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Knowing My Demon on 2015-07-30

My story is actually published on Wattpad but I've been failing to get some attention so I'm posting it on here. Sometimes I find myself drowning in the memories of paranormal experiences that still linger in the back of my head from day to day. Some things just simply cannot be unseen. I think t...

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Date: 2017-07-09
Thanks for your replies!

Valkicry, in reply to your question about the bathroom... The upstairs one was an en suite bathroom.

The title isn't really about my ghost being a demon, 'knowing my demon' is kind of a way of explaining the mystery of everything I explained being the demon. Feeling haunted my whole life.

And Lexi-Loo, it's not an island but I think you do have the right place. I have had family there for as long as it's existed. But I didn't know anyone that had died when I was only 6.

It's taken me a while to read these comments and have only came back on because I've moved to Chile in South America and experienced another paranormal experience.