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I switched servers and had to open up a new account (I have four stories under my old Manafon account). My interest in all things paranormal started when I was around four which is when I began experiencing unexplained occurrences. Through my involvement in two paranormal research groups in the 1990s and extensive (voracious might be more apropos) reading of case study and theoretical books on paranormal subjects, I have come to have some strong opinions... Tentative as they by necessity must be.

I love visiting YGS to learn of opinions and points of view I hadn't considered and also to engage with the strong sense of community that has been forged out of what most of the mainstream world considers nonsense. There is nothing better, after experiencing something outside the realm of the "scientifically acceptable", to find a (mostly) serious and analytical group ready and willing to discuss paranormal/philosophical/scientific possibilities without a fear of ridicule. In that sense YGS truly is invaluable. From a purely human standpoint, there are just a lot of very interesting and groovy people here. Although there are always those who fake accounts to get attention, it is good to remember, as the old Aesop's Fable of the Cockeral and the Pearl states, that "Precious things are for those who can prize them." Yeah, YGS is worth the effort!
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Date: 2017-10-12
Fascinating account lady-glow. Your description made it easy to visualize the events. That you noticed that the "man" was wearing a red knit hat without any light source suggests a fantastic example of the telepathic element present in so many paranormal encounters. The color of the hat was considered pertinent information by the mind (living or dead) transmitting the telepathic information and so you saw it. It's one possibility at least!

Thanks for sharing another intriguing account.
EmmalineTexas - Thanks for the added info. Really interesting that the spirit both verbally responded to your greeting and that you could sense breath on the back of your neck. Something else just struck me about your account - namely the heat the body was emanating. I wonder if the entity was "feeding" off of your warmth and energy and had became warm enough itself that you began to feel it. Did you notice the heat soon after the presence joined you or did it take a bit longer?

In my similar incident I didn't notice any heat the body was giving off, only that it felt undeniably like a human body and that I had to reach over it to turn on my light. That you were awake and aware at the onset makes your account of particular interest. As apparitions strive to appear as human as possible in many cases, it makes sense that that would extend to the feeling of solidity and even breath under circumstances such as you described.

One last question. Did you feel physically drained after the encounter? Such interactions do have a side effect of sapping ones energy. The heat you felt could have been you actually feeling your own energy being drained. Fascinating stuff it is!
Hi EmmalineTexas - I enjoyed reading your account of an unknown presence cuddling up with you. The bits of history surrounding Texas City that you provided were informative and I believe you are probably correct that a few spirits of those who have passed away in the town, especially under tragic and unexpected circumstances, might pass through and visit locations that date from their lifetimes.

Your account reminded me very much of a similar experience I had many years ago when I was regularly messing around with a Ouija board. I didn't hear and then feel someone spooning me but I did wake up in my darkened bedroom with what felt like a solid body pressed right up against mine. If you're interested my account is on this site under the title "The Open Door Of A Ouija Board".

I firmly believe that telling any spirits that might be about to respect your boundaries does work. I did have one question - when the presence you thought was your husband curled up next to you were there any words exchanged? It would seem a brief exchange of words would be natural if it was your husband. If not words, did the presence make any sound that a person would make snuggling up? The sound of breathing for instance? As you were awake for several minutes with this presence literally right up against you it would be interesting to know what you might have heard.

Thanks for sharing your account.
Hi MK1--I remember reading your trippy account when you initially posted it. The crab migration video from youtube you included the link for with your last comment was wild stuff. You can also find a number of impressive frog migration videos on youtube. Just type in "massive frog migration" and a plethora of some quite impressive footage will pop up.

Many of these videos specifically show small frogs, just as you describe, crossing roads in the American South. So at least this aspect of your account is verifiable. Especially at night, I can imagine that the sight of thousands of tiny frogs must have been a bit overwhelming. Particularly with all the other oddness you encountered that night.
Date: 2017-09-13
VeronicaMarie--Really enjoyed reading your account of a man's voice answering your "hello". I understand why this event has stayed with you for fifty five years.

Voices, such as the one you heard, are one of the most commonly reported type of paranornal occurances, not that that means a damn thing to a five year old! Whether five or nintey five, hearing a disembodied voice is always a bit of a shocker.

It seems that in your case, an entity was possibly observing you and, caught up in your childhood exuberance, thought he would join in. Maybe for a moment he wasn't considering his non-corporeal state and thought he would join in your fun. The fact that you never heard him again might suggest he figured out that keeping his voice to himself around a young child was probably the best choice.

As he sounded friendly, it seems likely that's exactly what he was. Thanks for sharing your fantastic encounter.
Date: 2017-09-11
Hi SuperPugLady--Thanks for the added information about the house. Just wanted to add that a person doesn't need to have died in a house to appear in it or "haunt" it. Apparitions commonly appear in places that had some importance to them during their lifetime. So it's very possible you witnessed the apparition of a former resident that died elsewhere. That house was probably a special place to a deceased former resident.
Date: 2017-09-10
SuperPugLady--Thanks for sharing your very compelling account. It might make you feel a bit better knowing that what you experienced is very similar to other well documented apparitional encounters. The bright light that you saw and that the apparition only appeared as a silhouette are two often reported features that pop up in psychical literature case study books.

