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Sleep Paralysis Or Something In The Attic? on 2015-08-25

A quick background on this story: This takes place in the house I currently reside in. At this point in my life I was in my earlier teens and there was much pent-up negative energy in the household from constant fights with my family. This was the hardest point in time for my family to date, and ...

A Ghost At Gold Camp Road on 2015-08-04

Here is my first story, hope you all enjoy! This is not my first encounter with the paranormal; however, it is my first sighting of an apparition. This story is true and there are several witnesses that can attest to this happening who were present during what took place. Gold Camp Road is not...

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UPDATE: I have recently purchased an emf/temperature reader and a nice video cam with night vision and will be returning to Gold camp for another investigation in the near future! Results will be posted for sure 😁 thank you all for the feedback and I look forward to hopefully finding evidence that will lead to an exciting continuation of this story
Thanks for reading guys 😁 My parents are your average bunch of conservative Christians and funnily enough, have simply scoffed at me every time I bring up the importance of cleansing our house. They must associate the sage with some Native American ritual or something and don't understand that cleansing is something for people of any beliefs. I believe the paranormal is very real and a powerful mystery that should be addressed respectfully and carefully. I have felt the cleansing of my room work (I am an HSP and very easily notice changes in energy and moods) and now understand what lured the activity I experienced in my house which enabled me to silence it for the most part (except for my parents room...) I have another story I'll likely post on here soon of my experience with a doppelganger in my parent's room as well as a break-in with no evidence of a human presence. Once again thanks for reading and hope y'all have a splendid day!
Thanks bloodshot!

I only followed the apparition because I honestly believed it was someone messing around trying to scare us! I'm glad it didn't attach itself to me either! I have a couple of creepy instances that took place in my house I'll probably end up posting here when I find the chance 😊

No worries!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a picture and to my knowledge nobody else snapped one either. We all honestly thought it was someone dressed up as a prank to scare us until he disappeared into thin air. I didn't really put 2 and 2 together until I saw it vanish and at that point I wished I had some form of proof such as a picture or video!

It was a tobacco hookah not a bong 😜

I would agree, the story would lose credibility if I had been under the influence, but since I was the DD of the night I remained sober from all but the relaxing effects of nicotine!
Thanks for reading my story guys! The time of year this happened was last November so it was a little chilly outside but not enough for locals like myself to wear anything more than a light jacket.

Valkricry, hookah gives you a buzz similar to a cigarette but a little stronger, lasts longer (around an hour) and is great for relaxing with your buds😁

I know it seems hard to believe to some but it's one of those things that's really easy to dismiss until you've witnessed it firsthand. Had it been a real person it could have gone badly but like valkicry pointed out, I was within earshot of the group still when I followed the apparition.
I don't know the precise history but there have been car crashes from people driving off the cliff and it's said you can see a ghost of a man driving a really old car up there! I also considered the possibility the apparition was someone who was thrown down wrapped up in the sheet and chains! People say local murderers and crooks drop off their victims there because they're too much trouble to find and in the couple of times I've been there I've come across signs of restless and malevolent energies likely due to the murders and accidents up there. I know there's been several stabbings at parties and reports of rape and all sorts of horrible stuff. If you hike down in the canyon below, you can find old car parts and there's supposedly an indian burial ground in the area. Next time I go up I'll conduct a small EVP session and share the results! 😁
Interesting viewpoint on the matter. Obviously stirred some mixed responses in the comments but that's understandable with some of the points brought up. You touched on a sensitive matter to some and religion is always good grounds for a debate. As a fellow Christian I can relate to this not only from a religious point of view but having a similar experience with what I consider to be a sweet girl fighting many personal demons. I think the points weren't quite clear and confused some people, but like every viewpoint you gotta take it with a grain of salt. I've considered similar ideas (linking mental illness and erratic behavior to demons) however, you can't deem it the cause with EVERY case as that goes against hundreds of years of legitimately backed research. I believe that you have to balance science and spirituality to find the most knowledgeable theories for exploring the unknown. If it can't be explained by one, try the other. But most importantly, KEEP AN OPEN MIND! 😁 I wish you well in your journey as a pastor and a child of God and hope you don't distort your perception of the world by accusing every bad thing you come across as demonic. There's negativity everywhere you go and sometimes it boils down to just being the sinful nature of mankind. Peace and love to all of you and I'm sorry some feel the need to make a personal attack on OP he was just sharing his OPINION! Not a ghost story but an interesting read nonetheless and a spark for discussion even if a heated one 😜 Thanks for the shared thoughts!