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United States
New York
I'm a displaced Pennsylvanian.:)

Growing up in a military family, we bounced around a lot, and finally settled down in Upstate New York, but would have preferred Philadelphia. W.C. Fields and I disagree on that.

RC Ruskin is not my real name, not that I want to defraud anyone, but I prefer a measure of anonymity. But a bit of my biography is contained in the name: I love roller coasters, and ethnically, my family origins rhyme with Ruskin.

Regarding ghosts, I'm an open minded sceptic. I've had experiences which seem to defy rational, scientific explanation, but I try to start there. "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth," is a good quote describing my approach. If nothing else, I try to take notes of events I experience, though I've lost a couple of journals moving around, base to base, college to college, etc.

Currently, I'm looking for work, but the time I spent at a fruit-based computer company doing quality assurance and troubleshooting remains a highlight of my professional life. I also enjoy hanging out in libraries, clicking on random links in wikipedia and cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles and Penn State Nittany Lions. (And I also want to do some harm to a certain former coach there.:P)
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Happenings In Churches on 2017-03-21

Two churches, actually, both in New York State. Over this past weekend, I attended a seminar/retreat/presentation at church discussing the development of worship, and the speaker mentioned as an important point, we should always be aware that in church we are in Heaven with all our loved ones around...

A Super Bowl Party? on 2017-02-07

Going to start with an apology for the silly title, but the experience was a bit silly. I finally went to visit that cemetery turned city park across the street from me. It's been an unusually warm winter in the part of Upstate New York where I live. I also brought along my tablet, on which I instal...

In Over My Head on 2016-12-26

Twice in my life I went on 'ghost hunts' so to speak. One was just out of curiosity and involved a member of a storm chasing team I was on. He turned out not to be a very skilled driver during storm chases, but it was an interesting experience because of his driving. But that is not why I'm submitti...

Ghosts Need Showers Too on 2016-07-18

I have a few more stories I'm writing up for this site, some need a bit of editing to hide the identities of the innocents involved. Events include a possible demonic haunting a former coworker shared with me, and I no longer have the EVP she provided. There is also the haunted elevator in a church....

Roommates Who Don't Pay Rent on 2015-11-16

My brother, I found out recently, reads this site and when he saw my previous posting, he asked if I'd share the experienced he and I had sharing an apartment while going to graduate school. We shared a few apartments, actually, but at only one did we experience anything truly odd. This happened bac...

After Hours In The Library on 2015-10-22

I've been fascinated by ghostly things for most of my life, but I've only personally experienced one event which, to me, only allows a ghostly explanation. At the time, I was working as a part time librarian at a community college. Part of the campus had been built over an old Roman Catholic ceme...

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Date: 2017-10-14
LilWolf, I'm just going to quietly disagree and say prayers for the dead may make a difference. Just my experience is all. It is why I pray 'May (his/her/their) memory be eternal' whenever I encounter a funeral procession. And every time I pass that cemetery near my place.


On a side note, my parents have decided to have their 55th wedding anniversary dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. My family is odd.
Date: 2017-10-13
Was she a ghost? Or not? This experience is not clear, but it is a tragedy either way.

All we can do, I think, is to pray to the powers of the universe to have mercy on her and help her.
May his Memory be Eternal.

I have a question to reply to your question. Would he be angry at his sudden death? It's probable, but during life, was he prone to bursts of anger? If he was not, then I don't think he'd be so angry about his sudden death.

Though I am sure he was not too happy about it either.
Date: 2017-09-17
Jelly Bean, I get the feeling you know, or have a suspicion, what it is, but your own self-doubt keeps you from accepting. Most folks already know the answer, but doubt themselves and seek out advice from those they think wiser.

Sometimes that is a good idea. But sometimes, you already know the answer.
Date: 2017-09-17
Hello, ElectroCutie.

I am with Melda. I think she got it exactly right here.

And this is a very touching story. 😭
Date: 2017-09-17
Hi, Dilip.

This is an interesting story. I agree, things seem to be missing, but at least it is not embellished with silly details. You told us what you recall from hearing the narrative from many years ago, and I appreciate that.
Hi, Scream. Welcome to YGS.

