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Hey! My names Brandon and I have a huge fascination with the paranormal and a love for all things odd and strange!
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The Ouija House on 2016-09-13

For the last month and a half my friends and I have been investigating a house that my friend and I had stumbled upon that was a truly masterful piece of nature reclaiming the home. This is the story of what my collection of friends and myself have experienced. Lets rewind six months to early ...

The Tap on 2015-09-01

When I was just a young child of twelve years old I lived with my father and stepmother. This was the age where my dad and stepmom decided that I needed household responsibilities such as cleaning my room and the kitchen and a few others around and outside of the house. Well I never really took t...

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Date: 2016-11-08
Rook to address the question of do I use a recorder with my spirit box, the answer is yes. I did a lot of research before I did my "research". I have always try to debunk before I cry paranormal. If you want any lick of credibility you have to approach it that way. I actually spoke with a catholic priest, which will come in my next few stories in greater detail, and he actually told me that he as a priest has to have that approach and that I should too. He said more too but that's for the stories.
Date: 2016-10-30
Thank you for the advice biblio! I hate to admit it but I was ignorant to the part of it on the internet. I will definetly take action
Date: 2016-10-29
No mack you are absolutly right! I have used it quite a bit. Every time I do I record the audio so I can play it back. And it sweeps too quick to pick up more than a longer than three letter word. I also listen to see if the voice changes as this could debunk it being as you said. I also pay attention to how long a word or words is/are said to see if it stretches over bandwidth or not. A good example of someactual supported evidence is "nope youre next." It was the same voice threw a lot of band width
Date: 2016-10-29
Larvae to answer your question yes stuff did happen. But I will submit it as a story because it would be a beast to tackle here
Date: 2016-10-29
Okay a lot to respond to at once. Rook you have always been my basically idol on this site and I respect all opinions. I do see the contradicting statements you point out and I really really keep kicking myself for how bad I wrote this story. I got very lazy with my writing. I apologize. The worst mistake I made was mashing events together which confused and I apologized. Now does this sound cliche? Yep I agree and if I were in your shoes id probably say the same thing. A spirit box is a device that sweeps threw radio stations extremly fast. Reverse speech method is it going in reverse. So no words can seep out and ruin evidence of paranormal speech which would be spoken forward. We parked on the road infront of the house. That is where I used the spirit box in the car. Rook to specifically describe everything I can as about the two quotes you pointed out I will say the following. The house is on a country road with only one other house on the road. It IS however in between two very meth filled areas of the state I live in. The drug addicts love going to abandoned houses at night to do drugs and have shelter. Because of this combined with the fact that there are so few people on the road to report tresspassing this house would make a perfect drug house. That wasn't something I had thought of my first visit due to in all honesty lack of common sense. I hope that helps understand what I was poorly trying to convey and I appologuze.
Date: 2016-10-27
Haha thank you red for the motherly talk. I have stayed away from it. And the events detailed here are actually over a series of visits. (I know I know) the choking just happened to be the last. Once again many details I left out and now regret because I have been sscolded continuously about it. The only reason I did this was to set a basis for two more stories I have got coming which will be more detail oriented and hopefully answer a lot more questions
Date: 2016-10-26
Well as to answer about why did I continue exploring because of ignorance. I have learned my lesson on that. And the reason I wasn't afraid of going in the first time is because we had never seen a car drive down the road. So no one driving down there meant no one to call police. Also I said my fiance mainly sat in the back seat reading the bible. At that specific moment I had it with me. I haven't had anything to write about for so long I left out so many details and I as the author appologize to all my readers.
Date: 2016-10-26
Yes lady glow I'm sorry for the confusion. When I ran the spirit box I was in the car. I didn't want to step foot on the actual property out of fear of tresspassing and also meth addicts. Better safe than sorry around here in indiana.
Date: 2016-10-26
Also sds to answer the question about the choking I was in the vehicle when it began I qued m to hit the gas and it gradually released as we got further from the house.
Date: 2016-10-26
Thank you both for the comments. I wrote a very short version of the whole tale. My fiance is actually jodie haha she mainly sat in the back seat reading the bible but M did see and feel strong stuff. He saw in his words "a fireball in the second story window" I did not see it my self. C has had an encounter with what he believed to be a demonic presence before and he had the same feeling there as well. And as for the skull I can not say a 100% that it was human but it was very humaniod looking to me.
Can I sit on the fence as well?! Or I can go get the bus or the bs blankie. Haha! 😆
Date: 2015-09-19
First off, I want to thank you sir for your service in the military! Thank you and the other veterans and enlisted members of this site and everywhere! But back to your experiences this spirit does indeed seem to have a connection between you and your daughter. I agree with tweeds explanation. It is rather disturbing that they entity is making almost a mocking suggestion at the fact it watches you sleeping. I just recently had an occurrence which shook me some too. I ended up using a lot of holy water and mixed christian cleansing with new age practice. I'm a christian also I said prayers and used holy water. It calmed down some but didn't stop. I used new age methods WITH holy water and prayer and I haven't had any issues sense. My advice is to fully believe in whatever method you use. If you doubt it may very well not work. But also I advise reaching out to different methods of cleansing too.

