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I began seeing things when I was little but never had a big interest until I began college in 2008. At that point, I took a strong interest in the paranormal. I would go hunting for abandoned places to ghost hunt, or to common ghost hot spots. I never really saw much just on the ordinary days. I only really noticed them when I was looking for them. And when I was looking for them, I definitely found them. Not all the time of course. I was taught how to "transport" spirits from one place to right in front of me. I am not entirely sure if I was actually able to do this or if it was just in my head. I fully believe that ghosts exist, but I have always been the type of person to try to debunk an interaction or happening before telling myself it was real. But after my several ghost hunts, I know for a fact that they are real, and can be very dangerous. To everyone that posts here, you don't need to feel embarrassed about your encounter, regardless of how silly it may sound to others. How can someone tell you what you experienced first hand was fake or not if they were not there? You are not alone.
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Max Is Watching on 2015-09-19

For everyone that has had a pet at any part of their life, you know of that bond you get with them. Especially if it is/was a dog or cat. They come to be like another sibling almost. Your best friend. You fear loosing them. You fear coming home from school or work, and your best bud is not sitting o...

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Date: 2015-10-08
I would definitely believe that any pet can "stick around" to watch or remain a part of its family. I have yet to see Max since, but I wouldn't doubt that he has come and gone several times since. Thanks for the comments.
Date: 2015-08-22
From my several experiences hunting ghosts, I have learned that even just trying to talk to an entity can lead to bad things. I could believe that something you did or your friend did, even with the best intentions led to something bad effecting you. I do fully believe that something good was there and did help you. And I fully believe specific faith has nothing to do with this. Faith of any sort is enough to help. I believe in a god simply because of the effect gods name has on negative entities/spirits/demons. But I am not christian, catholic. I have never been to church. I do not practice any religion. But I have asked for god help when I have had a negative interaction with a negative force and found that I got the help I needed. Any thing you do when dealing with entities/spirits/demons/ghosts... Whatever it is, you are always making a risk by doing so.
This is several years late. But I just recently found this site.
That truely is amazing. Like many spirits and ghosts, they are kind of engrained because of a tragic event that occured. Kind of in repeat mode, other will see a deceased person doing the same things over and over. The traumatic death of your husband and the pain you suffered may have engrained some of your spiritual energy into the house causing the apparition. I could also believe the theory of a doppleganger. It is believed that everyone has a doppleganger. I could believe, as noted in some other comments, that the energy you released during your mourning created it and it remains stuck in a time it only knows, like it is trapped. Some could suggest that it is part of your soul. Not necessarily meaning that it is a bad thing if it is your soul stuck there. From the situation you explained, I would think that it is the negative spiritual energy of your soul that left you and still resides in the home.
I hope things are going well for you now and that you have gotten answers to help you be a peace now. But it is truwely amazing to hear about this phenmenon.
Have you ever tried to contact the new owners about it? Have you ever gone there to try to see it yourself?