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My user name comes from the folk song at the beginning of The Innocents (1961), a classic ghost story filmed in gorgeous deep-focus black and white. It was adapted from Henry James' 1898 novella, The Turn of the Screw, and Truman Capote contributed to the script.

I'm a skeptic and agnostic-bordering-on-atheist who is nonetheless helplessly fascinated by paranormal phenomena, 'real' ghost stories, and cinematic & literary ghost stories as well (which deliciously often turn out to be about Something Else Altogether, Really).

I'm okay with that and I hope you all are, too.
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Dormitory Ghost on 2015-09-20

I attended school at a university in SW Ohio, and my college boyfriend and I lived in the same dorm for a year. I'll call him Bentley. He was a Resident Assistant, and they moved into the dorm several days before the other students. (There were 6 RAs total in the building, 3 on the women's side, 3 o...

A Friendly Knock on 2015-09-03

We live in a house built in 1907, an early American Foursquare with late Victorian details, 2 1/2 stories, made of wood and brick. It was turned into a 2-family home sometime in the 1950s, I think. We have the 2nd-and-3rd floor apartment, and have lived here about 4 years. Two family members live in...

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Bruises of different colors (ages) is a specific medical condition. It can be indicative of:

-Physical abuse
-Child abuse
-Falls or injury
-Trauma or injury
-Botulinum toxin (Botox) injection
-Thrombocytopenia which causes bruising, frequent nosebleeds, and tiny red dots that look like a rash.
Date: 2016-11-03
::The ground rumbled with low frequencies of demonic growls. The dark figures erupted in a reactive wave adorned with inverted pentagrams and a prophetic use of numero 666.

It was my brother's 21st. Welcome to the world of metalheads.::

LOL, oh how pleasant it is to see your writings again, Tweed. You have certainly lost NONE of your peculiar charm, nor your imaginative quirky humor... That only adds to the totality of the wonderful stories you tell.

Please, please, collect your various spooky stories (stitch them together with passages of intriguing biography as need be!), and I would stand in line to buy that book, and I've never stood in line for anything literary before. ❤ ❤ ❤
I'm sorry to be skeptical but isn't 'Annabelle' the name of a recent scary doll in a popular horror movie? I'm sorry, not buying it.
Lord, I don't even know what all is wrong with me...but...'Have a cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down'...that sounds just about right to me, haha,
Seemed to me most any moon could be a so-called 'witches moon'... What's different about it? Truly not familiar with what that supposedly means. And I suspect I would be, if it was a real thing. Sooooo.
Never heard of a witches' moon before. And I'm kind of a witch, more or less. Since 1990.:)
Date: 2015-11-24
I agree the story is weird. Really have no clue how lady-glow arrived at her thoughts, though. Links...?
Sakie, I thank you. I appreciate your thoughts re the deal regarding Rahul.
Sakie, I googled 'mukti' and it came up as meaning 'liberation, freedom, release.' Is that how you would describe it? Is that your sense as well?

Was this YOUR aunt who supposedly sent him, or the aunt of the boy Rahul? Did you know a Rahul when this happened?
I don't know if anyone here is familiar with Whitley Strieber's nonfiction book _Communion_ in which he describes his encounters with apparently non-human entities. (Big best seller in the late 80s and the cause of *years* of uneasy sleep for scairdy-cat younger me, haha.)

In his book, he hesitates to call the beings 'aliens' even though there are aspects of traditional UFO phenomena associated with them. He calls them 'visitors' instead, and speculates they may not even be from outer space per se, but possibly inter-dimensional beings of some kind, interpreted in ancient days as the faery folk and as 'aliens' through the more technological lens of the 20th century and beyond. Anyway, I thought some of you following this conversation might be interested. 😊
Date: 2015-11-19
JerryB, thank you so much for your gracious, informative, open-minded response to my query. 😊 It actually did explain things for me to my satisfaction (insofar as a fact-craving proof-hungry person can have satisfaction, haha).

I do truly understand the sense, during an uncanny encounter, of 'Okay, this is drawing to a close, right quick...' It's like it's just something you know.

Thank you again.
Date: 2015-11-19
Kaykay, I've heard of several of my dad's younger friends being drafted for the Vietnam war (my dad being a bit too old to be drafted, also a schoolteacher, thus I think exempt...?), men who ended up stationed temporarily in Germany at first but -- thankfully! -- didn't get as far as Vietnam. Well, I'm sure Jerry's answers are better. Just saying I have heard the same thing -- Germany as a stop-over or training/holding point before troops were sent to Vietnam.
Jerry, your posts and comments show you have a kind heart. I like that, and I like your stories too; keep them coming (if you have more).
Date: 2015-11-13
Miracles, that was refreshing to read. I think there is a bit too much jumping to 'IT'S EVIL!' in paranormal circles, no matter what the phenomenon (shadow people, ghostly apparitions, poltergeist noises, Ouija board stuff, etc.). Sure, maybe it IS evil; but maybe it isn't. Why make instant negative assumptions at the outset? It influences everything else you see.