Thank you for sharing and please keep us updated!
Date: 2015-09-10
Hey Alex! I'm really looking forward to part 2 of the story. You have definetly grabbed my interest and can't wait to hear more. Also I have a question but don't take it as doubt its purely curiosity. Were you and your grandmother close? Was she very fond of you? My grandmother (who hasn't passed yet) who is very very fond of me has told me she doesn't believe she can rest until I'm married. I thought it was a joke but she is rather serious. But I'm also very sorry for your loss of your mother and grandmother.
Date: 2015-09-09
Hmm. This is a bit confusing to me also. I've heard of these entities before but never singing hymns or what not. And not trying to be rude but I would like to ask when your mom went to sleep since they were singing which she said put her to sleep. Like was she awake before you called her in? Or was she referring to after they left or what? Also is this a recent event or older event? Just curious.
Date: 2015-09-06
Tweed: thank you for taking what time you do have to help I will probably send you another email tonight because it has been another eventful day with this entity. And if my friend and I do meet up I will send the results of my investigation as well.
Dreamer: I don't put anything past my dad but he and my step mother weren't home. Also whenever my dad pulls a prank he is very VERY proud of it and will boast. But I had more experiences at this house that me and my dad and step mother have all experienced together but I've been very tied up with my apartments entity and haven't gotten around to writing my other experiences yet sadly.: (but I promise you all when my situation is a little more resolved I will have more stories. 😁
Thank you all for your feed back!
Date: 2015-09-06
JM: I'm not going to say youre wrong for your decision. I've always heard follow your gut and if your gut says don't then follow it. You can't ever be to safe with the paranormal. Thank you for keeping posted!
Date: 2015-09-06
JM: proceed with caution. Be well equipped and I'm not just talking technology. I'm talking if stuff does escalate know how to ward off and protect. I have an attention hungry entity. Its gotten very "brave" recently. I don't like it so I've got holy water at the ready. I'm doing my own investigation tonight as well. Immediately after I'm cleansing my whole home.
What ever you choose to do jm best of luck and well wishes. I don't know if you are religious but I'll be praying for your protection and well being.
Date: 2015-09-06
Biblio: my parents were very wise to young teens ways as my step mom had three sons who did about every drug in the books so she was no fool to lies about drugs and such. My father was a very straight laced guy his whole life. The only drug he ever did was he smoked a cigarette once but never took to it. I will openly admit that later in my teens (age 15 to be precise) I dabbled with alcohol cigarettes and marijuana. I always had a fear of acid and hallucinogenic drugs because I had a lot of inner issues at the time so I didn't want to experience a "bad trip". All I do now is smoke cigarettes (my only and greatest addiction) and on very rare occasion I'll have a beer or two. But I commend all parents for taking action to steer their kids away from drugs. I've seen too many people destroy their lives who were close to me with drugs. But biblio as always you are logical and seeking out possibilities which I think gains you a lot of respect. Thank you all for continued feed back! You all don't know how grateful and honored I am to be in this community with you all.
Razor ❤
Date: 2015-09-04
Mana: it has never happened again since that one time but I would still love to have some brownies around haha
Lexi: the scratching I agree with and I can honestly say I have no clue at all since its never happened I have no details to compare between two instances sadly.
Date: 2015-09-04
Tweed: I nearly died laughing at the south park reference. I love south park but I think the morale of your story fit quite well.

Wafiki: trust your gut. In my opinion I believe its your great grandmother coming to comfort you. Don't add negativity when it isn't needed is one of my life quotes.