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A Rendezvous With Death, And A Warning on 2015-10-05

I am twenty-three years old, and I have a phobia of coming across dead bodies of humans and butterflies (and feeling weirdly shaken and heavy-headed if I ever do). Years later after the incident I'm going to recount now happened, I still don't understand the purpose of it all. Before I start, it...

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sds: Sorry for getting back to you so late; was facing technical problems. The guilt is gone, yes. But I have no clue how to use this ability or whatever it is. There are other incidences that have happened to me after this one, and one was pretty intense. I'll post those stories soon. Thank you for your comments.

KaviB: Thank you so much. I'm not sure whether it's a gift, but those were terrifying times. There have been other, more intense premonitions, and they had put me in a state where I took to hurting myself because I hated myself so much. I was never suicidal though; just stewing in depression for years until I sought out regression therapy. I hope I can understand why these things happen to me. Thank you for reading. 😊
sds: I am twenty-three, not thirty-three.

Her face was not clear in the dream. I just saw her body in the supine side profile view, if I'm making any sense, and some blood around her. So I didn't get a view of her face, just her hair. I didn't quite see where she had injuries (though in the actual accident, the train ran over her neck). So many girls at school had curly hair that it couldn't really be considered a clue. After I heard about the death, only then I realized that the girl in my dream had shoulder length curly hair and the hair matched with my dead friend.

I stay in western India now. But I am from Assam (northeast India), and this incident had occurred there.
Thank you for your comments.
Dreamer01: I am slowly sinking into some kind of submission that it's okay if I have such dreams. But I still feel I'm missing something, and it nags me. Writing down all the little details is a good idea. Thank you, I'll start doing it. In the end, the answer lies within us, right?:)

Chria12: I feel the same: that death is inevitable, yet I get alerted. I just feel there's something in it to learn from. Maybe the answer will suddenly strike me when I least expect it. I've lost a childhood friend and two more classmates after her, and all those years haven't been easy. Thank you for your kind words.
Date: 2015-10-07
Hi Kristy
I'm pretty sure what you saw was a vivid manifestation of your boyfriend's out of body experience.
There's a similar incident that had occurred in my family years ago. My parents used to sleep in the middle room in our old house with a window facing a guava tree outside. During hot summer nights, they would keep the window open. One night, my father suddenly woke up and said later that he had felt a need to wake up urgently. For some unknown reason, he was drawn to the window. He was still slightly groggy when he drew the curtain aside and looked outside. And there, standing under the guava tree looking at him was my mother. He tried not to show his shock and hurriedly closed the window, then came and lay back down on the bed where my mother had been sleeping all along.

Next morning he just told her that no window was ever to be left open in our house at night. He told her what he had seen many days later, and since then, we have all followed this rule of his. I used to be shiat scared when I'd think of this story. Then one day a friend after hearing it said, 'Maybe it was astral projection.' That was when it somehow made sense to me.
Date: 2015-09-27
Hi rookdygin
This is by far the most curious and intriguing anecdote I've ever read. Weirdly enough, it kind of made me feel childishly happy while going through it. Maybe I'm still experiencing the hangover of euphoria after reading tales of fairy lights and gnomes on YGS today. 😆
P.S. You seem to be an amazing person. Wish I could go exploring the wilderness with people like you...
Thank you for the reply. I made the comparison because my mentor in regression therapy has had clients with serious spirit attachments, and even from my own experiences with other people, we've all seen one common phenomenon in all such cases: the spirit attached to the host during childhood either appears in dreams or manifests on this plane during a certain age to tell the hosts that they're leaving. For quite a few years, they don't make appearances, but it's like a trick. They don't actually leave. Some of them have their own extreme way of 'caring' for the hosts, which can later turn malevolent and make their energy unrecognizable.
Of course I can't make assumptions in your case. You know better. Consider sharing your experience with someone who has known you for a while. People who know you well can usually assist better. I wish you safety and peace of mind. Do keep us updated if anything else happens.
Hi Silentwings
I am a new user here. Could you give some more details on the layout of your house, like which cardinal direction the main door faces, the placement of the back bathroom (if you can mail me a rough architectural diagram of the house, that would be really good), tall trees around the house, if any? Also, how old is the house, and do you its history?

Also, I'm guessing you're around the age of 25-28, judging by your other posts. It's important to note that spirits of this sort and the degree of their attachment are usually related to the age group of the victims.

Plus, have you noticed this very important detail? You have written this in your post 'A Dark Visitor with a Warning' that "I turned and looked behind me to find a man with a pale face, black shoulder length hair and what appeared as coal with a flicker of embers for eyes." And you've written here that the bad spirit has long wavy hair and eyes of solid black. See the similarity? (I've met people with spirit attachments like this, I also have a friend who has suffered through this, with the spirits being obsessed about the hosts since childhood. What may appear as a benevolent 'guide' at first can change to a venomous entity once the host/victim meets someone/gets engaged/gets pregnant.)