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Atwood on 2016-07-25

In 1976 my grandparents moved their family to the middle of nowhere, about an hour's drive to the nearest town in northeast Colorado. Mom was 16 and very unhappy about the move. She moved out as soon as high school was over, married dad and went on her merry way. She said the Atwood house gave her t...

The Second Apartment on 2015-09-14

Pregnant with my first, my husband and I moved into a one bedroom apartment while waiting on some VA paperwork to go through. We were planning on buying a house, but had to wait for this paperwork. The apartment was across the street from a cemetery, and I thought it was just normal and fine. We...

Homolovi on 2015-08-26

When I was 16, I signed up for a week long dig at the Homolovi Ruins through EarthWatch. My aunt had sent me the magazine and since Indiana Jones was my hero (or so I thought, turns out it was just a crush), I was going to become an archaeologist too. I did receive my BA in cultural anthropology yea...

Estate Sale - Phoenix on 2015-08-18

Mom and I went down to Phoenix from Flagstaff to the Parade of Homes with her friend and her friend's two daughters one year in the 90's. Mom was always going to Phoenix for one reason or another, I think she prefered it to Flagstaff. My dad moves us often, so I think they were only in Flagstaff for...

Rental Ghost on 2015-08-04

I was in college in Arizona, and my family had just moved to California for my dad's work. He moved us around every few years, but I was stubborn and stayed in Arizona to finish my education. The paranormal was talked about freely in our family, it wasn't really a big deal. Getting off the plane ...

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Aren't the moderators supposed to keep posts on topic rather than derail them? Just curious, since I'd assume a message to the individual would be more effective than asking about something so trivial as language on someone else's story.

It's kind of obvious the guy typing in Latin just wants to be 'fancy,' or 'unique,' or 'smarter' than everyone else. Honestly, who cares?!

It's more concerning to me that a moderator continuously uses the comments section to talk about personal things, 'inside' jokes, etc. I've seen this particular moderator hijack stories with toothbrush jokes, how badly the car is running, what language someone's page is in, and now about language translation. I'm sure there's more I've missed, but those are the ones I've noticed.

Sure I'll get thumbs down for this post, but geez, YGS, I think you can do better.
Date: 2017-09-04
I'm not sure about recycled apps, but the actual phone numbers in the US are recycled frequently. You pick up a new phone with nothing on it, and get someone else's phone number. Lucky me, this time around I got some deadbeat loser who still loves to open credit cards, max them out and then skip town after giving them my number (his old one).

Now, unless one of his old contacts contacts me first, I had no access to any of his information from when he had my number. I wouldn't be able to find his mom's number, or anyone else's for that matter. That was what I had told my father-in-law. Even though HE still has her in his contact list under the old number, he would have to call it in order for the new owner of the number to know him. He never did that. It was just her number ringing him. He said next time he would pick it up!

I wonder, with your sister's experience, why the texts kept saying: give me a minute, I'll be back in a minute, etc.? Seems weird.

There's a bad storm rolling in (it is nighttime) and I can't get that Twilight Zone episode out of my head - Night Call. In it, the storm knocked down a telephone line in the cemetery, and the lady's dead fiancée kept trying to call her. Scared the bejeebees out of me!
Date: 2017-09-04
I'm not entirely sure the spirit of a woman with that type of relationship with men would be alright with just fading away or crossing over because she was told to.

Here she was, finally a ghostly specter no longer subjected, humiliated or abused, free to wreck havoc without any direct retaliation from men who were similar to those she had known in life. She probably was entirely focused on unleashing her hell on him, rather than "protecting" the abused.

It probably only subsided when she realized she was making things more difficult for P that she switched to a more toned down, subtle approach. Highly doubtful her conditioning (karma?) with abusive men would be broken just because one or two people told her to knock it off, but who knows?

I don't know about the whole motivation for cheating thing. The people I know who were/are avid cheaters just WERE, no motivation required. The people I know who were/are loyal to a fault just WERE, again no motivation required.

And funny enough the cheaters do seem to have a recognizable 'vibe' I can pick up on, although it's probably more behavioral rather than an energy output on their end. Just the way they carry themselves and always seem to be 'on the prowl' as it were.

If a relationship is over (assuming it ever began) cheaters I've known seem to stay. Non-cheaters tend to cut ties and start over again in new relationships. Seems to be what I've observed anyway.
Date: 2017-09-04
That is a sad way of finding out a friend has passed, especially after a night of texting like that, that would have thrown anyone for a loop!

My father-in-law had something similar with his phone; his mom had passed 4 years ago (on my husband's birthday), but my FIL had kept her number in his phone.

He told us a few months ago he heard his phone ringing, and went to get it but he missed the call. Looking at the call log, he saw two missed calls from his mom's cell phone number. This is strange because her number had been recycled (as most numbers are) and the new owner would not have my FIL's number. It was strange all around and really unnerved him.