There are many websites out there that charge you for information that is free to obtain. I frequently, for example, get unsolicited commercial email advertising a service that will search for criminals of a certain nature. This same information is available, for free, from my local sheriff's office.

I think your best option would be the local library or the local newspaper's archives, though there might be a charge from the newspaper. It would help in both those cases if you already had some knowledge of the house's history. I know of a website, but can't recall the URL, that would show previous owners of the house, at least for the US. Previous owner's and previous occupants would be the best sources of information on a place's history. It should not cost more than a couple of postage stamps, an hour or two of research, and then a few weeks waiting for a reply.
Date: 2017-09-12
[at] Roy, uh, thanks?

I've pondered going into politics, but the thought I'd have to at least pretend to get along with other people just puts me out. 😁

I find time slips fascinating, though. And though I've only read of seeing/experiencing the past, it seems unlikely to me that it would only go that one way.
Date: 2017-09-12
Either way, a very touching story.

When we had my dog put to sleep, 22 years ago now, I still heard and felt her presence, but I feel it was more just getting used to my puppy not being in the house anymore.
Date: 2017-09-12
Why around a vet? Because it's there. 😜

Train horns can carry a surprising distance, but not always in the desired direction. As a railroad enthusiast, I've done some research on train horns and rail crossings. And the cone of sound does not always reach drivers on the road. There is more than just acoustics of the train horn to this. (Translation: drivers should turn down the volume on their radios and get rid of the 1.21 Gigawatt subwoofer...

I understand from reading your story that the sound was quite loud, so evidently very close. Could be someone pranking and not admitting to it. Could be some other building nearby. Might even be a quarry if there's one in the area making such a sound to warn people.

But a thought on 'time slips': They may not always be glimpses into the past. Maybe in the future there will be a railroad through the area?
Date: 2017-09-11
Just want to poke in here with something that bothers me. Mom's guilty of this often. Just because something is illegal doesn't mean folks don't do it. Some folks just like to break the law, so periodically we have to stop thinking like ourselves if we want to understand events in the world.

I've heard and read many stories of haunted railroads.
Date: 2017-09-07
Biblio and Rook, after morning prayers and perusing morning news, always a depressing way to start the day, news, that is..., I found myself drawn to this story.

Biblio, if I do hear words as I read or type, it is not something I consciously do. In the case of 'very valid question, Val', I just noticed all but one word started with v, put my thought on virtual paper and set out to find an appropriate synonym.

Rook, vacillate is a synonym for question, at least officially, but all words have some subtleties to them. I won't go into that as the discussion seems to have veered off course from the original narrative to an extent. Summarily, vacillate does not, to me, convey the same concept as question.

I used to do telephone tech support for, among other companies, Verizon FiOS. I learned to be careful with my diction, intonation, and other vocal qualities which may convey anger or annoyance even when it is not intended. Although, it boggles my mind how someone could forget how to watch TV during a 5 minute discussion of the problem. πŸ™„ That really was the last phone call I ever took. I walked out right after.
With the Saints give rest, O Lord, to your child Maggie, where there is no pain, nor sorrow, nor sighing but Life Everlasting.

May her memory be eternal.

I'm with Enlightened on this. I don't believe your first vision was of your Maggie. More likely, it was a visible manifestation of your fears and sadness at her passing.

And prayer is the answer to many things, but it shouldn't just be a recitation of certain words and phrases. As my spiritual father keeps trying to tell me, your prayers should be your actions as well. One prayer that I recite daily includes, 'teach me to pray, to hope, to be patient, to forgive and to love.' And that last bit is not the kind of love the world seems to enjoy a lot of. It's a different kind of love. Agape ideally, but that is a hard thing to achieve. A Greek word, it is a spiritual love. Caritas, from which we get charity, is easier to do, and hopefully can guide us all towards agape.
Date: 2017-09-04
Very valid question, Val. (Drat. Can't find a synonym for question that starts with v.)

I can only speak from what I've learned and experienced, but I believe there are non-human entities, usually referred to as angels and demons depending on whether they are good or bad, in the world. What follows is just my understanding (or misunderstanding if that is your position😁).

