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Honduran, christian, I believe in ghost/spirits and a lot of dif kinds of things...
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Was It Really A Horse? on 2015-09-19

This is my first story on YGS so I'll try to keep it simple, one last thing English is not my native language so I'll appreciate any spelling or grammar corrections. Let me start by telling you guys I'm a graduated doctor. The reason I tell you this is because my story has a lot to do with late n...

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To Rookdygin, sorry to reply so late, I didn't know I was mentioned, well see Rook, it's not like they count as 2 hours... But there's a phase called "slow wave sleep" in this phase, our cortisol lvls lower as our melatonin lvl increases, this is the most restorative phase in our sleeping cycle, it makes our body go on a "restore and digest to feed and repair" cycle... Remember our circadian rhythm, so our sleep cycle is designed to work around it, so the "Slow wave sleep" phase works the best when our rhythm is at is lower point (normally between 10pm -4am,) so let's say if we start to sleep at 8pm... Our body will enter the slow wave sleep at about 8:30pm, and it will start earlier but it will finish at the same time it would normally end for a person that goes to bed at 10pm... (around 2am)... This means your slow sleep wave lasted 1.5hour more than the other person, this making your metabolism work better and your body repair itself much better... In conclusion it doesn't count as a sale 2x1 hours... But it will feel like you sleept 2x1 hours... Hope this explains my point :D
Date: 2015-09-29
Lady-glow, hi, yes maybe some night cam could be useful, but I don't have the time to set it up, because of my work I travel a lot, no one would be there to help me set it up and probably it would be stolen from my porch... Well the Old lady, she is like 80 years old and I remember she told me that when she was younger her husband always came up drunk and in order to avoid having an argument she decided to move to another bedroom, one that face to the street. She said the only thing that sepparated her bed from the street was the wall. Just like me she started to hear that same hooves going up, never down, she got curious so one night she decided to wait and see what was going on. She waited until she heard the hooves going up the street and when she was about to open the window to peek she heard all the dogs growling, barking and howling and she heard something run down and that started to scratch her wall and made noises like when a bull snorts, growling and the hooves so close to her window that she covered herself up... She never slept in that room again...
Date: 2015-09-28
For Spockie, I live in the city, urban area, streets, cars, no deers...
For Lady Glow, I have wanted too, but I'm to coward to do it...
For Valkricry There aren't any spaces between the houses, I've talked to a lot of people here in my neighborhood and they have heard it, apparently that thing goes way back an old lady even told me her story about that issue... I forgot to mention that dogs go crazy when that happens, barking, howling, growling...
Hi, well Jess, like someone explained up there, The 3am waking time is comopletely normal, You know that the hours we sleep before 10 pm counts as double... So your body had 9 hours of sleep, well rested body is going to wake up... Considering also your sleeping cycles, rapid eyem movement or REM is the part of the sleeping cycle were we dream... Your issue may be explained by sleep paralysis, you were probably dreaming but you felt wide awake, the Placebo effect (also already considered) may have been involved with the blessing incident... But it is a nice story.