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I'm a displaced Pennsylvanian.:)

Growing up in a military family, we bounced around a lot, and finally settled down in Upstate New York, but would have preferred Philadelphia. W.C. Fields and I disagree on that.

RC Ruskin is not my real name, not that I want to defraud anyone, but I prefer a measure of anonymity. But a bit of my biography is contained in the name: I love roller coasters, and ethnically, my family origins rhyme with Ruskin.

Regarding ghosts, I'm an open minded sceptic. I've had experiences which seem to defy rational, scientific explanation, but I try to start there. "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth," is a good quote describing my approach. If nothing else, I try to take notes of events I experience, though I've lost a couple of journals moving around, base to base, college to college, etc.

Currently, I'm looking for work, but the time I spent at a fruit-based computer company doing quality assurance and troubleshooting remains a highlight of my professional life. I also enjoy hanging out in libraries, clicking on random links in wikipedia and cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles and Penn State Nittany Lions. (And I also want to do some harm to a certain former coach there.:P)
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A Ghost Getting Exercise on 2017-11-07

Halloween has come and gone, with its tradition of telling ghost tales, both real experiences as on this site, and made up tales, such as the wrapping paper joke I recall from Boy Scouts. (Directions to our camp site included 'turn on to the one lane sand.') While discussing this site and variou...

Happenings In Churches on 2017-03-21

Two churches, actually, both in New York State. Over this past weekend, I attended a seminar/retreat/presentation at church discussing the development of worship, and the speaker mentioned as an important point, we should always be aware that in church we are in Heaven with all our loved ones around...

A Super Bowl Party? on 2017-02-07

Going to start with an apology for the silly title, but the experience was a bit silly. I finally went to visit that cemetery turned city park across the street from me. It's been an unusually warm winter in the part of Upstate New York where I live. I also brought along my tablet, on which I instal...

In Over My Head on 2016-12-26

Twice in my life I went on 'ghost hunts' so to speak. One was just out of curiosity and involved a member of a storm chasing team I was on. He turned out not to be a very skilled driver during storm chases, but it was an interesting experience because of his driving. But that is not why I'm submitti...

Ghosts Need Showers Too on 2016-07-18

I have a few more stories I'm writing up for this site, some need a bit of editing to hide the identities of the innocents involved. Events include a possible demonic haunting a former coworker shared with me, and I no longer have the EVP she provided. There is also the haunted elevator in a church....

Roommates Who Don't Pay Rent on 2015-11-16

My brother, I found out recently, reads this site and when he saw my previous posting, he asked if I'd share the experienced he and I had sharing an apartment while going to graduate school. We shared a few apartments, actually, but at only one did we experience anything truly odd. This happened bac...

After Hours In The Library on 2015-10-22

I've been fascinated by ghostly things for most of my life, but I've only personally experienced one event which, to me, only allows a ghostly explanation. At the time, I was working as a part time librarian at a community college. Part of the campus had been built over an old Roman Catholic ceme...

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Date: 2017-12-14
Hi, Ajay. Interesting narrative. And, this is just me, but from being in over my head on some things like this before, when the Bhagat said to go inside and stay inside, I might have even stayed away from the windows. But that's me. 😁
Rey, hi again. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

So, built where there used to be houses? So many possibilities there. From curious teens messing around scaring each other during sleepovers to, well, some very unpleasant crimes against persons. 😠

Have any of your roommates or dormmates reported any experiences?
Date: 2017-12-04
My brother has told me he stopped browsing this site a month or so ago, but I specifically asked him to read this experience, both parts. In his opinion, which matches just about everyone's so far, it is not specifically a haunting or ghostly but has a physiological origin. A medical intervention may be needed, but probably just discussing the situation with a counselor, wise-person, etc. Could solve the problem. And, he adds, not-nice spirits may be attracted to this stressful situation.

I hope you are still with us, and still coping, Roopa. And please seek out someone who will listen and approach your situation with an open mind, considering all possible causes.
Date: 2017-12-04
Good idea, checking the logical things first. In addition:

Http://www.yourghoststories.com/user-profile.php?user=8155 has a cleansing ritual.

I'd also suggest contacting a priest, minister, rabbi, imam, shaman, or other spiritual expert as appropriate for your faith.

And keep notes, please, of all these goings on, and anything going on in your life and your tenant's life, without getting too unnecessarily intimate, if you understand my meaning.

If there is no previous events, usual suspects of murders, suicides, etc., on your property, and logical explanations don't reveal any issues, then something going on has attracted unwanted tenants who don't pay rent like they should, and violate so many bits of landlord/tenant law.
Interesting. I think that is what I would call your gift. Clairsentience, or however it is spelled as it is a word I don't often use myself, seems to fit. My browser is suggesting clairvoyance, but you're not seeing anything, but knowing a thing.
I often hear strange sounds and noises, things falling, talking, etc. Around my apartment, but the building I'm in is currently under reconstruction while being occupied. Vents and shafts carry sound from distant places.

While I hope your dorm room is not currently being built, I wonder if this might explain some of the noises. Namely, carryovers from other rooms.

With that in mind, what existed in the spot where the dorm is now?

What legends surround your institute of higher education?

These things may or may not have any bearing on your situation, but I once worked at a college built on land that once housed a cemetery. Details in http://www.yourghoststories.com/real-ghost-story.php?story=22726
Hi, Faith.

