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Television Fanatic on 2008-08-11

I recently got married in June of this year. My husband and I went on our honeymoon and once we got back, off to work we both went. Tired and exhausted after a hard day work, I got home, took a shower and headed for bed. I heard footsteps and assumed my husband had come home from work. Thinking ...

Presence Of A Man on 2008-08-11

I lived in Lomita, California from 2003-2005. The day we moved in was a very happy day for my family and me because the neighborhood is beautiful, the people were nice. Hence it's called the "friendly city". My mother got first dibs on picking her room, then I did and my brother got the third roo...

Candle Lady And Crying Baby on 2008-08-11

My mother owns a home in Mexico. During my vacation stay there, I had just jumped out of the shower and was getting ready to meet my family in the town square. While I was looking into the mirror, combing my hair, I saw a woman with a white night gown and a candle in her hand as if she were behind m...

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Date: 2008-08-13
A day before my husband was to propose to me, he was in bed ready to go to sleep and he said he heard the dishes rattle. He went to the kitchen and everything seemed fine. He checked the news for earthquakes (common in California), but nothing. That's the only time he has ever experienced anything paranormal. He has more of a sence of humor with this "something". As some people fear spiders or rats, my fear is ghosts. Things like this happen to me anywhere I move to even at work. I was alone at work (warehouse environment) and saw a man walk straight into a pile of cardboard! The warehouse was empty and I just ran straight to my office. It's not something I want to talk to for fear it might think I'm it's friend and I don't want it to stick around. I'm also soooo scared that if I talk to it, (silly as it may sound) it will answer.