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Mother's Doppleganger on 2015-11-09

This incident happened a few months ago in my bedroom, where most of my encounters have been. I always get an uneasy feeling in the bedroom, like someone's there with me. First, the light in the cupboard. Then, the door opening by itself. This incident confirmed that something was in my bedroom. ...

My Bedroom In England And Singapore on 2015-08-24

This will be a compilation of all the ghost encounters that I can remember. When I was in England, I lived in this 2 story brick house in Chandlers Ford. It was a spacious, cozy house with my bedroom door directly in front of the staircase to the 1st floor. The walls were painted blue, with a tex...

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Date: 2016-01-01
Do you still have the blouse? If yes, may you please upload pictures?
Date: 2015-12-28
I also have the same thing, to see the future. Like, I would dream about a place and see it a few weeks later. I would also dream of events and it happened exactly like how it was in the dream. I wonder what's causing this, but I hope that I can do it as often as I like.
I wen to the website, and yes I did feel uncomfortable. It's a nice story you wrote here on YGS
Date: 2015-11-25
Use an adblocker [at] rookdygin. And [at] otteer The lion is the only thing I had in England when I experienced the hauntings.

[at] everyone. I don't know why are you posting about the brain related stuff but it IS an entity showing itself in a familiar form. Not a hallucination.
Date: 2015-11-15
It was not a hallucination, as I said in the story there was a presence that I felt. I blinked 4 blinks in a second to be precise. I was also not fatigues at that time. Yes, mum is OK.

(replying to all of you in one comment)
It could be the same presence, however I'm not sure. No more strange happenings, I moved to KL.