I'm afraid of several things; but I also have anxiety disorder. Lol. My rational brain knows VERY well several of those things are not harmful, much less evil, in reality! The fact that this-or-that thing makes *me* uneasy does NOT mean it's evil, negative, what have you. In a larger sense, I think this principle applies to paranormal-y stuff too.

In spite of folks speaking with great authoritah on the subject (and I've known plenty of those, for a quarter century plus), none of us really know what the deal is. We should keep our minds cautious but open. At least in my opinion.
Tweed, haha re Daily Mail, so glad it's not just me.

I always love when they are supposedly quoting an American person verbatim, but they have him say something like, 'Right, my mate wasn't home, so I popped round to his mum's flat...' lol Sure. What next? He went in for a cuppa and some biscuits?
I don't know if the 'you' in your story is me or not. Still, in true crime circles (been there for many many years - way before recent interest in paranormal stuff), the Daily Mail is a frightful tabloid magazine, a long-standing joke in many circles, not just die-hard skeptics.
'No offense to scientists and the like at all. We need people who don't automatically jump every time the wind blows, screaming "It's a ghost!" ' - Miracles51031.

Yes!...Or even worse, 'It's a ghost [or "demon"]! Therefore, blah blah blah, insert all the stuff I learned from movies, especially recent movies [hmmm...], combined with how you should do blah blah blah, SPECIFICALLY, which may ALSO be stuff I learned from movies... Or possibly stuff I learned from some very weak even-for-Llewellyn new age publications from the 90s, back when I was a person who read lots of Llewellyn publications...' etc.

I am fascinated by ghostly phenomena, but I want it to be *significant* rather than easily explained away by this or that very obvious thing. What's truly interesting is the NOT easily explained.

I'm critical of paranormal experiences only because I want to sort them through a filter that shows me rather more unusual situations. If they pass that basic test, then they are interesting indeed.

'But there are times when I think they could give us a little and admit maybe, just maybe there's something to what we all are experiencing that can't be brushed off as scientific.'

Absolutely. I have little doubt there is a certain amount of bias in the testing. I'd like to see its exact parameters. The articles I read were at least 10 years ago, maybe as much as 20.
Whodat, I was kind of intrigued by your comments, as I have noticed something similar. I'm normally a side sleeper. I dream to varying degrees, like anyone -- most disjointed, some clear and emotionally significant and/or aesthetically pleasing, some nightmares.

However, I have noticed (not during the night per se, but upon waking finally in the morning) that if I DO wake up lying flat on my back, again unusually for me, and especially if I do so with that unmistakable physical sensation of not having moved at all for many hours, instead of my normal tossing and turning... Well I have two impressions of waking in that state: 1) I have slept more deeply than usual, and 2) my dreams are MUCH more vivid and memorable.

It took me decades to register this subtle change in sleep habits and to correlate it (unscientifically and unofficially, of course) to the calibre of any dreams I had.

Blood collecting with greater concentration in one area or the other of the brain due to body position is an intriguing notion. I am far from scientific in most of my interests and knowledge of the world, but I do wonder about the effects of the circulatory system during sleep and how it could affect our dreams or even our waking consciousness later.

Maybe a medical person could weigh in? Does normal circulation actually negate some faulty notion of blood collecting in one area versus another, or not?

Fascinating. There's no good place to post this, so I'll take this opportunity to say once again, I truly love this site.
Miracles, I love that you not only kept journal entries about these experiences, but tried to check for a correlation with the moon phases. That sounds like a 'curiosity experiment' I'd do myself. 😊

I've also heard the anecdotal experiences (and 'anecdotal' does not automatically mean 'invalid' by any means!) of nurses, EMTs, et cetera re full moons. But I've also read at least two science-based data-gathering articles detailing research that showed no correlation at all between full moons and an upswing in increased craziness/accidents/what-have-you.

Who knows the rights of it? I doubt it's been studied enough. Maybe there is no correlation; or maybe the researchers aren't measuring the right things. I don't know. It's interesting, though.
Oh, I understand now, xlauraloux. 😊 I actually could see the 'figure' in the original photo too, his pose and loincloth and armbands and all. I don't deny it was a little uncanny, I just thought we were probably really seeing something else; and the video clarifies what that is.