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I switched servers and had to open up a new account (I have four stories under my old Manafon account). My interest in all things paranormal started when I was around four which is when I began experiencing unexplained occurrences. Through my involvement in two paranormal research groups in the 1990s and extensive (voracious might be more apropos) reading of case study and theoretical books on paranormal subjects, I have come to have some strong opinions... Tentative as they by necessity must be.

I love visiting YGS to learn of opinions and points of view I hadn't considered and also to engage with the strong sense of community that has been forged out of what most of the mainstream world considers nonsense. There is nothing better, after experiencing something outside the realm of the "scientifically acceptable", to find a (mostly) serious and analytical group ready and willing to discuss paranormal/philosophical/scientific possibilities without a fear of ridicule. In that sense YGS truly is invaluable. From a purely human standpoint, there are just a lot of very interesting and groovy people here. Although there are always those who fake accounts to get attention, it is good to remember, as the old Aesop's Fable of the Cockeral and the Pearl states, that "Precious things are for those who can prize them." Yeah, YGS is worth the effort!
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MrRiggs - Your clarifications have made much of what you wrote earlier clearer. I understand that what we have been discussing has been off the topic of your account. I need to add that I have no trouble grasping ideas if they are presented in a linear and clear fashion as your most recent response was. If a comment is clouded by vagueness and hints at things the writer cannot discuss, it makes understanding what that person hopes to convey much more difficult to grasp. If you percieve a skepticism in some of my comments it comes from having dealt with many false accounts and comments over the years on this site.

I am very glad we can continue a dialogue off this site. Please let me know more abour your NDE via my email at mjshannon67 [at] att.net
MrRiggs - I wanted to clarify that when I referred to a vagueness in your answers that didn't include your description of the presence you encountered. The cloud-like mass you saw concealing the entity's face is something that has been reported and has a parallel in psychical lirerature. For instance when a deceased loved one, say a son, comes to visit a mother after their death they are sometimes seemingly framed in a cloud-like matter. On occasion it also includes the shoulders and part of the torso as well.

Perhaps what you witnessed was a similar phenomenon.
MrRiggs - Thanks for responding and for clarifying that there were two encounters and what you meant by destroying your enemies. It wasn't at all clear what you meant in your earlier comment. As I wrote previously, and I don't think I was off base, your life is filled much drama and I can add intrigue.

Sadly the vagueness of your answers regarding any sort of details makes a continued discussion here on YGS impossible. Since it seems it is your complete desire to return to the place you found yourself during your NDE again, it might be best to not feel, "a personal satisfaction and savoring", in visiting your enemies grave. Doesn't that seem like an attitude that will get you another verbal reaming once back on "the other side"?

The thing here is that you have said a lot of things in vague and sketchy terms. You desire privacy regarding what you did and, I assume, continue to do. It does seem that the psychic wasn't at all sure who was going to die around you. People have other people within their orbit die with regularity. I am not clear as to why you think this death was attributable to you. There is no need to answer that though.

As I wrote earlier, best of luck to you.
MrRiggs - Hope you are still planning on participating in answering questions because another point could use some clarification. In one of your earlier responses to me you stated, "I did indeed have a confrontational contact with an invisible entity and there was a struggle." However, in a later reply you state, "the contact was face to face and personal, though his face was kept hidden from me for the entire experience."

Were there two entities that you confronted or were there two experiences, one in which the entity was invisible and one in which it was visible but concealing its face? As you have stated that you are open to questions I hope you will answer this one and the ones I asked in my previous comment.

Thanks in advance. Looking forward to a continuing discussion.
MrRiggs - As you state you were given a directive to write about your experience, maybe you should consider writing a book. That could then be reviewed and disseminated in a way that would potentially reach people who are searching for an in depth analysis of the type of experience you went through. The comments on YGS and even writing an account on this site, or one of its sister sites, may reach people the world over but not specifically people who are searching for your very specific type of story. I believe Scott Grant is planning on writing a book about his NDE.

You wrote that one of the reasons you are on YGS is to learn if answes exist. I hope you will at least look at the account I mentioned in my last comment to you. I have attempted to engage in a dialogue with you but don't know anyhing about psychics reading futures in Arabic coffee cups. Not sure what to make of you remarking that the psychic told you, "She stated I would destroy all of my enemies. That came true and is still happening." Are you suggesting that this NDE has given you the ability to kill people? Do you mean psychically or by your own hands?

