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Strange Dream Or Something Else on 2015-08-18

I don't have many experiences to share but I remember this one very well. It was a few years ago now. I was on my early twenties, still living with my parents. I'm pretty sure I was asleep. I was in bed, I was lying on my back but it felt like someone was lying underneath me with their arms wrapp...

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i hate that nagging feelings its like knowing youve forgot something but not knowing what...

Maybe you could ask someone like investagators to drive down the same road and see of they experience anything
Jeezo that would have been freaky deaky at the point of hearing the hoofs and then also seeing the scratches, id probably steer clear of going there again, but it would nag at me forever wanting to know what it was

This one is heading into my favourites.
Date: 2015-09-18
That must be terrifying for your little girl and you to... Has she ever woken up with bite marks or any other strange marks, your poor daughter having to see this scary man and then you knowing somethings there but cannot see it would be very frustrating and scary... What part of the UK is this.

That is actually very interesting to say the least and would explain a lot for many people, I remember when I was about 21 some of my friends along with myself were in a graveyard at night just walking about and a guy wearing all dark clothes but a bright pink beanie hat shouted "HEY" and started approaching us, we all ran out the gates the guy never came out so who knews.

I am always quite oblivious to what's going around me when I'm outside so wouldn't notice either way lol.
sorry to indrude on the comments late AGAIN but if I was in my house and my son told me hevaaw someone in my room the first thing I would do would be grab a hammer... Bur back to the animals sadly my cat went missing about 3 to 4 weeks ago now I seen her last week and when I called for her she just ran away from me, wouldn't even stay still to let me pet her she just ran... But when I first got her she always came back to my house (I think someone else was feeding her human food 😢 my kids were sad... But makes me wonder why she had such a quick change of heart.
Date: 2015-09-17
sorry meant to add that maybe the reason we see shadow people is just gods way of telling us that there is something there, we are just not ready to see there full manisfestations... Shadow people don't always have to be bad omens 😊
Date: 2015-09-17
You never know, maybe you have seen things but as you said... "Maybe that is why I have not seen any apparitions. Part of me thinks " yeah, I am ready to see " but maybe another deeper part says no."Our minds could be seeing these things but not registering what they truly are because we are not ready to see them...

I think it would be amazing to see family members in that WHITE light and know that they are happy but as you suggest we may not be able to handle it just yet... I personally think some people have a marvelous gift but some people are just not ready to use it just yet... Many people feel that after a near death experience people are moee open to the paranormal, do you think maybe this is because they have been shown it by God as a way of him telling us not to fear what has to come?
Date: 2015-09-17
Rook: Thank you for giving me your opinions and it does make me feel a bit better that I actually do actually (belong) in this world without being ridaculed that I haven't been baptised... And especially liked your comment "We have a winner... Please pass lexi-loo a Kupie Doll. Wink Laugh "Made me LOL... I sometimes feel that people look at me as a lepur because I don't go to church, but sad to say I luve in edinburgh scotland and most of the churches here have the gates closed with big PADLOCKS on them or they just simply don't care... Alot of churches here have been mordenized to look all fancy and I just find it fake and feel that to find a good church id have to go to the outskirts which I can't do until I pass mt drivers test... But I did pick up a free bible the other day from a 'prison'and I'm only on Genesis 2 chapter 2... Thank you for taking the time to help me with your thoughts and advice 😊
I don't think you sleepwalking is a sign of you being possessed, I have actually text a friend of mine while I was asleep and I'm 100% sure I'm not possessed I just think our minds work in mysterious ways and that our brains still work while we are sleeping BUT it can be very realistic as I have come to realise over the last few weeks experiencing sleep paralysis... I am 30 years old and only over the last couple of years had I started experiences sleep paralysis and never exeriencing it before I was quick to jump to paranormal reasons but as many people on this site will tell you, try ruling out all the normal first before you look to the paranormal 😊 hope I have helped a little and not just babbled on.
Date: 2015-09-17
Through out time ghosts and spirits and demons have been able to hide from humans all these years and on the odd occasion there are people that can see them...,ive read that there are different realms all around us, so do you think there's a possibility that the rules for people not seeing the paranormal could be the same in the spirit realm that humans can have the power to hide themselves from ghosts etc, and that we can sheild ourselves from the paranormal... Just a thought?
Date: 2015-09-17
Rook: This question/queory is for you... I am asking you as I have seen that you give a lot of good advice (im not debating just asking for your opinion) 😊

Ive never been baptized or christened as we (UK) call it and have never been in a church apart from easter and christmas back in primary school so have not really got a clue on religion (but I have always believed in God) so I am just looking for a few answers if you don't mind me asking, so here goes lol...

Is a christian and a catholic the same thing or are they a different religion...

What catagory would I be in not being baptised but believing God...

After being on this site for a few weeks I have become very interested in becoming christian and would like to know how to do so (I know this is not the intentions of this site) but a lot of these experiences do put fear into a person which then leads me to ask...

Even though I am not baptised or christened or hindu or have any other religion does this make me any different to God or is it a case of what a lot of people say 'It doesn't matter what I am aslong as I have faith.

That is only a few of my queorys and if I think of anymore I hope you don't mind helping out.

I have only asked this as I have been catching up on a lot of old storys and came across the debate on this story and thought it would be a good place to ask my questions. Thank you for taking the time to consider my questions 😊
Date: 2015-09-17
mightnightade: I didn't mean my comment to sound disrespectful I just seen that other people had seen the story somewhere else and I thought maybe you had posted it elsewhere at an earlier time and didn't get any answers, sorry I am not always clear in what I say 😊
Ok late post but definatly saying this:

If OCD is caused by possession then the sin must be contradicting itself because I have OCD (I always have to be doing something with my hands for example:im always twiddling my fingers, rolling up paper, nipping my lips, chewing my nails, playing with zips or strings on jackets etc...

Is it not said that idle hands are the devils play pens... Well like I said my hands are never idle but having OCD does that not mean both things are contradicting each other?
Date: 2015-09-17
strange I grew up always thinking 11pm to 12am was known as witching hour 😕
Date: 2015-09-16
I noticed that you mentioned the orb was kind of orangey/red... Have a look here it tells you about different colours of orbs...

This makes sense in my head so I hope it does out loud... The 3am wake up call, do you think that because you have woke up this time the first night that you have been putting a lot of thought into and so this could be your brain having a sort of trigger to that specific time... I have got a built in alarm clock in my head, before going to sleep if I go over a specific time in my head I will wake up at this time without the need of a normal alarm clock... I know its not paranormal but just a suggestion 😊
awwww gutted I missed out on this one... Oh well I'm sure there's more
Date: 2015-09-13
im a little confused at the part where if your match didn't light then the game wasn't working?
Could that not just be because your matches werent struck properly, or are the supposed to light themselves without being struck 😕
I know my comment is VERY late but I have to say this

Kachiechan:Where in the world did you hear that if you are not in a biblical religion you cannot believe in the devil... I don't have a religion wasn't babtized nor am I christian or catholic or a hindu or anything else but I believe in God and the devil and feel that your statement was ludacris 😐
i don't think that 'as adults most of us know better' comes into it

I do agree with you that companys/product makers make these things just to make money and they don't really care how products are used or that they can be dangerous because... The shops sell cigerettes and achohol and some shops even sell legal highs which are harmful to us but they still sell them, so to say the least I think they just sell them to make money not really caring about the outcome just the profit.