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Cheeky Spirit? Shadow People! on 2015-09-15

After many months of enjoying YGS stories and banter I guess it is time to relay some of my own experiences. I could safely say I think that you could describe me as a sceptic on many things, but I consider myself to be open minded as well and ready to learn something new and grow. I have worked ...

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Date: 2016-03-30
hi mystic25,
Yes, it, s good to have such a gift,but, to me it, s a curse and a blessing at the same time, a double edged sword of sorts. Most of my premonitions come through dreams and rarely as flashes during being awake. Still, its interesting and usefull to have it. Most of my waking moments I try to trust my intuition to guide me and most of the time I am right.

Thanks for sharing 😊
Date: 2016-03-16
hi yual,

Can I put forward a couple of theories of what happened.

Firstly there was a mention of people eating a lot of sweet things. So, I thought there may have been initially a bad reaction to excessive sugar but I have never heard of delirium to be part of it.

Really nasty urinary tract infections (uti,s) can cause severe delirium. The excessive shivering and shaking then delirium setting in sounds like denghi fever...or, maybe it, s just a big porky pie.

Macknorton-- you are asking all the right questions and have very valid points that I agree with. Let, s see what the op has to say?
dreamer01 🤔
Date: 2016-03-09

The chance of this being a prank would be pretty remote I think. Why would 2 people hang around an old house all day waiting for some one to come along to scare?

Anyways, I found it to be pretty creepy too.

Thanks for sharing
hi all,

At first I seriously doubted that it would be a bird but I have just done a very quick google search and it appears that there are several nocturnal avians.

I also toyed with the idea of a very large moth being attracted to the night light but it seems abit far fetched on reflection. Maybe a sudden contraction of the window frame?

If it only happened once it was most likely a bird me thinks.

Thanks for sharing 😊
hey z,

What the what!

Do you every remember a t.v. Show called fantasy island?
Could you please look down at your feet and see if you
Have any sand between your toes?

good one champ, all the best! 😆
Date: 2016-03-02
hi miracles,

Thank you for enlightening my stone age mind.

Cheers, dreamer01
Date: 2016-03-02
hi mystic wolf,
Interesting stories but, I am a little mystified about some of the things you have stated and maybe you could give some more details.

I am wondering why you thought your mother was stroking your hair and why you kept your eyes closed?

You also stated that you were half naked and getting changed in your bed room with your boyfriend in there as well. I find it odd that any parent of a teenage daughter would allow that sort of behaviour to happen.

If I am completely wrong about what you have said or just misinterpreted you some how please straighten me out.

Thanks for sharing 😊
hi black cat, glad to see you are taking some affirmative action.
all the best, dreamer01 😊
hi blackcat,

Firstly, being a teenager can be to some extent a confusing time in ones life without the added burden of other strange and disturbing things going on. I am just going to give you a few suggestions, some possible avenues you could explore if you wish to. There are also many other more wise and knowlegable contributers on this site than I so between us all I am sure you will find some answers, be patient.

You could go see a medical doctor and see what they say. Maybe a reputable psychic medium could shed some light on your situation or a shaman. I feel that establishing what is really going on will lead you to some good solutions.

blessings to you, please keep us all informed as to your progress.

😊 😊 😊
Date: 2016-03-01
hi mack,
I read a lot of these types of stories, heard some and had many experiences myself.
In my book it is called intuiton, acting without conscious purpose to gain a result. I listen to this " voice " more and more. I suppose that it could be difficult to let go of control of something when the other option has no gaurante of working i.e. Going with a gut feeling instead of following the tried and true.
Infact I just did that 30 minutes ago looking for something where it ought to have been, it wasn,t, so I followed a hunch and went to another store room that I was not even aware of and hey presto, there it was.
I wish people would listen to this inner voice more often. They would learn that it is doing it, s thing for a good purpose, wether as a warning, or, a hunch that leads you to something good.
As for your story, maybe an angel was sitting on your handlebars slowing you down. I think I had one shove me out of the way of a car one dark night. Sometimes I still think that I was made transparent and it passed right through me.
So, I know how you feel. I too felt an inner peace, calm and just kept walking home. It didn, t really hit me until the next night when I went past there again and seriously started to ponder what really happened but, I still don, t really know for sure, that, s life!

