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ladyannne's pictureAn old hippie, I guess. 56. No, wait, 58. 57. Sigh.

Too many interests to mention, only one of them being the 'paranormal' I have lived with all my life, and it seems I am back there again. The stained glass will have to wait a while. Life is a series of cycles in which you have no choice but one, the spirit in which you meet them.

Never too old to learn, love to hear about others' experiences, always looking for understanding, information, new ideas, growth.

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Mrs Grouch And Granny on 2008-09-15

I had a friend, Les, who was a mortician AND a comedian. He said it helped him keep his other job lighter. Whoosh. Les wanted to have a Halloween party, at the mortuary where he worked. Oh boy. An old friend, Steve, said he would go to the party with me. We got to the grounds but didn't see any e...

Dad Really Did Say Goodbye on 2008-08-28

It's still quite difficult to read this today as I submit it, how many years later, yet a story so definite needs telling. It is my most personal story, as well. My father was a practical man. He dealt with life as it came, did the best with what came about, or worked very hard to change it to his ...

Los Gatos Cats on 2008-08-25

There are two huge white lion statues on either side of the gate to an estate just next to the Cats restaurant in Los Gatos on Highway 17. The gate is an exquisite, wrought iron handmade masterpiece (now replaced with a standard gate) that begs to be opened. A quiet shaded road leading off into the ...

Polly on 2008-08-25

This has to be one of my earliest ghost memories, yet, it was evidently not my first. It was 1958 and I was seven years old. I woke in the middle of the night, not knowing exactly why, but thought I had heard the same siren sound as from the movie we had recently watched, The Diary of Anne Frank....

Do Spirits Tag Along? on 2008-08-25

The last few days I have been hearing the weirdest, small noises in and about one kitchen area. Not prone to hysterics, I observe the dogs are not listening or disturbed, cats are not interested, and all pet rats are accounted for in their comfy condo. A large metal tin sounds like it has a mouse it...

Preston Castle Slumber Party on 2008-08-25

Two months ago, we made arrangements to join the Slumber Party at Preston Castle, a closed prison for boys from the late 1800's in a state of severe disrepair. Finally, the full moon weekend came and we were there. Fourteen of us, mostly strangers, set up our beds in the first two rooms and migrate...

The Ione Hotel on 2008-08-18

After our trip to Brookdale Lodge, I ran into an advertisement online about a spending a night in Preston Castle in Ione, a boys reformatory / prison of days past near Sacramento. Saturday night, August 16th was not only open, it was a full moon. Oh yeah. And my David, the original skeptic, wants to...

Chris Is A Welcome Presence In Our Home on 2008-08-11

We had a good one for Halloween, but maybe it was coincidence. Not. I live with a widower who lost his beloved wife, Chris, of twenty years to cancer. She started an extensive garden where we spend most of our time. Quite a legacy. He does not believe in any after life, end of subject. I have gen...

The Winchester Visit on 2008-08-11

Of all the haunted places in my world, the Winchester Mystery House has to be my favorite. I was fortunate to have been raised in San Jose, and had toured the house over thirty times by the time I left the valley in 1988. There is one room that has always been very active. The top floor in that ...

Brookdale Lodge 2 on 2008-08-11

I was invited to a weekend at Brookdale Lodge, Santa Cruz Mountains with Verify Broadcasting and Pacific Paranormal. You bet! I was only tenish when my father took us and I played with that little girl up in the balcony overlooking the dining room. Yeah, that little girl. To walk back into that ...

Andy on 2007-08-16

This is a shorter version of what happened to me, you can read the original version here. I have dealt with "things that go bump in the night" most my life, making we always wonder if I was a bit of a strange child, but never did I dream I would live day to day with an entity. It can be just as spoo...