I have to say that I have read extensively on paranormal subjects, investigated haunted locations with two groups and have had many paranormal incidents throughout my life but being the cause of the death of a foreign president is outside of my knowledge. I guess I can just state that I hope you don't now consider me one of your enemies;) There is a lot of drama in your life. Hopefully someone else here on YGS can give you the answer, or answers, you are seeking. Best of luck.
MrRiggs - Thanks for giving some detail of your NDE. What you wrote reminded me of a fascinating back and forth conversation I had with another YGS member by the name of ScottGrant. Please look up his account here on YGS under the title "The Great Samsara". Once there read the comments. Like you Scott is 70 and has led a life that has taken him around the world. He is an author and experienced an NDE when he was severely wounded while serving in the Vietnam War.

Scott Grant looks at his NDE through the lens of Buddhism. In the Tibetan Book of the Dead there is what is described as the "bardo". This is, "a state of existence intermediate between two lives on earth." Reading what you briefly described going through in your unpleasant NDE, the "reaming of a lifetime, as you put it, it seems possible that you were experiencing the "sidpa bardo".

During the period between one's physical lives (as in Buddhism reincarnation is central) "one experiences a variety of phenomena. These usually follow a particular sequence of degeneration from, just after death, the clearest experiences of reality of which one is spiritually capable, and then proceeding to terrifying hallucinations that often arise from the impulses of one's previous unskillful actions."

This latter bit sounds not dissimilar to the entity you encountered during your NDE who berated you. That is something that would certainly stick with a person. Another, more prosaic possibility, is that as you were suffering from a "severe illness" you might have had terrifying hallucinations brought about by a high fever. In other words, a vivid fever dream. I just suggest this as another possibility.

In the end, what you experienced effected you profoundly.
MrRiggs - I would suggest that there are many accounts on YGS that don't specifically deal with "ghosts". There are accounts detailing encounters with elementals/nature spirits, voices, strange sounds and many more. I do of course understand your desire to post it on one of the YGS sister sites.

I brought up your near death experience because you have mentioned it and others have mentioned an interest in what you experienced. Another YGS member, ScottGrant, also had a near death experience that he briefly outlined on YGS. There is absolutely no need to be so defensive. Even if I wanted to give you a polygraph test, there would be no easy way for me to have that done. That and I am not calling you a liar! I assume a large majority of accounts on this side have small inaccuracies, unless a journal has been kept. Many here do that. Like you, I don't although I have at certain points in my life.

You wrote in your reply to me that you are open to questions from anyone and I do have one. You stated in your reply to lady-glow that during your near death experience you were informed that your skill with the written word was given to you as a gift to be used for good, "when I misused it I was taken to task. It was very unpleasant." Were you taken to task by an entity that you could see or was it done in some sort of a telepathic manner like a visitation dream? I am interested.

Like RANDYM, I would also be extremely interested in further details of your near death experience, as like you, I am a member of this site to engage with people from other cultures and with different perspectives on anything that falls under the rubric of the "paranormal".
MrRiggs - Your accounts have been interesting and you seem sincere describing various paranormal incidents that have touched your life along with your desire to share what you have experienced here on YGS. I have read your accounts and comments with interest but a few questions have presented themselves in doing this.

Clicking on your info page here on YGS you state, "I was taken to the other side for 40 minutes following a severe illness. I encountered a spiritual entity that resulted in a contest of wills and a physical struggle." You then responded to a query by EmmalineTexas, when she asked you to describe in more detail what happened, that you will but not on YGS but a more "appropriate platform."

However, going back to the info you gave about yourself here on YGS, you wrote, "What I will write here happened to me - I pass it on that you might know what is possible during our earthly existence." Since you're not going to describe what happened to you in your out of body experience I am curious why you are here if not to discuss everything this site encapsulates?

It seems like you want to "tease" the readers. The question would be why? Let's talk about what we have have experienced and our thoughts on existence and the paranormal. There is no need to hold things back.
Date: 2017-12-05
Hi Fergie - Really interesting account. The weird and very loud commotion that was only heard by your nephew George reminded me of a similar account which I was able to locate after searching a bit. This account comes from the book "Apparitions" and nicely illustrates how a person can hear an apparitional sound while another person very close by doesn't.

The case involved a landowner and his tenant. One evening the tenant asked the landowner to come into his house to have a cigar. Refusing, the landowner continued home. The tenant told the landlord, "Then if you will not come, goodbye". The landlord then spent the rest of the night in his house and commented that, "it was a bright clear night", and that a slight snow had fallen. At around ten that night he went into his breakfast room and while studying a book he distinctly heard his front gate open, the sound of footsteps coming up the driveway which then seemed to move across the gravel and then onto the grass by the window the landlord was nearest. He could hear labored breathing on the other side of the glass which was followed by a bizarre sound.

"Suddenly, like a gunshot, inside, outside and all around, there broke out the most appalling shriek - a prolonged wail of horror, which seemed to freeze the blood. It was not a single shriek, but more more prolonged, commencing in a high key, and then less and less, wailing away towards the north and becoming weaker and weaker as it receded on sobbing pulsations of intense agony".

