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Alyssa Nicole Green
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All of my life, I've experienced paranormal activity of varying degrees with both benign and malevolent entities. I grew up partially in Copenhagen, Denmark, and moved to live with my grandparents in Bel Air, Maryland at the age of ten. I own six horses, which I board on my aunt's farm, five dogs (Three chihuahuas, a shih-tzu, and a pomeranian-chihuahua mix), five firebelly toads, two firebelly newts, and two rats. The rest of my animals are no longer physically with me but are kept within my heart, particularly Kato (my first shih-tzu), Macy and Sophie (two puggles), Dutches (a collie), Penelope (a jack russell terrier), and Sammy (a tabby cat). I am interested in cryptozoology, horror and the macabre, paranormal activity, anime, and fantasy such as Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings. I have two wonderful best friends named Alexis and Storm and I am fond of role playing with them.
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The Crying Infant on 2015-08-18

Here is some background for those of you who haven't read my previous story: These stories take place in Denmark, Maryland, and Florida. Now that that's out of the way, on to my story. When I was about to turn ten, I moved from my parents' house in Denmark to my grandparents' house in Maryland. ...

The Bad Man In The Basement on 2015-08-10

I suppose I should give the readers some insight into this. I will be constructing a series of the paranormal events that have taken place throughout my life. This is the first of them. These stories take place in various areas in Denmark and the United States. The stories that take place in Denmark...

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But I might have missed an album and it could be a relative, but I highly doubt it since I have looked through them countless times. I know it wasn't a living relative if it was, in fact, a relative.

I'm actually very sorry about that. I believe I meant "face", but my phone must have autocorrected me or it could have been an instance where I made a mistake. I probably would have died if he removed his slicker. His face (the portion I could see) was heavily scarred.

Also, since I have moved, I might not be able to research the house locally, but my parents or aunt and uncle might be able to provide me with a little insight.

Oh no. It couldn't have been a relative. I am in possession of the old photo albums and some of the pictures are yellowed or frayed or even black and white. But there is no relatives that are pictured that even closely resembles the man. I might have chalked it up to my imagination if it weren't for me going through life and having many more experiences.

Thank you so much. More is on the way. 😁