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3:00 A.m. Wake Up Call. What Could It Have Been? on 2015-09-07

So when I was 16 years old I was living with my father. We don't really have a good relationship so I would go to bed really early 8:00 pm at this time. It was late spring and one night I woke up at the time I didn't know why. For about three weeks I would wake up a 3:00 am on the dot. I still di...

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The doll didn't have a second compartment and the suicide happened in the living room which is only a few feet from my room
TRUCK I do not have any pets thank all for replying yes my father has had an experience in that house. But also the previous owner the male shot himself in this house and also my sister had a doll that we removed the batteries from and it would move around and speak we burned it and that was it