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A Frail Old Lady on 2015-09-02

It was the year of 1975 in a small town In Northern Mexico, and I was 6 year old. My mother used to have this old friend of hers whom her own ancient mother had just recently passed away and whom I had never met. My mother went to give her condolences. As they talked, I roamed around the old fan...

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Date: 2015-09-11
lady_glow: Greetings and Thank You! I did not intend to linger in this place... But, right of the bat I read another experience so similar to mine in my teens. I hope I can find answers to my long standing almost secret experiences. I do too think that Dona Otilia wanted to be helpful, thou my best guess is that she was really not liking my bawling:) !
Greeting Bonifaz, I am curious as to how you discovered you can feel a spirit's presence and how the communication happens? Could you at any moment tell the being to go away? I had a traumatic childhood experience with an ethereal being and I had no forewarning of it...then, at around age 15 while still living in Mexico, I was able to sense impending death. First, it was my friend and teenage crush and it left me devastated, then my nephew's nanny and later on, while living in the States, a guy who was the manager at a restaurant located near by my home and who I didn't see very often. What they all had in common is that they all had tragic or painful deaths... And they all died within hours from the time I sensed it. I'm flabbergasted to read your encounters, you seem to have full acceptance and knowledge of it, I have fought it for as long as 12 years or so now, and I can't longer sense it, and do not ever want to. Is it something that we can do away with willfully? I thank you for your input...
Date: 2015-09-11
Thanks to everyone for reading my experience. My elder brothers and my elder sister told me that I had described "Dona Otilia" whom I never met to the last detail and they were very surprised to what I told them, almost 15 years ago. Dona Otilia was bedridden and sick and almost 100 years old, nevertheless at that tender age I met her in an ethereal form just days after her passing. I must mention that the whole experience lasted mere minutes, not long enough for the neighbor who was trying to jump the very high walls of the patio to get in. Yes, my mother and the lady looked for help, no I did not get any soothing, mother was a tough woman with many kids to take care of, at home were my two younger brothers waiting for mother, all she wanted was to get home and get on with her daily routine.

Initially, I wrote my experience in about 5000 words, leaving not a thing unexplained, nevertheless I had to cut it to about 1500 words, the word limit for this place. After all this years, I had never put in written what happened to me, and I carried it with me for so many years until it came to light with my family and now this way. I mean not to upset a soul, it is not my intention.

I wanted to write about my experience for the sake of letting it out... I do not look to explain myself, I am not trying to convince no one of what I myself hardly want or desire to re-live, and I do not wish for any one to experience the horrors of such encounter. As a final note, any one who lived in a northern Mexican town back in the 70's would know at least to some extent that houses were not fancy, and some didn't even had locks, like mine, it had nothing but a wooden latch that opened up by pulling a string.

The house where it all happened was almost a fortress, with wrought iron works protecting the two windows that faced the street. House's layout in my country follows no pattern, this one house had no backdoor, just an entrance door (the one I mentioned) the breezeway/hallway, which lead at the end of the hallway to a patio in the open air, there was a door to the right of the hallway which lead to a living room, said patio was surrounded with entrances to various dorms and to a stand alone kitchen-room, while the rest of the rooms were interconnected.

And now it is done, my experience is out. I thought I would feel free from it, but I don't, and I wonder why...