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i am 21 years old, I live in texas and have always had crazy experiences that I have not been able to explain, but I've always been strangely comfortable about them. Growing up we usually only lived in the houses that were known for being haunted (this is probably because the rent was cheaper). So I guess I just wanted to see everybody elses experiences with the supernatural to compare. I have never really studied anything about this, I always just kind of knew when wierd stuff happened (who doesn't)
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The Builder on 2008-08-18

We lived in a very small town, you know, everybody knows everybody and all their business kind of place. This actually happened at the same house from my other post. Well, one day my mom got a call from the post lady asking her if she would be at our house in a couple of days. My mom said of cour...

My First Haunting on 2008-08-12

My dad was gone every other week for his job. So, when he wasn't there I would always sleep in the bed with my mom. Well, one night when I was five years old I woke up to find the ceiling right in front of my face. When I reached for the ceiling, I touched it with my finger and then fell straight do...

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Date: 2008-08-18
I don't know what was making me levitate, I just know that I really did touch the ceiling. And as far as other things that happened at the house I always heard my mom and dad talking about strange things, but I was only a small child. They didn't want to frighten me.

My mom swears that when I was 2 years old (of course I don't remember this) that I was playing in my room while she was cleaning. She heard me start to laugh a lot and thought that she would come see what I was laughing at. When she came in my favorite stuffed animal (a small pink pig) was floating just above me and I was trying to reach it. She saw this and gasped, then the stuffed animal fell out of the air.

I can't account for that, because I was too young, but my mom's seen a lot of strange things in her life and I don't think she would lie about that.

My dad would hear voices coming from my room all the time while nobody was in there.
He says he asked me when I was three, if I knew who was in my room. I told him, yeah that's just my friend. It's okay daddy.

Again another thing that I don't remember, but I trust my dad. He also said that when he asked me what my friends name was I just laughed and called him silly.

I did have an older brother and sister, but they never really had any experiences with anything strange in that house.

My mom also saw a ghost at that house, but it was not the same thing that liked to play with me, I'll send that story in next.

It seems like our family always sees or has wierd things happen to us. We've kind of learned to just get used to it. Like strange things are attracted to us.

Oh yeah, The family that moved in after us did not have any children.
Date: 2008-08-12
wow, I don't know what this is. A doppleganger, a warm mu mu (whatever that is, or a ghosts or something. But it sounds crazy! Good thing it only happened to you once, that you know of!
Date: 2008-08-12
I hope to comfort you when I say that those pictures look like normal glares that you get on a bright day at the lake. I grew up on a lake and I can tell you, being around all the nature, the trees and lighting can play tricks on your eyes. Like, the last photo. It does look freaky at first, but then take a good look at it and you can see this is a glare of trees and sunlight. It is more destorted because of the glass, but so is that ladies head. I'm sure she doesn't actually have two heads, right. The rest of the pictures look the same. I'm not saying that you didn't experience the noises, but maybe you were just trying to look for something to explain them so you found what you wanted to see in the pictures. Nature can be tricky, there can be brightness on one part of a bush and shadow a couple of inches next to it and from far away that could look like a spirit, but when you get closer, you realize, it's just trees. I hope this helps you!