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Aaron Caldwell
United States
I am an amateur paranormal investigator from St. Francisville, LA. Together with my best friend, Fontanilla, we investigate haunted locations in our hometown and surrounding areas as often as we can.

The Myrtles Plantation (multiple times)
My own home
Historic District of St. Francisville
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The Myrtles Plantation: File #2 (the Voices) on 2015-11-02

Last year (2014) around Halloween, I and my fellow paranormal investigator (the only one left on my team at the time) decided to try something new: we brought in a medium to the plantation. This guy was someone that we both knew and we both also knew that he had several near death experiences as a c...

The Myrtles Plantation: File #1 (the Electric Touch) on 2015-09-22

This was one of my first investigations that I conducted at the Myrtles Plantation back in Fall of 2011. One particularly chilly night in October of 2011, myself and my crew (two others, not going to name names) were investigating the grounds towards the back of the property. It was this particul...

They Moved Into My Home on 2015-08-27

This is the first time I've reached out and told this account to anyone outside of my family and GH team, but I do believe that spirits have inhabited my home. My home in St. Francisville, Louisiana was completed in the year 1998. We had been told that a house had burned down in the same vicinit...

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I am trying to upload them to YouTube, but it is proving difficult. As soon as I have the EVPs uploaded onto my YouTube page, I will copy and paste the links into a new comment on this story.
Hi Tweed.
I was wondering when you were going to put in your 2ยข. You are absolutely right about the provocation. In all truthfulness, I felt bad about using provocation on a little girl spirit, when it shouldn't have been used at all. But still, I think you are correct when you state that our attitude going in that night was in response to me being scratched by the dark entity from The Dark Area, and I do believe that it (whatever it is) was waiting for us. There is one more thing that happened later on that night, but that will be recorded in my next MP File on this site. That event is what confirmed to me that I was being targeted by a not so nice entity.
The only spirits that I choose to provoke are the ones that do harm to and terrorize the living. As I said, I haven't done any provocation since then, and I honestly don't think I will again. There was too much unwanted attention from this entity that has seemingly familiarized itself with us... And I believe that this entity is the same one detailed in an earlier story titled The Myrtles Plantation: File #1 (The Electric Touch).
Please forgive me, but I was trying out provocation (a very poor choice) and I have never used it again since that night. There was a lot of activity because of it, but we were attracting the wrong kind of attention. In a sense, yes it was bullying, but as I said I have never used provocation since that night.
Hey everyone. I appreciate the input given for this conversation and I thank y'all for participating in this conversation. More files from the Myrtles Plantation will be coming soon. I have a lot of experiences to share, and I hope that I can get input on those experiences, too.
Tweed, Manafon, CountingCoups:

Thank y'all for the input! Mana, I have seen The St. Francisville Experiment, and I thought it was fun, as well. The last few minutes were quite startling. And no I do not know where the actual house they used is.

Tweed: The interesting thing about the Chains EVP is that we heard it very faintly with our own ears, but the recorder sounded much closer, almost right beside us. Since the encounter we have been very cautious in The Dark Area and do not enter it without prayers and blessings of protection first.

Counting: I have actually just started work at a chemical plant so investigations are at a moments notice now, sorry. But you can find my email on my profile, I believe, if you wish to talk more on a personal level. As for the 3 story building in Jackson, LA? I live just a few minutes away from Jackson. It may be possible with the right permissions and any available history on the building.

UPDATE: The Dark Area has been converted to living spaces for guests. It is now virtually impossible for investigations to happen in that spot anymore. However, the activity in that sector has died down a lot, even so much that we do not even receive EVPs or warnings... Not even the sensation of being watched.
Date: 2015-09-29
Hey everyone. I am doing fine, as is my family. If anyone is interested, my new tale of a ghostly encounter has just been published. Thank you all for communicating and I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers ๐Ÿ˜Š
Date: 2015-09-27
Everything is fine. Since my family has returned from their trip, all of the menacing feelings of being watched have virtually disappeared. The house feels warmer, and even happier. Thanks for checking in on me, Mimi.
Date: 2015-09-06
Mimi, Razor:

The investigation never happened. Every time I considered investigating, I felt eyes on me; like they were watching me all over the house. (My parents are away for the week.) I and my dog felt safest in the living room. I said a prayer for protection and the feeling of being watched went away. I will continue investigations around my town and in the surrounding areas... But as for my own home... I think I'll just leave them in peace.