Like George, who found that nobody else in his house heard the weird sounds he had heard, the landlord found his wife in the very next room, "only 10 or 12 feet away from the corresponding window in the breakfast room", and she had heard absolutely nothing. Apparently the tenant had comitted suicide that night around 10 PM. There were no footprints in the snow outside the landlords house.

Sorry for the long example here, it's just that I love finding cases with similarities. In both cases no one else in the respective houses heard what another did and would have if the sounds had a physical cause. Seems likely George experienced telepathic sounds simultaneously with the physical element of the duvet rising. It's too bad you haven't been able to confirm George's account but it seems likely that that house was indeed haunted! Interesting stuff Fergie.
Date: 2017-12-01
Randy - It is great to have a new account from you. It does seem to me that Mutt Thing quite possibly did visit your wife in a dream. As we have discussed in the past, if human beings recieve more information and knowledge upon their passing, there seems no reason a pet doesn't as well. There are many accounts on YGS of pets coming back to visit their families but usually in apparitional form. I had a cat of mine visit me in that manner. Seems a good chance Doodle wanted to take it up a notch and make his presence known in a visitation dream.

Like your wife, I don't remember my dreams, except for one. That was when my mother paid me a visit in a dream that was unlike any dream I have ever had. I could feel my mother's arms as she hugged me, feel her as I hugged her in return and the colors around us were vibrant. There is no doubt in my mind it was my mom paying me a farewell visit. Seems Doodle loved both of you so much he thought to himself, "I gotta say goodbye to my flesh-parents" (instead of fur babies you see 😉)
Date: 2017-11-29
3girls - It seems possible that your mother, in a state of sleepiness, "winding down for the evening", as you put it, is experiencing a well reported phenomenon, namely "hypnogogic phantom doorbell ringing". A quick internet search turned up several articles that suggest that this phenomenon is relatively common.

One article stated, "Doorbells, phones ringing, knocking, people calling your name, even short tunes wake people up. That is to say that none are generated by external stimuli, they are in fact hypnagogic hallucinations, and to the brain they are very real".

Hypnogogic is defined as the period of drowsiness immediately preceding sleep. As your mother is watching tv just before heading to bed, it seems a good chance that her brain is entering a hypnogogic phase. It is a definite possibility. Thanks for sharing your account. Please check out hypnagogia.info for much more information. Hope this helps.
Date: 2017-11-20
Zombiemare - So sorry to read that your husband committed suicide. That is incredibly tragic. The tragedy is of course made all the more brutal as he was also a father. I do think it is quite possible that the voice you heard was that of your husband.

It is commony reported that the voices of spirits sound deeper, more gutteral and, for lack of a better term, frightening than they did in life. Since the voice is disembodied, quite possibly being transmitted from the spiritual realm, it often comes across as garbled, huskier, more ragged and often incomprehensible. The "monster" like sound is often believed to be the voice unsuccessfully attempting to convey a message. The same effect can be heard if, on an old tape recorder, you only push the "record" button down halfway and speak when recording your voice. When playing it back your voice will sound like something straight out of a horror movie.

It can be assumed that there is a learning curve once one has "crossed over" and trying to talk to a loved one in the physical realm is probably often not successful, resulting in voices that fail somewhere in the transmission between the spiritual and physical realms. To say nothing of the point that the spirit doesn't have a larynx!

It is shocking enough to hear a disembodied voice but to hear a deep, foreboding sounding voice would be even more unsettling. It seems to me that your husband had difficulty finding the equilibrium to present his voice as you remembered it. As to why you can't remember what the voice said, maybe it was meant to be that way. Maybe the message has been retained but only in your subconscious. Often disembodied voices are partially or completely telepathic in nature and when they are, your own subconscious is involved in the process of allowing the voice to convey its message. Maybe this message will become known to you when the spirit thinks it should be or when you are asleep and more receptive.

It is also possible he was just sending a message of love and apology that you can't remember because of the shock of the whole thing. It should also be stated that you might have hallucinated the voice. I had such an experience years ago when I was up for two straight days. When I tried to finally get some sleep multiple voices assailed my ears. Those were huallunatory brought on by sleep deprivation. You state you were getting little sleep, so this is a possibility.

Thanks for sharing your experience.
Wow - "remember" and "EmmalineTexas" are the proper spellings. There seems to be a ghost in my ipad 😉.
Augusta and Dark Angel - The similar account Augusta couldn't renember the title of was posted by EmnalineTexas and is titled "Someone Under The Covers With Me". A very interesting account it is too!
Jubeele - Thanks for your comments. Those three toads pop into my mind occasionally. That they visited every night at the same time, always sitting there in a row, was a magical thing. I liked your thoughts on reincarnation. I have never been a particular fan of the idea and agree that we should make the most of our time in the here and now. RANDYM and I have discussed reincarnation extensively but I have to admit that I am not smitten with the thought of repeatedly returning to this quickly overpopulating, polluted and strife filled world.