Given other accounts that have spirits/energy messing with TVs, radios, lights, etc. It wouldn't surprise me if the same energies can have a heyday with electric phones!
Date: 2017-09-02
Could be intuition or maybe a deceased relative helping you out on occasion? Where's your dad in all of this? Could it be him? Or could he straighten your brother out so he quits the hitting?

Take a self defense course! Join the military or go to a college far away and get away from those people, they sound toxic. Start building a life away from them and things should get better. You'll grow independent and strong, be around new people and learn new things.

And yeah, stay true to your internal compass, the gut feelings and the chills, it's got your best interests in mind. Maybe once you shake the toxic folk, the 'ghostly' activity will decrease and you'll have a stronger focus in the physical world, looking towards your own future.

It doesn't really sound like you 'picked up' anything, you just notice more than your family. A sensitive as it were. Good luck!
Maybe Sara was confused after the wreck and 'wandered' over to the house. Maybe she liked the purple porch too?

Odd you're still dreaming of her, maybe she did come with you.
Date: 2017-09-01
Maybe folks were 'wandering over' from the morgue before heading elsewhere?

My great-uncle ran a morgue for years, and he was a firm believer that the dead oversee the preparations for their burial. He always felt 'watched' while preparing bodies for funerals. Dad worked with him through high school has all sorts of weird stories about working at the morgue.

Anyway, maybe the 'bad' guy had passed unexpectedly or under mysterious/unhappy circumstances and was 'blowing off steam' as it were, taking it out on your doorknob? Realizing he was in unfamiliar territory, he eventually moved on maybe.

Good to hear you didn't bring anyone along with you to your new place!
Exactly, Wolf.

My in-laws adopted two boys from two completely different places, rural Brazil, and inner city Indianapolis. My brother-in-law's history is known (he was given up immediately at birth), my husband's is not (he was considerably older before he went to the orphanage). I will say from watching the two, not knowing has its benefits.

My husband did take a DNA test, it did nothing but confirm he was Brazilian. DNA tests only work to connect people if everyone takes the same test on the same site. Knowing the area where he's from, I don't have much hope the biological family (if any live) even have Internet, let alone enough to waste money ($100!) on a spit test to tell them what they already know.

Apart from all of this, did you have anymore reoccurrences with your own elemental? Or did you have to revisit grandma's 'moving' trick to get rid of it again after seeing it in the dorm?
Date: 2017-08-30
Maybe they visited you nightly/daily and your mom just saw them before they went up to your room that night. (Which is why you've been tired?)

They noticed when you woke up, and asked each other if you were sleeping, before hitting the road. Sounds pretty weird.

They aren't neighbors or relatives breaking in to wander around? I'd check the locks or change them just in case. Have you hauled home anything 'new' that may harbor a ghost (or two)? Jewelry, gems, cloth, box, etc?
Do you suppose it was a poltergeist? A possessed blanket? An unsteady bedframe? You would think if it was earthquake tremors something else in the room would have moved around too.
Yes, the ancient world is rife with 'romance' between spirits and humans, the modern world is rife with 'romance' (ahem) between aliens/spirits and humans, and even today a woman in Brazil can list "boto" as the father on the birth certificate. The boto being a type of water spirit (male) known to impregnant women who swim in his river.

Across the world there are extremely similar stories of water creatures interacting romantically with humans, though miles apart. If nothing else, that's awfully interesting.

As for the child being 'labeled' as an abnormally, the prolific 'boto' father in Brazil may illustrate how it's more accepted in certain cultures to have an unknown absent elemental water father than to have a human father who may have conceived a child through more violent or sorrowful means.

And maybe, not every 'boto' is a cover story. Maybe women do have strange interactions with otherworldly beings and can't account for the attraction or the resulting children, like what is presented here.

Wolf's account illustrates something weird was happening, and I think if her aunt was interested in a stranger stopping by at lunch time for a roll in the hay, she wouldn't be telling her husband. Perhaps her husband WAS stopping in at lunchtime, but was 'possessed' by the elemental, and couldn't recall coming home.

Who knows?
Well let's see - do you look like your aunt? Maybe the sprite likes a certain 'look' in your family and she and you have it?

Both experiences are creepy, your aunt's even more so. Glad grandma knew what to do and you're fine now.

Late Rusby has a song called 'Sweet Bride' that is pretty much this very thing, the Scots called these creatures Kelpie, and there are similar water entities around the world under various names. What are they? No idea. But they all follow the same pattern.
Maybe the eyes are scoping out the place, watching the resident ghost rather than you.

It reminds me of when my husband hauled home our second cat. Both sort of circled each other, and the food (both were rescues and underweight when we got them from the humane society) and now when one is around, the other is usually absent. Could be the same for this 'new' guy and the 'old' guy. 'New' guy may be seeing if it can stay or not.

It's probably one thing, but you're seeing it in multiple places at the same time. That's got something to do with quantum physics, I watched about it on the film 'What The Bleep Do We Know', you may want to take a look at that one, it's pretty interesting.

If it still sticks around, I would assume the energy holding crystals may be an influence?

This was a nice experience! 'Blinky' and 'Charlie' aren't so different, so who's to say?

