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Ghost Girl And Hauntings on 2015-08-04

Very recently I have been experiencing 'ghostly' happenings. So a couple days ago, my friend (lets call her O) has been having weird 'visions' of a girl around our age. She a long brunette hair and wears a white cardigan. As she was explaining her, my hair started blowing around and we both got shiv...

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Date: 2015-08-09
No, this is not my first experience. I have lived in this house for 11 years and I live with my parents. I just wrote a long-ass comment about my other experiences but the site glitched and deleted it 😐 I also can't find any history on this house and I do not have any siblings. My 'rents just think I'm crazy. I also get chills at a certain spot. Not normal ones. More icy. Sooo yeah I don't feel like re-writing what I wrote before it deleted it because it was super long, sorry.
Date: 2015-08-04
That is so cool! I think it's a privilege to be able to see and talk to a spirit. And what probably caused the man to come was that you were almost hit by one, and he passed in a car accident. That was probably related to why he spoke to you and such. Very lucky also that you were not injured by that car!