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Ghost Kuyang In The Tree on 2015-09-01

My ghost experiences was happening at Central Borneo, Indonesia. I was native in Borneo as we are called Dayak people. This experience happen when my age was 15 years old, when we move to our new house in Kuala Kurun Central Borneo. I have older brother he is already 17 years old. When we move o...

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Date: 2015-09-04
all, let me tell you all about kuyang origin. In our belief kuyang is human being that can become ghost with appeareance flying head with intestines flying without its lower body. Kuyang is usually woman, because they need human blood to keep her youth. Hessian, we know about hantu kuyang because when we still searching frog it emanating some glow first, it gave whistle like sound, and it flying toward me and my brother, it was scary us until this day. Maybe if you ask some of european people who already go to borneo especially to central borneo maybe they can tell you about if kuyang true exist or not. Many european evangelist that come to our city is know too about this ghost. 😨
And lexy, we usually burn the frog half cooked before eat it. Sorry if my english little bad 😳
Date: 2015-09-03
[at] lady,caimie and wardo, yes I still live in outskirt of kuala kurun central borneo, my father was just a farmer and my mother is teacher in kuala kurun. Since that accident I never see the ghost again and will do anything to not see that ghost again, because since that accident me and my brother never go to that place anymore. In borneo kalimantan all is possible, many supernatural still linger here, and we dayak people honor it very much. Its up to you believe me or not, but kuyang is ghost that you will never dare to see lightly.