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Spirit Cat Visits on 2015-12-09

I've had a couple incidents of a ghost cat jumping into bed with me. It was always when I was just starting to fall asleep or just slowly waking up, but it would jolt me awake and I'd lie there enjoying the moment. The first time was a cat I had when I was very young, my first pet. I think I was...

Mom's Comfort on 2015-12-09

When my mother died at 55 of an unexpected heart attack, my primary feeling was anger because she'd been seeing doctors the prior six months because she wasn't feeling well. The battery of tests and procedures cost around $6,000 out of her pocket since she had no insurance and were quite wearing and...

An Empty House? on 2015-09-14

I'm new to the board and have had very few experiences, but one particularly comes to mind as inexplicable. I am female and was 45 years old. This occurred in 2003. I was looking for a home to buy, and the realtor gave me a key to an empty house I wanted to look at. It's a small town where every...

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Date: 2017-05-04
Love the story Tweed! I wish I had a house I could be in/around like that. I just love old houses. You must have been an intrepid little girl to have not been frightened by all the things you saw and heard there. Maybe just growing up exposed to those kind of environments made you more immune to the spookiness of those experiences. I'm the type that probably would have not played with anyone, but just sat in different places soaking up the ambiance and daydreaming, kind of waiting for something to happen. Then the kid of the house wouldn't have liked me because I was no fun, and then I wouldn't have been able to go there anymore. I've always was a rather solitary kid. I would find a lot of pleasure visiting a place like that then and now. I've never even seen a place like that. Probably the closest would be the Hearst Castle in California. I could visualize it all with your wonderful descriptions. Thanks so much for sharing! It was lovely reading and seeing! Lucky you!
Loved your story. It's nice to know that someone is watching over you. Apparently this is a family thing your family is comfortable with. Perhaps your 2nd great grandfather just wanted to be kept in your memory so you'll continue the oral tradition when you have children.
Date: 2017-02-28
That was an awful dream and pretty scary. The first thought about your panties was that you or your boyfriend were sleepwalking. My husband sleepwalks quite often and also does and says the strangest things. He doesn't ever remember doing it. But since the panties were so high up, I really don't think that's a practical idea. I'd say you have a ghost, but it may not be responsible for the dream, and you shouldn't necessarily think both incidents were connected. I'd log it into a journal while it's fresh in your mind and just put it aside for now. The dream could have been caused by tiredness, by being too cold or warm while you sleep, by something you ate that really didn't agree with you, or any other number of things. I've had bad dreams triggered by books or television, or sounds in the background while I've been sleeping. Fortunately no real harm was done, it was just really disturbing. I hope you don't dream that dream again. Thanks for sharing. Your story was very well written.
Date: 2017-01-06
You have so many experiences you have related. Once I read this story I had to read them all! They are so well written and interesting and I thank you for sharing. Most of them seem to be in fun and enjoyable, which is quite nice for you. This one obviously was not. I'm thinking you must be quite sensitive and open to residual energies, and this little girl and her loss produced a footprint in the building that you inadvertently tuned in on. It's a gift and a curse. It's hard for anyone to experience the feelings you felt when you saw the girl, but I think it was a mirror to what she and her family and friends felt at the time of her loss. It hit you particularly hard because here you are on a fun night out and it was the last thing you expected to happen. I don't really think she was trying to impart a message. If the story has been handed down through the years, the incident wasn't hidden and the facts were probably known. The only other possibility I see is perhaps she was pushed and trying to get attention so that would be discovered. However, I lean toward the residual imprint idea. Grief makes a powerful imprint.

Thanks again for writing your stories. I found them a delight to read.
Ditto Tweed & RandyM! We only have this life and must live it to the fullest and treasure it for the precious commodity it is. Time is precious. I think your friend is right about negative entities taking advantage of your depression to alienate you from your friends and family. That alienation feeds on your energy, drains you and makes life more difficult. I have the attitude that bad people make bad entities and good people make good entities. If you wouldn't hang out with raging maniacs in real life, why would you want to hang out with dead ones? It's nice and comforting when you feel connected to and remember a loved one who has passed away, but as RandyM said, you are living and there will be a time and place for the other side.

I hope you will throw yourself into living like doing a cannonball dive into a pool! Unfetter yourself and live in the moment! Appreciate every laugh, smile, sharing of thoughts and dreams with others. There is so much to enjoy if you allow it.
What RandyM said really resonated with me. I never knew most of my grandfathers and grandmothers, and certainly not my great grandparents, but a couple of years ago I visited their graves and got to know them and they me. I sat on the grass and talked to them about their ancestors and my immediate family, admitting it's probably old news to them, but it was thrilling for me to know now these things. It might have seemed silly to anyone watching, but I really felt I was being heard and it gave me a great feeling to connect. It was exciting for me. I firmly believe they guided me to their graves, which I initially had trouble finding as I'd never been before. That feeling of connection has never left me since I visited. It's like there are invisible ties. I think it's nice to know someone thinks about you at all, much less makes an effort to thank them for life, companionship, knowledge or good memories. There's an old saying that we live as long as someone remembers. I really enjoy remembering, even those I have never met!