Whether the apparition was someone looking out for you and wanting you to know it is impossible to ascertain based on what you witnessed. I read one case quite similar to yours where a much loved family patriarch suddenly appeared as a silhouette on a wardrobe. He was witnessed by several family members and a servant who recognized his distinct features in profile. Like the apparition you saw he moved and appeared as a well defined shadow would.

However, there are other similar cases in which the silhouette doesn't seem to have any connection to the person witnessing it whatsoever. It appears and just happens to be observed by a lucky person like yourself. I have to say that your composure and curiosity while seeing the apparition are commendable. That you tried to first find rational explanations is great.

Do you know the history of the house? It could have been a former resident just stopping in to visit his/her one time bedroom. Did you get a feeling from the silhouette that it wanted you to see it and that it was there for you? If the answer is yes, then it very well could have been there specifically for you. What you felt during the encounter could reveal a lot about a possible intent on the spirit's part.
Hi Meldel--Really interesting account. Like the vast majority of interactions with an apparition, your parents encounter was short and sweet. I don't believe the apparition your parents encountered had anything to do with a gravesite being there. Of course that could be a possibility but ghosts don't usually haunt their graves. Seems more likely that the gent had lived in the house or "Miriam" had worked or lived there and, remembering her fondly from "the other side", this man paid your folks a visit. Clearly he associated the house with Miriam.

Your parents were lucky to have had such an up close and personal interaction with a ghost. It's unusual for a spirit to speak. Extra nice that he was pleasant about finding out Miriam wasn't there. Thanks for sharing.
Date: 2017-09-08
Biblio--I had to interject just briefly. Your description of technology mirrors my own damn near exactly. I tip my imaginary hat with respect to anyone whose philosophy of text messages is to not send them. Because, like you, I have no patience or intention on ever responding.

Hey, it's just refreshing to find another human being who only accepts things like cell phones because, as your parallel of the stages of technology suggested to me, is not far from the stages Elizabeth Kubler Ross wrote of in her watershed books on death and dying of finally accepting and embracing death (the five stages being--grief, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance).

Unlike a person dying of cancer, I can say that the acceptance part with cell phones isn't something I have fully come to terms with yet.
Augusta--I really liked the idea in your last comment concerning energy created by the belief in folk entities conjuring them into existence. I believe this to be a real possibility. A theory in psychical research is something referred to as collective telepathic transmission. In a nutshell, this theory postulates that if a group of people believe, for instance, a certain place to be haunted, that an apparition created by this intense belief can manifest from the focus of a collective telepathic transmission. In this theoretical case, the collective telepathic transmission would be generated by multiple people living in the vicinity of the "haunted" location.

A case I referenced a year or so ago in the comment section of another account, described a hospital ward where terminal cancer patients caused several nurses to collectively create a spectral nurse (referred to as The Grey Lady) who would visit and provide comfort to patients who the nurses knew would soon die.

In essence, the nurses deep sympathy for the dying patients created a collective apparition telepathically. So it definitely seems very possible that many creatures of folklore could on occasion make an appearance through some form of collective telepathy borne out of the minds of multiple locals who firmly believe an entity of local legend to be real.

You gotta love the frontiers of the mind!
Hi thething45--Thanks for sharing your account of witnessing a doppelgänger of your grandmother. It is all the more compelling because multiple people saw the figure simultaneously.

Accounts like yours are welcome because they show that the apparition isn't evil or a portent of bad luck. Your description falls nicely in line with other reports of doppelgängers. It is regularly reported in such cases that the apparition of the living person will precede the actual person by a short period of time. Your grandmother was probably wishing she was already back at the house and unconsciously projected an image of herself.

I like that you state there was no sense of unease or dread. I also like how you feel privileged to have experienced such a unique event. It was interesting to learn a little bit of the folklore of El Salvador and the La Sihuanaba. Cool stuff!
Hi thething45--I also has my first paranormal experiences at around four years old. You very well may have seen ghostly shadows moving along the wall of the apartment but something you wrote suggests another possibility.

"Kitchen overlooked the parking lot and there was plenty of light coming in from there so my eyes didn't have to adjust all that much". If at four floors up you still got a lot of light from the parking lot, it also seems very possible that a car's headlights playing off tree branches, light poles or signs, could easily have thrown some weird shapes across the wall. As a young kid such shadows would be alarming because of their approximation to human-like figures. Because the shapes you describe are exactly things a kid would think they saw.