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Date: 2008-09-24
Wow, Tucker. Double wow. If it were me, you couldn't get me to leave the house.
Maybe you might need to address your fear first, so you CAN be home. After that, if you are up to it, try and find out why she is there? From your decription, it sounds non-threatening, would you agree? Or, did you feel she would have hurt you, had she been able? Maybe, just maybe, she needs help? You have not seen again?
Shelley, sounds like you have done exactly the right thing, be there extra guests or not. My children were having a great deal of trouble sleeping, so I made them dream catchers, telling them the legend how bad dreams get caught up in the web and turn into dew by morning, they dry and fade away. This worked so well for them, it gave them a 'protection' to believe in after Mommy left them to sleep. Should her fears continue, perhaps you can provide something along this line, something that will ease her, in addition to sending Grandma away, if needed?
Something that repeatedly occurs to me as I read the stories here, unless we have witnessed something exactly as others do, AND we were able to come up with a solution to our experience, we simply don't know what might have transpired elsewhere. We just were not there, leaving you, unfortunately, to draw your own conclusions.
Unless your TV becomes 'possessed' again, (my cell phone is possessed, honest) or repeatedly, I would say all you can do is savor a great, trippy experience, that, alas, will probably remain unexplainable. SO many things we will never have a solid answer for!
Date: 2008-09-23
Hi, Shannon. I always find it strange that our state, one of the last to be settled, has so much activity. You would think Boston, Salem, all the right coast, older, cities would be busier.
The doors would concern me, a tad past prank level and holds potenial for some serious repercussions. Have you tried talking to your 'guest' like you would talk to someone really in the room? I used to explain to our resident that right now, right now you are scaring the bejezuz out of me, could you kindly STOP, and we will talk later?
Date: 2008-09-22
Hi Marshal. Sounds like you might be an attractor, doomed, so to speak, to invite, unwittingly, extra residents, regardless of where you live? It would be interesting to find out. The pen thrower doesn't sound dangerous, perhaps you can get them to realize the discomfort they are contributing, especially at this time with Geri pregnant. Try explaining it, out loud? I found talking to Andy, our resident, almost like a child, worked very well. "If you go away now, I will play with you later!"
Congrads to both of you, though, prayers for peace in your home, too.
Autumn, I would love to see you delve into that research. I am clear about that connection you speak of, all those who have gone before gathering around a new birth in the family. A VERY special occasion, particularly between mother and child. More than what meets the eye.
Date: 2008-09-19
Autumn, I love the mirror exercise. I use a ceiling corner of any room for blanking, a bubble for centering and listening, and chakras for directing energy. Amazing how our (everyone's) techniques can differ as widely as our beliefs, lol!
Ah, the quick fix. Nope. Ain't going to happen.
Waving, sitting 'Indian style' on the couch...
Date: 2008-09-17
Dear White Buffalo. Stop. Please come to California to tour the Winchester, the Coronado and the Brookdale with me. Stop. Signed, Anne.
Date: 2008-09-17
Buff, in regard to Sarah W, check out the link to the EVP, a few comments down. Unmistakable. Tell me what you think after you hear it. The woman who recorded that EVP was the woman who arranged the night at Preston, and she told the story of discovering the voice that night. Weeks after reviewing hundreds of recordings from the Winchester, expecting nothing, and suddenly, this one. You should have seen her face to tell the story. What bliss.
Date: 2008-09-17
Buff, I heard a great line today, and forgive me if I botch it a bit. We are not here as human beings having a spiritual experience, we are here as spirits having a human experience. Gives a whole new meaning to life, let alone 'death.'
I wholeheartedly agree about the sight of children, which opens up a ANOTHER question for me. (Gee, will these questions ever stop?) Had I not seen Polly at such a young age, I wonder how open I would have been to the same kind of experience as an adult.
I never did see her again, Frawin, but I think about her often and fondly.
Date: 2008-09-17
May I have your Grandmother? Pleeease? Harumph, 60 charactes required. Harumph.
Great story, Luca, well told. Thanks for sharing it. Just wondering, what was your mom's thoughts about it all, afterward?
Kim, I think Shadow meant Dad walked into the kitchen (where, presumably, Shadow and Mom were) to announce he had found the bead under the bed?
Date: 2008-09-17
Don't you wish we could actually play these events over and over in real time, to re-examine them?
There have to be hundreds of white ghost lady folklore stories, but, but...
We spent our formative years hitchhiking all over our area, our standard mode of transport before reaching licence age. We were once picked up by a friendly but quiet gentleman who was highly concerned for our safety. He warned us, repeatedly, about a lady in white on that road (Pacheco Pass, central CA) and while he would admit he had seen her, AND given her a ride, he would not detail the experience except to add she disappeared from the seat of his car in a wink. Just the telling he would share, after how many years, the memory still disturbed him. Evidentally, there ARE ladies in white...
Date: 2008-09-17
Thanks, Chris! Glad she got you to thinking, always a good thing.

