare on 2015-08-19

For our own reasons we are not disclosing any names. My husband and I have looked after our granddaughter since she was 3 months old. When she was just 2 years old we lived in a two bed ground floor house. Just to give people the shape of the house, our living room and our granddaughter's room face...

Surprised Appearance on 2015-07-28

In 2009 just about 12 days before Christmas whilst working in a local shop, I was on night duty with other staff. While attending to a delivery of stock, I had to make a few trips up to the warehouse to speak to one of my colleagues who was helping. As I left the warehouse and walked down the fe...

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Date: 2015-08-19
I know all about the signs of heart attack from my own personal experience, my father died as a result of one.
Can I just say this was a first experience for myself and I am more than sure that the young man I saw could possibly relate to the building itself as it was on the site of a previous business that was torn down many years ago.
A few members of staff at the time had reported seeing faces, or hearing strange noises, myself included but I always shrugged them off, after all I had to work in the place... And that lasted 8 years.
I would never lie about paranormal experiences as I find it really intriguing, plus I just want to understand