Razor: I am very religious. That is why I investigate the paranormal. It is life after death.
Date: 2015-09-06
It didn't happen. One of my team members had a family member admitted to the hospital, so I had I postpone the investigation. And also, I do not taunt the spirits. I just ask a few questions. I am it going to be rude... Just try to get more information.
Date: 2015-09-05
Mimi, Razor, Tweed, Everybody:

I will attempt to make contact with the spirits tonight. EVP sessions and camera footage to possibly gain some peaceful info with the souls who may be trapped here. Wish me luck, and prayers are appreciated.

Thank you all for following this story and for your support...

Date: 2015-09-04
I really don't mind the activity. As long as no violent acts are committed against me and my family, the spirits are welcome to stay until they find a gateway to the other side. It would be RUDE of me to chase them off for really no reason other than getting startled a little bit. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Date: 2015-09-04
Thank you, everyone of you concern. I am positive that these spirits mean us no harm. If they did, then something would have happened to us already. I'm pretty sure that they just wish to not be forgotten. My dog is all the time barking at empty spaces in the house and I just tell her "Stop barking at the spirits! They aren't soon anything to you!" My dog barks at everybody who is unfamiliar.

Mimi: I appreciate the concern. For you reason alone is why I keep putting off investigating my home. My parents and I still live here, and if I make the spirits mad then they will attempt to make us leave. We all have nowhere else to go. So... We put it off and just accept that we have visitors every now and then.
Date: 2015-09-03
Please do forgive me for not answering earlier. I haven't been on all day. I cannot quite tell you what the book was; it was fairly dark and didn't really bother to see which book it was (stupid now that I think about it). As for her face, it was simply mugshot. It wasn't inviting or warm, but it wasn't menacing either. It was almost...judgemental. As if she was telling me that I need to change something in my life. Like a habit to give up or something.

Mimi and Razorback:
I do believe that she was letting me know she was there and wanted to be seen. In my statement to Tweed above, I now believe that she wanted to grab my attention an lead me out into the hallway so she could convey the message by facial expression. It's quite impressive, actually.
Date: 2015-09-03
Thank you, everybody, for the advice and the comments. Your advice is greatly appreciated, and I will keep all of you informed either through this comment list or in another experience shared on this site.
Date: 2015-09-02
None of the spirits have shown any interest in violence. No violent outbursts have ever occurred. It seems as though they just don't want to be forgotten. They don't really bother us, but I always fear that those spirits wandering around here could entice something more evil to come here. That is why I take precautions before and after investigations.
Date: 2015-09-02
I was thinking exactly the same
Thing. I would love to see that! That would be an incredible piece of evidence that would be very difficult to explain.
Date: 2015-09-02
I'm glad that you understand how I feel when they just appear. What kind of system do those people use?
Date: 2015-09-02
They aren't just popping out of nowhere like "BOO!" type of thing. It's just I turn my head for one second and where there wasn't anyone, there's (partially) someone there I've never seen before and they are just minding their own business (most of the time). They are not trying to scare us, but we get startled when we see them. That's really all it is.
Date: 2015-09-02
Thanks for the advice and I will research when I can. And as far as I know they only things we had preowned were our hand-me-down possessions. And even some of those have turned up missing years ago. Still, I will attempt to keep y'all updated. Like I said before, the spirits haven't shown in inclination to violence towards my family in the 16+ years that we've lived here. Maybe that's a good sign that there's not a whole lot of anger.