Frawin, you will make an excellent, mischevious ghost! (Wait, is your karma 'paid up?') Just make sure who ever you haunt posts on this page? Lol! Thanks for your kind words, too. Hugs and smiles!
Date: 2008-09-16
Buff, I love it, (thank you!) but now I have another question. Can a ghost, once they DO move on, become a spirit, trade that one way for a round trip ticket? I realize we will probably never hit upon The Great Truth while we are earth bound, (here enters Faith from stage left) but it sure is wondrous to toss about.
You are most welcome to use ANY of 'my' space, any time!
Date: 2008-09-16
Oh, thanks, Oglegen, dear lady. I had a mouthful of potato chips when I got to the last line of your fist paragraph. My poor keyboard!
I live for these discussions. They are usually so, well, stimulating. Gets your gray matter cookin' and traveling, new ideas, new concepts to try on. Heck, it's my story so we don't have to waste space apologizing to me for using my thread. Hey, Martin, can we have a debate thread? Huh? Huh?
If your Grandpa comes back, you will have to tell us. What a delight!
My jury is out on the oppression. Taking inventory of my visits, I would have to say, uh, no. At least for me. My two absolutely 'stuck' or long term visitors, the surfer was confused, but not sad, and Andy was just having himself a ball.
Can I add one more theory to the pot? Every single thing is energy. Our spoken conversation lingers on a whisper of a ribbon that floats around the world (galaxy, universe) for ever and ever. If Tom, Dick or Harry (all sensitives) are open to hearing it WHEN it passes them by, they WILL hear it. Could not the same thing be happening with our souls, spirits? So to speak?
I just read a fascinating documentation about the energy that occurs at death. A very religious woman agrees to be hooked up to EMF's, eight scientists are listening to her pray, sincerely, thanking God for her life and His gifts as her death approaches. Eight scientists are listening and streaming tears, when one of them realizes they were not observing the monitor. There is the needle, wildly bouncing off the 500 mark. Just the day before, as the control, they sent a radio message around the world. That registered a nine.
Date: 2008-09-16
Thank you, Buff, (hope that is an acceptable nickname for thee) for posting your story! Isn't it grand to know someone else experienced the same thing?
I still have that ball, too, popped into my Childhood Memory box. With the multitude of foreclosures going on here, I actually watch for the house to be added to the list. Gawd, I loved that house.
Date: 2008-09-16
I may have to start counting the times I mention, "There are no coincidences" in one of my postings, Buff. Oh, wait, was that the thread about leaving a large group of delvers? Been there, done that, for both of us, lol! <scratching her grey head here>
I THINK that you either move on rapidly, or not.
I THINK that once you move on, you can come back and visit.
The 'or nots' get to stick around until they figure it out, and then move on.
I THINK this applies to good souls and bad souls, it doesn't matter.
Now I can't find a comment that made so much sense, maybe it was Frawin, the difference between 'ghosts' and 'spirits'. Rats, should have written that down.
Anyway, Dad had no firm beliefs, moved on immediately and came back for a visit. I don't know how rapidly Monte moved on, but he came by later, ditto with Chris. Polly was a born again to the bone, and she stuck around for at least an hour. Both Granny (with a Bible and rosary in her hand) and Mrs. Grouch hung around for at least a few days. Of those I knew, I agree, their mannerisms were NOT the same, except for Polly. And Monte. Gotcha. Okay. Dunk.
Oh, and btw, If you are completely off, you are going to have to stand in line.
Date: 2008-09-16
Hi, Ciel! Welcome to the boards, and thanks for sharing your story. You should, hopefully, receive a multitude of responses.
As you have probably read here, everyone has their own beliefs, methods, and styles. Read, read, read, try some on for size and use what feels right for you. It won't be a fast process, but you have the tools required, it would seem. (insert happy face here)
A recent 'tossing' (meeting of minds to theorize) we came up with this: we are either born with or without hardware (ability) then learn, adopt, gather, upload the software (beliefs, methods, styles) during our journey. All you need to learn is the how. The want to, well, that is strictly up to you.
I highly enjoy visiting this realm, and perhaps it is my attitude that prevents negative visits?
I listen, but with so much more than my ears, all my senses. Mind, heart, ears, smell, touch. This means they have to be blank first. It's hard to blank your mind and keep it blank. It takes a great deal of practice, but it is certainly worth the effort. I can send you a few exercises if you like, just email me a note.
Date: 2008-09-16
Your story was so grand, thank you, ever so much! My daughter and I just made a deal. She will stick with me until the end, no matter how grouchy I get, as long as I come and get her when it is her time. What is the "Ghost" quote, "It's amazing, the love that goes with you."