God created the world, and it was 'good'. That is everything possesses an inherent goodness. Some spirits and people rebelled against God and now seek to destroy what was created. They do this by various means and tricks, and temptations. Just as an example: if you're supposed to be volunteering at the homeless shelter kitchen but instead choose to watch a sportsball game, you're committing an evil and destructive act.

I don't know why an evil non-human spirit would attach itself specifically to a person, but it would seek to use that person to destroy, or as a food source. If the demon feeds on anger, it would seek to make its human angry as much as possible. If it feeds on fear or submission, it would seek to make its human inflict fear or submit to it wholly.

Once the human submits to the evil spirit, then the spirit can make it stick around. The evil spirit may also go out and collect other dead souls, much as a shepherd rounds up its sheep. Thus, it collects a conglomeration to haunt a place, using these spirits to manipulate the living as it desires.

In the case of the house in your narrative, there seems to be a spirit, whether human on non-human, that feeds on fear, or anger, or both. It used the husband to attack the wife, but it seems the first husband, the one you saw in flashback, did not have as strong a spirit as the wife did. So when the two died, the evil spirit discarded the husband and sought a new tool to use. The wife, however, stuck around to defend women who would be abused in the house.

Not the usual arrangement, it seems.
Yay for being sick. (Or not.)

Yes, welcome to YGS, very happy to reread this story. Its one of my favorites. Please share more.

In rereading this story, one line jumped out at me.

"You know that boy didn't do that. And you know what did."

So, this was not the first time something of this sort happened, and it seems your grandparents already knew. If you're like me, your grandparents are no longer around to ask 😒 but hopefully there's someone in your family who keeps track of stories. Please ask them to share more of your grandparents' lives.
Curious. And I am now so full of questions, I don't know where to start, so I'll just add your tale to my favorites and come back later when I can think straight. 😁
Date: 2017-08-30
Hi, Val.

Some thoughts about real estate came to me while reading your narrative, and I hope it is pretty much cleared up as you say. 😁

In real estate, there is a thing called irremediable defect, or something like that phrase; a problem with the house that cannot be fixed. I was looking at houses for sale, and just decided to check what's for sale near the university that got away, where I'd hoped to go. It's in Pennsylvania. It seems the house once owned by a notorious person from that college town is now for sale, and knowing what that coach did, and what happened in that house, would this be an irremediable defect for me.

My brother pointed out that where sufficiently violent and evil acts, such as what that woman suffered, may attract evil spirits. I find they delight and thrive on such destructive things. 😟
Hmm. They started before the eclipse then, Little Bell?

The crystals and tarot cards attract my interest. (Side note: an acquaintance of mine uses salt blessed in his church to bless things before they enter his house, even purchased food, though it is sprinkled on the grocery bags. When I had to crash at his place, he started to carry my stuff into his house and I stopped him, reminding him of his ritual to protect his house.)

The animals will certainly make it harder to do the dusting, but knowing they're around, when interpreting the results, if any, we'll make note of their presence.

I think Rook is on to something with his in-between spaces theory.
Hi, Little Bell.

Coming from a tech support/troubleshooting background, I'd like to know about events that preceded seeing the eyes. As a trainer, I'd tell the new hires to ask the customer 'what changes were made before the problem happened?' The customer would usually say 'none', completely skipping things such as Windows software updates, installing a new game or other program, buying a new printer, getting a new router, and other things! (Not joking, but one time, the problem turned out to be the customer got a fish tank and the pump's motor interfered with their wireless router. Happily, routers have gotten better since then.)

Was there any weather events that day? Rain, thunder, wind? If so, how close was it in time to seeing the eyes in the window?

And rereading your narrative has given me an idea. All of these eyes were seen through first floor windows? Do you think you could dust the window sills with some powdery thing? I'd be curious if there are footprints on the window sills.
Wolfsnow, I'm curious of one thing, but I am going to leave my curiosity unsatisfied. It's for the best, I think.

Since Val pointed out correctly that 1 and 0 are at opposite ends of the number row on a keyboard, it might be a discrepancy, but I wonder if your keyboard has a number keypad like mine, which has 1 above the 0?