If there is a choice our soul is given after this physical life is through, I'm up for hanging with all my loved ones who preceded me in leaving this life. Like you, I have many things I plan to accomplish before I shed my mortal coil. When I do kick it, I plan on entering the afterlife satisfied!
HaaHaa Jubeele - I'm a sixties baby myself. The hippy in me may be young but I'm a bit older 🤔. With a Coca-Cola in hand (per your song which is now lodged along with that commercial in my brain) I feel a Paul McCartney tune coming on, "Hands across the water... Hands across the sky".
Date: 2017-11-11
MississippiPearl - I thoroughly enjoyed your account. Many here on YGS have lived in haunted houses. You are one of them! Your encounter with an apparition in a dressing gown holding a candle on a staircase, with all the other minute detail you noted was fantastic. Ghosts do indeed seem to often gravitate to staircases for whatever reason. The way she just looked at you made me want to know if you felt any type of telepathic connection with the apparition?

I ask this because there are elements of your account that remind me of those experienced by YGS member ScottGrant. Please look up and read his account titled "The Great Samsara". He also encountered a female apparition in the middle of the night on a staircase. She too just looked at Scott but he felt as if he was being "scanned". This to me suggests a telepathic element at work. I would be greatly interested to discover if you sensed any mental connection with your night visitor.

Thanks for sharing your account and welcome to YGS.
Jubeele and Cups - Thanks for your nice comments. You are right Jubeele, if only people could carry an unbiased logic with them, not only concerning the paranormal but with different viewpoints informed by cultural and ethnic diversity, the world would be a much nicer place in which to exist. The young hippy in me seems to be directing my hands as I type this 😉.
Hi Chris - Your account really caught my attention. I have read hundreds of paranormal case studies over the years and your account of seeing an elderly woman kneeling at the foot of your bed and on one occasion, standing in your bedroom, is similar to many well documented reports. In other words, you're in good company! It is important to note that each time you saw the apparition you had just woken up. It is a very common time to see an apparition. The mind, unoccupied with other worldly thoughts in the initial moments after waking, is more receptive to such encounters. Similarly, when one is awake but occupied in activities like reading, writing, listening to music and so on, sets up an ideal situation that is conducive to seeing an apparition. That detachment from the world around the person having the paranormal experience is reported with regularity.

Your reactions were quite normal and it is interesting that she was aware of you and reacted to your screams by leaving. It seems likely she was, in her way, checking in on you. I was curious to know what her face looked like on the occasion she looked up at you? Was it a kind face? Could you make out specific features? That you noticed the apparition holding a white cloth was interesting. In several apparitional case studies I have read, if an apparition appears multiple times, new elements and details are seemingly introduced.

Who knows, this woman might have been tryimg to help out your parents by making your radio unable to pick up the Lakers game you were listening to. Again, your detachment from other thoughts while focused on the radio is pertinent and suggests the static could have been from paranormal interference. I hope someone who lived on the island can provide you with specific information of that house's history or to share their experiences there. This is a site where that does happen. I had a woman who lived across the hall from me in a haunted apartment comment on one of my stories. She was happy to find that she wasn't crazy all those years ago when she saw an apparition there and to find another who could validate what she experienced. I hope you will find that here too. Either way, your multiple encounters with the elderly female apparition are similar, in general details, to what many others have experienced. Hopefully that helps in some small way. Welcome to YGS.
Hi Cups - I have read the comments to this particular account with much interest. EmmalineTexas suggested that you might have had two spirits in the house. That is a real possibility. However, single spirits can have a wide ranging repertoire (for lack of a better term) that can seem like multiple entities when only one is actually active.

I bring this up because I lived in a very haunted apartment years ago that had a wide range of activity. I believe there was probably more than one spirit there but at least one incident showed clearly that a spirit can switch, instantaneously, its activity. I describe this event in detail under my old Manafon account, but in a nutshell my wife awoke one night to see a spinning blue mass above her. It looked like a glowing spinning top. She half yelled at me asking if I saw it. I didn't but whatever it was instantly seemed to have moved below a window on my side of the bed. No longer a spinning and floating object it now appeared as a gelatinous glowing blob-like mass, with a blue luminescence. It also seemed to be oozing down the wall. When we switched the light on it was instantly gone.

My point here is to show how fast a spirit can change its form. Many other things happened in that apartment that were completely unique to other events which also suggests the possibility that a spirit was trying different ways of communicating. It seems to me that the vibration you felt on the bed and the feeling of someone sitting on your bed could have been the same spirit trying out different ways of getting your attention. Of course it could have been two, or more, spirits as well. Just thought I would suggest another possibility.