Is it possible you saw something paranormal? Definitely yes. It would be nice if you could provide some details on what your mother experienced in the apartment as well. That would paint a clearer picture of what might have been going on there. However, it's unlikely you saw the spirits of Count Chocula, Boo-Berry, The Mummy and Dracula. Unless the ghosts of the apartment had a real sense of humor.

More than likely your child's mind grabbed for the only reference points it had and suddenly shadows cast by a car or wind moving tree branches made you think you were being paid a visit by General Mills finest 😉.
Tangela--Your narratives are quite confusing. In this second part of your narrative compiling what you believe are paranormal experiences tied to your husband, you seem afraid of him. Afraid like a person who might be suffering some kind of mental and or physical abuse.

You state, "At times I get headaches when he's around. He pulsates some very negative energy". One can read into that that you are suffering in silence from some sort of mental or physical abuse that manifests as headaches and a general unease and fear.

You also wrote that your husband "used to be erratic". Erratic in what kind of way? Like your first account you are leaving out a lot of important information. You state at another point that you were at your husband's house sleeping. Did some of these occurrences take place before you were married? Are you now divorced? Again you are being far too vague. From what can be gathered from your two accounts, it seems like you might be dealing with mental repercussions of a husband you seem intimidated by.
Tangela01--What are referred to as doppelgängers (the paranormal variety) are apparitions of the living. Your husband seems to have unconsciously projected an apparition of himself to you. It's a wild phenomenon but there is nothing sinister about it and it isn't a harbinger of evil. There are many well documented cases of apparitions of the living.

You state in your account, "I can go on and on about theses spirit encounters but I'll keep this story short until the next one". Really the more detail you provide the better it is for those reading your account. Information and thoroughness are what help the YGS community ascertain exactly what you experienced and allows for suggestions based on every detail you can remember. The time to provide valuable information should start with the initial account.
Val--Your aunt definitely seems to have had some amazing abilities! I was just throwing another idea into the mix. The idea of the use of sleight of hand came into my head because I had an uncle who used to do some amazing tricks that blew my mind when I was a kid. If he had told me they were real, I would have believed him.

Of course that never involved moving heavy furniture about. Seems like your Aunt Sylvie was tapping into some wild stuff!
Sorry about the mixup there Miracles and Val. I wrote my comment while working and spaced on that. All apologies.
Hi Miracles--I've read this account three or so times over the past few days and enjoyed it and didn't think I had anything to add but something just hit me. Is it possible the levitating and pouring coffee pot was a trick? By that I mean one used to make your visit with your aunt more magical?

Maybe it was twofold--to give you an extra memorable and enchanting visit and to support the rumors that surrounded her "witchy ways". Of course it is also possible she really did use the power of her mind to pour the coffee. That said, even the best known telekinetic feats, like those of Russian born Nina Kulagina, could be easily replicated by sleight of hand by using threads and so on.

Maybe your Aunt Sylvie, who by all accounts was a marvelously eccentric woman, just wanted to give you a visit to remember--which you clearly have!
Faith1990--Thanks for sharing your account of voices giving you a warning in your empty car. I've heard a disembodied voice myself (couldn't make out what it said) but know the sense of alarmed bewilderment that accompanies hearing such a voice.

It definitely seems that the persistent voices you heard were indeed looking out for you but it struck me that they very well may have been equally looking out for the herd of deer. That you were listening to Native American music actually seems oddly pertinent. Maybe the voices were a collective embodiment of the spirits of some Native American tribe that were associated with the area in the distant past. Could it be they were looking out for the wildlife that is threatened more and more by human intrusion? It seems possible!

At the end of the day, both you and the deer benefited from the helpful, if alarming voices. Neat stuff.
Hi Val--I became quite obsessed with looking up names and dates on the link you included in you last comment. There were several possibilities as far as timeframe was concerned but, as you noted, the real name of the nun could have been just about anything. Beautiful cemetery though!

Your noting that the train wreck occurred in August and that the nun is referred to as "Sister Augustus" was some fantastic deductive reasoning and makes a lot of sense. One can see how a nun being in the hospital when the injured were brought in could have concluded that the nun was also at the crash site and as time went on her name became tied up I with the month of the tragedy.

I know you stated in an earlier comment it would be nice for you to visit her grave and say thanks--but you can do that anyway. I have a feeling such a caring and rather tenacious ghost would hear your message.
I found that weird too Val. You are probably right that some newspapers back issues from that far back have either been destroyed or discarded and those two articles are the only contemporaneous ones on the accident that could be found. It also has made finding any follow-up articles on the wreck next to impossible. If this nun died some time after the accident due to acid burns, it would almost certainly be in a later article.

As I wrote earlier, maybe the acid splashed train wreck was somehow attached to the ghostly nun because it had all the tragic elements that would add yet another layer of tragedy in the re-telling down the years.

She clearly was a loving and sensitive individual in life and in death. It would be interesting to know of any of the recent ghost hunters or urban explorers to the hospital have ever encountered her? That would be a real shocker in a darkened, abandoned hospital corridor!