😊 😊
hi shellzy,

I had a very similar experience around 18 months ago.
I was also passing a church early in the morning while
It was still dark.

The dark figure I witnessed was also running across the church car park, had a distinct head, bent arms and legs.

It looked like it also turned it, s head before disappearing into the wall of the adjoining property.

Luckily I did not have any type of physical sensations after this strange encounter. I could only hazard a guess and say it was a shadow person/being that we both experienced.

Thanks for sharing 😊 😊
to my way of thinking if you have a bad vibe about something you should listen to that.

It is hard to disern what is fact and what happens naturally. We all have preconceived ideas about things that naturally do not come to fuition

I am a poet, autho, phi;osipher sculptor, and jeweller maker and I am proud of what I create. And I respect other peoples art/interpreyation on lifr

Hey red wolf,
Letts bury the hatchet
Pain can mke you mad, bin there gone that 18 months weuth a broken leg 😆 😆 😆
the truth is you create your life with your thinking process. Yes, other things happen in between but you just have to deal with it in the best way you can. 😊 😊 😊
Date: 2016-01-15
hello lalgraves,

To be totally honest with you and not being judgemental I would suggest that you go seek medical assistance. From my own experience are going through a tough time and I honestly think that you are depressed and anxious. If I am wrong then I will admit that but would rather see you healthy and happy. 😊 😊 😊
Date: 2016-01-15
the jury is still out on this one for me. Maybe change or specific turn of events sparked a long held memory or you just maybe picking up on something from your past, who knows, interesting story, thanks for sharing.

dreamer01 😊
Date: 2016-01-14
totally agree with you mack,

Something just does not feel right about this.

To be honest, there is elements that just do not come together so well.

Nothing to do with the language barrier but mainly to do with the total vibe of the scenario.

It all just seems too speedy and exaggerated but maybe that is just the way it all went down.

Please ask your self " is this really believable? "

Thanks for your story 😊
Date: 2016-01-05
hey biraj,

I have a question for you. Are you basically talking about using cognative therapy to rid ones self of ghosts/spirits or, are you using this forum for some other reason, like for some type of personal gain?

Date: 2015-12-30

Thank you for your lovely comment.

The whole incident just did not seem to have any practical value at the time.

Cheers, dreamer01 😊
Date: 2015-12-30
hello ygs community,

Can I just say that any comments I make on this site are and never will be directed toward anyone at a personal level.

There are many comments that I do not agree with at times but I have stated before that I am generally an opened minded individual that is willing to take things on board, file them away and maybe I will have a eureka moment some day and say may be that was right.

I have studied spirituality all my life and I base my comments and theories on what I have seen and experienced myself.

I have had many bad, extremely saddening and terrifiying experiences myself. I have suffered a lot but have always taken note of the cause and effect and done my best to improve things.

I am saddened that people are upset by my comments which was never my intention but I believe what I believe from observation and experience and that is how I draw my conclusions.

I still value every ones comments and feed back, how else will we grow and learn in this life without questioning and debating?

I only ever ask that we all try to look and feel at life in a different way.

Thank you all, have a great new year.

😊 😊 😁
Date: 2015-12-28
hi mack,

This is an area of great interest to me. I have some really vivid, interesting and very scary ones.

Personally I believe that premonitions happen for a variety of reasons. Be they warnings of good/bad tidings or just a simple reminder to let you know that your are plugged into a vast universal energy that you can use in some positive way.

My most stark and clear cut one of late was maybe just over 1 year ago. In the dream I am sitting on a bus waiting to leave the stop when I look out the window to my left and there is this woman standing there looking straight at me and smiling.

That day in the late afternoon it happened exactly as how I dreamt it right down to the clothes she was wearing. I felt quite stunned at the time and did ponder why I had this experience and as to what it may mean. Nothing came to mind so I just dropped it.

But now, I think it was a " hello from the universe " call just to remind me to use my thoughts and actions in a positive way.

😊 😊