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Bent Door Handle on 2016-10-04

So I was at my dad's a few weeks ago and I was hearing noises coming from the kitchen during the day up to around 12am. We have a "security system" in the house (okay, it's cat feeders with cameras and wifi) and I was checking the cameras from the living room (there's three cameras, one in the hall,...

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Date: 2015-09-17
[at] tweed
By saying: "trying to communicate the destruction of a house fire", does that mean that someone is trying to start a fire, or bring to our attention a fire that has previously happened?
I will let my dad know that he needs to get the wiring checked ASAP.
(While I was telling my brother about Tweed's reply, he told me that the upstairs fire alarm went off twice last night, with no obvious cause. Bear in mind I'm at my mum's, not my dad's) 😕