What you are experiencing seems to be those invisible bonds that can never be broken because the mind remembers. As long as you remember, he still lives. He's just validating that there is no real death--just a change of address. It's a comfort and a gift that should be treasured. Often we are too uptight to be receptive.
Date: 2016-07-19
What an epic battle to fight at so young an age! This was a well-written narrative that enabled me to imagine your home and the atmosphere of it. I'm so glad you had a mother who supported you in her quiet way and the Christian community to give you strength and support. Perhaps God guided your mother to Lynette. It's not often a gifted person is around to help. Your story could have had an unhappy ending--believe me I've seen the results of too many fails in situations like yours. Thanks for sharing your success.
Date: 2016-07-19
When I was 27 my doctor put me on an elimination diet. This is a cheap and easy way to determine if you are allergic to certain foods so you can avoid them in the future. For 2 weeks I could only eat unprocessed preservative-free meat (no corned beef, bacon or packaged lunch meat), one particular vegetable of my choice (I chose peas) and drink only water. Then you introduce 1 new food back into your daily diet once daily. If you break out in hives, you know you are allergic. The hives would only last the day and by the next morning would be gone. If no hives presented, it's a fine food to eat. It was determined I was allergic to preservatives, so most anything that came out of a can, bottle or box was a no-no. Other than that, it seems I have no allergies to fresh, unprocessed foods.

I offer the suggestion of trying this diet for 2 weeks since you say you are in overall good health. It did away with my depression and at the end of the 2 week period I felt like an entirely new person, fit mentally and physically, full of energy I hadn't experienced since I was a small child. I lost 10 pounds though I was only 120 lbs to start anyhow, but I liked how I looked and certainly how I felt. I felt like I had been given back my life and the mother earth became a beautiful thing to behold.

My high school counselor always used to tell me depression is caused by chemical imbalances in the body. Allergies throw off your chemical balance. I always hated meds and found anti-depressants made me worse, so after trying them for a few months, I would stop taking them.

Eating fresh, unprocessed food was initially difficult as I grew up eating boxed side-dishes, canned vegetables, luncheon meats, peanut butter & jelly, etc. I learned to cook what I call Sunset Magazine style, or California style, with less cooking, fresh produce and no canned condiments (mustard, ketchup, mayo). I started baking my own bread. I can honestly say I learned what real food really tastes like and enjoy the taste more than ever. It's easier now than it was then to eat preservative free food, it being more readily available at stores.

I think being depressed makes you more susceptible to dark entities. It puts you into a weakened state. If you are strong mentally and physically they perceive this and don't attack because they know they will not be successful.
Date: 2016-07-19
Tweed is right. It seems macabre today, but in the old days here in the U.S. It was quite common to hire an itinerant photographer to come to the house to photograph a deceased family member, often with other family members as if they were still alive. Because photographs were relatively expensive, this was often the only photo they would have of the person.

In Kate's case, perhaps having the picture was verification to her of her husband's death. Perhaps she wasn't able to have him buried or go through the normal mourning rituals that gives us closure. Perhaps it was the only picture she had of him. It's hard to say without more information.

As to why he was following you instead of Kate, perhaps he was hovering over all of you and not specifically any one person, but some weren't seeing him. Maybe he was a protective individual who cared about everyone, or maybe he just wanted to be seen and remembered. If he hadn't made such a big impact in staring at you that was remarked on by Shane, then no one would have connected him to be Kate's husband. Now Kate knows in spite of his physical death, he was trying to be there for her and some part of him still lived. So sorry for the loss of this man.
I can only say thanks be to your great-grandmother who raised your father. At least, I presume she was OK as he turned out to be a wonderful father. Some people are ugly and it's useless to speculate why. I came to peace with my own father's memory by realizing if I hadn't experienced him, I wouldn't have known how not to be like him. Perhaps this explains your father. Though my mother was perceived by those outside the family as being cold and hard, she was very perceptive, loving and caring to her 4 daughters. She did have a no-nonsense, business-like, logical persona, so she wasn't the typical mother of the 50's and 60's. She wasn't like the mothers of any of my friends. While still young I thought I had the best of both worlds, a father who taught me how not to be who thankfully was out of my life, and a mother who taught me how. Genealogy research has provided me with perspective. While each of us is unique, suffering and trauma is not.

