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Grinning Man on 2015-10-13

My nan's house has always had the 'your not alone' feeling in it. I have seen orbs flying around with my own eyes. Usually snake like orbs. My mother has seen them too. I remember when me, my sister and my mother were living at my nan's while she was on holiday. We were sleeping in her spare room...

Insanely Haunted House, Part 2 on 2015-10-05

I decided to wait until the kids were at school and come over and do a Ouija board with my mother, I wanted to see if maybe the woman who passed was still there just wanting to be heard. My cousin decided to join in, my sister was there too, and my nanna so we all did the Ouija board together, with ...

Insanely Haunted House, Part 1 on 2015-10-05

My mother moved into an, at the time, new house with her partner. My brothers and sister. For a few days from the day they moved in, it was constantly haunted. They would hear voices. Often mimicing my mother's voice to her partner, my brothers and my sister. Especially when someone would be on t...

More Family Experiences, One Demonic on 2015-09-22

We moved into a new house when I was 15 after staying with grandparents. It was a fairly new 3 bedroom home. You walk in, has a long hallway all bedrooms on the right side of the hall, mine and my sister's first, my brothers' and mums', and then my dad's room. Kitchen and joint dining on the left at...

My First Experiences, Seeing And Hearing Things on 2015-09-22

I've been reading stories on this site for maybe two months now, I've just made an account so I can share my and my family's experiences online, for the very first time. Okay, first off I will start off by telling you that me and my mother are sensitive I guess. Out of my family it's always been...

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Date: 2015-10-23
Lol yeah if I hear one little noise in the night I wake up my partner and make him check the whole house out. Lol. Its always something explainable tho:) My house now is the least scary house I have ever had and I'm so happy about that, even though I'm so interested in the paranormal, its nice to be left alone from it lol.

I would love if they made that, because its so hard to find anything that scares me, movies are predictable these days, and it sucks when I waste my days reading a book that turns out boring. Lol
Date: 2015-10-22
I thought about that, if it was attached I probably would have known it was attached and seen it more... But I wonder if this man was connected to the other one me and my mother seen, or if they were two different beings.
This one was black, the other wasnt, but I have heard about spirits being mostly shadows when they can't form properly (not enough energy?) I dunno.
The two faces still haunt me though. Other one was definatly scarier looking.
Date: 2015-10-22
It's fine willow,:)
I should have re-read my story before answering comments, its just I remember to check comments on here at stupid times, like this time I was cooking dinner trying to be quick lol.

I remember my mother was scared and told us to just be quiet...
The knocking all up did go for about 10 mins, but there was little moments of silence within that 10 minutes, like it was on and off. I should've mentioned that in my story. The silence inbetween really didn't last long though.
The knocking was loud and angry.
I guess because there's no way of breaking in quietly in my nans house my mother just knew it wasn't a real person.
Date: 2015-10-21
It may of came off like I was laughing at what the other person said but I was not I got confused...
So I'm sorry to dreamer I meant nothing of it...

Its hard because I write my storys in my notes on my phone and sometimes add things or delete things before I publish them so I forgot what I have and haven't mentioned.
Date: 2015-10-21
Ohh that part, I forgot I put other things that happened in my nans house in this story. I wrote this a few weeks ago only realized it was published today so I forgot I mentioned that.
No need to be rude...
The banging happened when I was a kid... I don't know why my mother didn't call police. Guess she was use to strange things happening there.
Date: 2015-10-21
Oops forgot to add in, the teeth and eyes seemed to be glowing, I think that's why they stood out so much and I saw the eyes and teeth first.
Date: 2015-10-21
There was no banging? Lol i'm abit confused...
It was night time, but its never pitch black in my town we have a lot of street lights and lights from the house windows shineing outside, hope that helps.

Omg really. I'm glad i'm not the only one.
I recently heard of the grinning man myth, which reminded me of what I saw, because it was a man smiling at me. So maybe some of these myths are true.
Lol i'm not asking to be corrected. I'm telling my storys as fast as I can because I try to write these storys on my mobile while my kids are running a muck in my house...

People can think ouijas are all bad but I don't believe that. I've done them for a very long time and i've had both good and bad experiences. Nothing that's scared me away from them, only for a while i'll give them a break if it creeps me.

I am pregnant right now so I won't go near them or anything spirit related I also block out things if I see/hear them because I know i'm more vulnerable and would rather a stress free pregnancy and this is also the longest amount of time that i've been paranormal free too. Which i'm happy about.

I don't always believe in orbs. But my house had never had them before, but I didn't think it was much of a big deal. I only take them seriously when I see them with my own eyes infront of me.
Yeah it was hard to find anything on 'apap' on google, there was only one thing on google that said its 'apep sometimes called apap'

If anyone read my part 1 story of this, I said that my mothers house was already haunted and it was scareing everyone who lived there because the haunting was constant, they were all exhausted from the energy and from being scared all the time.

I thought it couldnthave been that demon because it wouldn't have left so easily if it was a demon.
But there was other spirits in her house.

Also after I started doing ouijas there, then going back home I thought I brang something back with me because my house started feeling less homey, and I hated the lounge which use to be my fav room. And would get orbs and mists in photos when nothing ever showed up before, but I moved and the thing could have followed me again because at my new house we had a poltergeist type thing... But that's for another story:)
Ohh, also the house calmed down with the negative energy and shadows when my dad left, but they were only apart for about two months.

The house didn't have any history that I knew of, it seemed like a nice area. But something always seemed to follow us when my parents were together no matter where we went.

And yes, any where my mother went my brothers twin went aswell, not just inside this one house:)
We both thought it was a demon because we felt terror when we saw it... It looked abit like my dad the smile and nose but just evil looking. The horns werent big they were small but noticeable... I will never forget it. It was the most horrorfying thing i've ever seen.

I don't know if you guys believe in ghost hunting shows but one ep of ghost adventures stuck out to me where they caught what looked like a demon on a camera, it looked a lot like what me and my mother saw.

Im grown up and live in my own house now, parents seperated.
In that house you were always tired and it always felt negative. Like when you walk into a room and feel like somethings not right, that's how it felt in there.