I just stopped in to reread your account as something about it seemed a bit off and I wanted to meditate.

This line stood out especially:

A few days later when I was walking in the front door I glanced at the up stairs and froze. Leaning over the guard rail was a man he looked like he was in his late teens, to early twenties and looked absolutely furious due to the glare he was giving me.

This being, I think, the first time you saw Cyclone (an odd name but hey, if that's what he wants to be called, who am I to judge?) it made me wonder if Cyclone is also the demonic presence trying to lure you into a false sense of security?

This was a few years ago, and I get the impression from your narration of events that nothing has happened since, so I very well could be wrong. It's just something that stood out to me, based on other experiences.
Date: 2017-12-03
Majar, did your dog have her fur up, bristling? What was her posture like? It could be many things but there's not much here to identify what's happening. The next few weeks, though, should reveal more.
Hi, The8Ms. Your story elicits many reactions from me, including 😳 and 😁.

Not much to go on to decide if coincidence or grandmom, but it is very nice that you kept her memory alive with the trinket. She was, is, and always will be part of your loving family.
Date: 2017-11-30
Hi, Roopa. I'm glad to hear you are still with us.

As Emmaline suggests, please keep in touch with us here. But as a spiritually wise man said to me once: there are no long distance priests.

Please seek out someone you can talk with local to you: spiritual leader, counselor, psychologist, doctor, anyone really. By seeing you, knowing you they can help you out of this problem best.
Date: 2017-11-27
I am worried by Roopa's general silence here and I hope things are okay (ish) with her and her family. Is there anyone who might be able to check up on her? 🤔
Date: 2017-11-26
As a means of putting children to bed, scaring them is the one thing that won't work. At least, it never worked in my case. Scaring me kept me up at night.

Was your grandmother pregnant at the time? If not, I suspect the smell of the pig's blood attracted some attention.
Date: 2017-11-24
Jubeele, thanks for the recipe, and the information. I work with a group that provides some spiritual religious counseling based on guidelines of the US military. (Namely, my religion may be this, but your religion is this other. Since you came to me for help, I need to counsel you using your religious guidelines.) I did not know about hungry ghost month. Now I just need to figure out which is the seventh month.

And it might be ghostly stuff there, but I think it was electromagnetic interference from the motors. Ghosts do exist, but they don't cause all the weirdness.
Date: 2017-11-23
Emmaline, when I read the part about how your son described the other man, the first thing that came to my mind was along the lines of 'red alert. All hands to battle stations.' Yes, children do make things up, but they are usually not such horrid looking things.

I hope this thing is not in your life, and that it is also not in John's life. As an aside, his new girlfriend, maybe now wife, seems like a jealous sort and that does not usually work out for good, but for entirely not ghostly reasons.
Date: 2017-11-20
Your narrative is disturbing on so many levels. I'm not sure it is ghostly, but I'm happy the moderators chose to post it.

Please, please, please do not take your life. Do not hasten the end of your life.

Please seek help from someone spiritually wise, someone patient and loving. I really have nothing more to say except that I will offer prayers for you.
Date: 2017-11-19
Jubilee, the Russian word for brother is pronounced almost exactly the same as brat. So, sure, you can have him. 😉

RedWolf, yes, it is good that he told it to get out. Personally, I just prayed until it left the room.

Melda, children do trust their parents as a survival instinct. But after a certain developmental stage, they start rebelling. Usually about the time they figure out Santa Claus is fake.

(Aside: I heard once of a young girl questioning Santa's existence because he used the same pattern wrapping paper as her parents. Next year, mom swapped some wrapping paper with a neighbor.)

Lady Glow, the house had many unsettling features. Most significantly, it was not in the state we wanted to live in. There were some interesting, but not ghostly, events that led to us moving into it. The frame was rotting towards the end of our time in the house, so whoever owns it really has a money pit.
Date: 2017-11-16
A few pieces of advice, and not necessarily in the order they should be carried out.

First, pray to whatever deity you believe in, or the universe generally, for peace and patience, and for protection of this soul hiding in your closet, and call for whatever spirit guides there are to show it the way to the light.

Second, research. Check with the local newspapers, TV and radio stations for murders in, around or near your apartment involving a young child. Perhaps try to have a conversation with the soul, after proper protections, to find out its name.

Third, and this really should be done last, imo, go to http://www.yourghoststories.com/user-profile.php?user=8155 and follow Rook's cleansing procedure.
Date: 2017-10-20
Lots of talk about it might be electrical equipment, and it does vibrate, in the US anyway, at 60 cycles per second. But as I read this, there are two ghostly tales. First is Ayaz's experience which all comments so far have been about.

But the instructor said this has been going on for three years, since a student died. I wish to hear of those narratives. Ah well.
Date: 2017-10-14
LilWolf, I'm just going to quietly disagree and say prayers for the dead may make a difference. Just my experience is all. It is why I pray 'May (his/her/their) memory be eternal' whenever I encounter a funeral procession. And every time I pass that cemetery near my place.


On a side note, my parents have decided to have their 55th wedding anniversary dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. My family is odd.
Date: 2017-10-13
Was she a ghost? Or not? This experience is not clear, but it is a tragedy either way.

All we can do, I think, is to pray to the powers of the universe to have mercy on her and help her.