Bless you for sharing your stories! You come through as a loving and caring person and your writing style is really great!
Date: 2016-07-19
Your story and the follow-up comments were so fun to read I had to remove my eye makeup one eye at a time so I could keep reading...LOL. Keep the stories coming! You are a gifted writer!
Date: 2016-07-19
Your family's experience is one story that should survive for at least a generation or two by word of mouth. I think the emergency and need for saving the family home brought a ghostly family member out to help. I would be asking around for pictures associated with people who once lived in the house, likely ancestors of your landlord. She might have some you could look at, or the local newspaper may have run an obituary or other stories relating to family members. Though nobody has a clear description of him, those who saw him may immediately recognize someone in a picture, especially if he's wearing the same clothing. Cowboy boots would probably relate to someone from the 1880's to the present. Local newspaper articles may also reveal some information about prior inhabitants. It would be nice to identify him and thank him by name for his help. However, it might also be one of your great grandfathers or uncles. You never know.

I once had a chimney fire in -20 below weather. The fire sounded like a train and was quite frightening. I thought my house was going to burn down, but no real damage was done and we got it out very quickly. I can't remember now how we put it out, but we did it from inside the house, the brick chimney not being that tall. I have a dim memory of throwing salt or chimney cleaning pellets on the fire.

Thanks for sharing you and your sister's experience in finding the house she rented and the chimney fire. It sounds exactly like the type of thing that would happen in our family. What a Christmas Eve to remember!
Date: 2016-07-18
I've read about experiences like you and your husband's many times. I believe in parallel dimensions, but aside from that, I think residual energies may explain the radio broadcasts. I don't know anything about radio waves and frequencies, but it seems possible that they can be pushed off their intended frequencies, perhaps by nuclear events, and then reappear years later. I guess science gurus or sound engineers might know more about the possibility or impossibility of that.

Maybe it was a real ghost who has ties to your husband. I say that because of his seeing the white gown going around the corners. It apparently would be attached to someone in the family rather than a place, since you've lived in different places when the events occurred.

You wrote some pretty neat stories and I'm glad that though they were startling, they weren't real scary experiences for you and your family.
Date: 2016-07-18
It sounds like doppelgangers playing tricks on you with the brother/friend sighting. The circus music sounds like a residual. Perhaps the town had a circus that came to town once a year and they used that section of land. Thanks for sharing. The experiences would be pretty spooky to have happen.
Date: 2016-07-18
I wouldn't think something supernatural would be in need of real food, so it makes me think it was a living animal. In the shock of seeing something so large in relatively dim light, I would say it probably was some kind of huge dog trying to survive on its own, and it would be rather a fright to see it when you only expect smaller animals. The game camera would be a wonderful tool to use. Perhaps in time you could make friends with the animal and connect it to a forever home. I did this once with a very people wary Australian Shepherd mix living off the land.
Date: 2016-07-18
Though I believe in self-discipline and not stepping into the territory of other women, particularly a sister's territory, it comes to mind that perhaps this family unit was never meant to be and thus had to end badly and right itself in the universe. Perhaps the marriage to the other sister was meant to be. Perhaps she should have married him in the first place. It seems to me there could never be happiness in such a marriage unless it was truly meant to be. Angry as we might be in hearing such a story, there may be more at work here than what we understand.
I'm so sorry about your friend and saddened when I hear about young people who take their own lives, knowing after all my years that even the worst things can be overcome with time. I'm also wondering if foul play occurred. She agreed to meet with you on April 3rd, but you met her by the mango tree April 1st. Was it an accidental meeting and not the prearranged one? You weren't to have met on that day? I wonder if the uncle knew she was going to tell her story to someone and forestalled her meeting with you. Hanging can be manipulated to look like suicide.

Whatever the outcome, obviously a loved and cherished woman is dead. I hope over time you learn what happened to her and justice is done, whatever part the uncle played in her death. My sympathy to you in your loss.
Date: 2016-07-18
Such a great story! Thanks for sharing! I truly believe that the loved ones who passed away before us do their best to steer us straight if only we would listen. Your sister's friend E was apparently susceptible in his drinking state to being the translator. How nice they were able to speak with your sister through him.
Date: 2016-07-18
I'd be surprised if these were your only experiences in all the years you were a mortician. I would think they would enhance your respect for the dead and your preparation of their bodies. Obviously the work is not for everyone, but I admire you for your ability to do it. I don't know if I could. Your two related experiences certainly open the mind to possibilities beyond the norm. I enjoyed your stories very much.
Date: 2016-07-18
I was one of those girls who never liked dolls, though I received two from family members. In fact, dolls have always given me a creepy feeling, and I knew two women who absolutely loved their doll collections. Fortunately the two dolls I had never did anything weird that I can remember. Loved your story and hope I never see anything like that!