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Hey, i'm like most of you really... Experienced some wierd shiat lol. But yeah, as an islander I love food, cartoons, music and my BF;). Oh and i'm Christian so these things really do test my faith.
And that is all:D
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The Walkng Dead on 2015-10-07

My father-in-law told me this story once. This was when he and my mother-in-law where still young and dating. It's not a very long story but it's pretty creepy. After visiting a friend late one night mom and dad jumped into the car and decided to drive down a certain road that was known to be hau...

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That was a very sad story. Condolance to your fellow work mate and his family. But something puzzles me here. Can a spirit live its vessle before the vessle/body dies? If not then that was definatly not the little boy behind you... Could have been another child who had lived through the same kind of tough life. Stories like this make me realise how blessed I am to be healthy...
Faithfully, Von.:)
Date: 2015-10-18
Hi there,
Thanks for that, I don't even know much about that place or what to make of it but your suggestion makes sense I guess.:)
Hi there, this is just my personal opinion here hehehe. I know 1st hand that evil spirits, dark demons, etc, have a main goal, which is to make you fear them. During a possession thou they are able to physically harm you. I think its alittle obvious that your son/ nephew was possessed. And instead of showing it fear or terror you showed it Love! You looked at your son and saw your son! Not the entity that was possessing him. Instead of running off or retreating when it pushed you, you set there in tears. You showed that entity that you weren't afraid of it but in you were in pain because something terrible was happening to your boy. I think that's why it just left.

Hats off to you mate. Good job holding your own for your boy:)
Hi phd:), its just my opinion but sometimes when the brain experiences strain, in this case fear, it can make the body feel or hear even see whatever you yourself are contemplating on, which was the movie. Your friends maybe saying that they weren't frightened by the movie but they might be lying and experienced the same psychological effect...