As for you inquiries, the East Indians have a story about 5 blind men. They reach their hands out and each man takes hold of something; one believes he holds a snake. Another believes he holds the trunk of a mighty tree. Yet another believes he holds a palm leaf. The fourth touches what he thinks is a wall, the fifth, a brush.

In reality, each man is touching one part of an elephant, but because they are blind and cannot fully understand or see the elephant, they take hold of their one piece and proclaim it 'truth.'

This story is a metaphor for the spirit world/religious schools of thought. The blind men are the schools, the elephant is the spirit world. Every piece holds some truth, but are also misinterpreted by 'blind' humans who are unable to grasp the entire picture.

Still, even though we are 'blind', it never hurts to examine every possible aspect of the spirit realm, there's probably an underlying theme coursing through that some may be able to comprehend. People have spent entire lifetimes pursuing 'truth' (Plato springs to mind), and I think we all think of it now and again. Hope that helps?
Date: 2017-08-28
There may be something attached to the land/building that may come across to the rest of the family as a 'normal' haunting or odd coincidences/dreams, stuff that is easy to brush off. But for some reason this 'normal' haunting is ramped up for you in a bad way.

The attention makes me think the ghost (?) is the attacker, and it is terrified of the other side where, it probably well assumes, judgement of it's sins or soul or what have you, will be done. Clearly it doesn't seem to want to cross over (or stop the creepy stuff) and it's terrified you'll force it over anyway.

I would say tough luck, and ask for a blessing of the house/land/yourself anyway. First order of business is to protect yourself, let the cosmos sort the rest.

The visions of elsewhere are weird, maybe that's where it came from, or that's where it's been (like Biblio mentioned) or maybe that's where it picked up the other spirits in tow?

I wouldn't think too much about that aspect, you may be just picking up its thoughts or something. The important part is to stop it. Whatever that thing is has got to go!
It sounds like two different things going on here. Naming a place Canyon of DEATH (muerto) is pretty telling - and you were probably picking up on residual vibes there.

Then you went to Oklahoma and you and your boyfriend started dreaming of 'the beckon-er,' let's call him. Then you went BACK to the canyon, seemingly bringing 'the beckon-er' with you for a night thrill in the bathroom (along with the residual despair)?

Did you pick up any pottery or rocks, trash, shells, souvenirs, jewelry, any 'gifts', etc. From Oklahoma that you took with you to the canyon? I was told by more than one maker that kachina dolls for tourists are often made with ill intentions towards the buyer, and I believe it. I've never come across a happy one.

I lived in Flagstaff for 12 years and had trouble with pottery before like this (Homolovi) and I knew a lady who took pottery from the Sinagua ruins at Mt Humphrey's, who was haunted until she returned them.

Maybe your boyfriend took (or bought) something and hasn't told you? It seems weird that it would 'suddenly' start for 'no' reason.

Biblio, I seem to recall that tale - weren't they leading the girl into a window ledge or something?
Well, the falling petals caught my eye reading this. As in grandma was attempting to get your attention, but you weren't looking, so a more 'obvious' hello was in order. Did she like those flowers?

I think incense burning is kin to sacrificial smoke - God and ancestors reside in the heavens (up) and since smoke rises into the air, it has the ability to reach the heavens, where we cannot go (until recently).
Night terrors and sleepwalking could coincide with stress and hormones. Did this start when you moved in or some time later when the heavy school work started?

I wonder if someone is buried under the old tree?

I'm just remembering usually if you want to find the oldest cemetery stones, you look for the oldest trees in there. I never know if that's because people would chose a tree to bury people under, which would result in 'don't cut that tree down! It's now in a cemetery,' or if they would plant a tree by the grave to mark it.

My husband's friend passed unexpectedly last year (late 20's). His parents couldn't afford a funeral so had him cremated and 'planted' with a tree in some type of 'green' burial. His remains are now entwined with the tree. Could be the same for the old tree at your house?
Date: 2017-08-18
Maybe it's not the room, but maybe a specific blanket everyone uses? Or a certain time of the year or month. I wonder what would happen if she caught someone?
Date: 2017-08-18
Maybe your ghost was opening the blinds to draw your attention to it, so you would start to notice it being used as a 'gateway' or a 'holding place' in your house?

If you're working with that type of voltage, could some of it be held in the aluminum foil? I think aluminum foil is a conductor of electricity, although I have no idea if it holds electricity for any length of time.

Could you 'neutralize' the window by using a non-conductive material to block light so the 'gateway' is closed or at least not wide open for whatever to wander through? Maybe heavy light blocking curtains, or thick cardboard or wood works just as well, without the potential static charge or hold.

I remember my college boyfriend blocked his bedroom light with heavy black matting paper, like the paper used for framing pictures. Drove me nuts not being able to see outside, but that room was DARK.

You can get the mat paper at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or anywhere they frame pictures. Just take the window measurements and they can cut it to fit, or you can cut it yourself. It may be easier to bring in the measurements though. Straighter lines, ha!