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I switched servers and had to open up a new account (I have four stories under my old Manafon account). My interest in all things paranormal started when I was around four which is when I began experiencing unexplained occurrences. Through my involvement in two paranormal research groups in the 1990s and extensive (voracious might be more apropos) reading of case study and theoretical books on paranormal subjects, I have come to have some strong opinions... Tentative as they by necessity must be.

I love visiting YGS to learn of opinions and points of view I hadn't considered and also to engage with the strong sense of community that has been forged out of what most of the mainstream world considers nonsense. There is nothing better, after experiencing something outside the realm of the "scientifically acceptable", to find a (mostly) serious and analytical group ready and willing to discuss paranormal/philosophical/scientific possibilities without a fear of ridicule. In that sense YGS truly is invaluable. From a purely human standpoint, there are just a lot of very interesting and groovy people here. Although there are always those who fake accounts to get attention, it is good to remember, as the old Aesop's Fable of the Cockeral and the Pearl states, that "Precious things are for those who can prize them." Yeah, YGS is worth the effort!
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Date: 2018-02-17
Hi saboy and welcome to YGS. I enjoyed reading your strange account of a vibrating clothes rack. I had something not dissimilar happen to me a few years back. As I sat reading on my couch one afternoon, the metal chain to open and close my living room blinds (vertical blinds about six feet high) started shaking like someone was rattling them to get my attention - it did! This shaking increased dramatically and I stood up to investigate, walking the seven or so feet over to the chain. As soon as I got to it the shaking stopped but a loud "popping" sound began emanating from the couch!

This popping lasted only a few seconds then stopped. I believe the shaking and popping were created by a boyhood teacher and dear friend of mine who had just passed away three days earlier. I think she was stopping in to say goodbye. Did you have a friend or family member die soon before this incident? If so, it might have been a brief and startling visitation. Thanks for sharing - interesting stuff!
Date: 2018-02-01
Hi LuciaJacinta - Nice to hear from you. You can comment on a story no matter how old it is (although sometimes the person who posted it is no longer around). I have the movie The Fog on DVD. It's a fun flick. The fog I saw wasn't as dramatic but any fog that seems to create its own light from within is alarming!

I listened to the call of the Fisher Cat online - they certainly do have a wild call and I imagine many people have mistaken them for people, or for that matter ghosts, over the years. However, this account took place off the coast of South Carolina on Hilton Head Island, right on the border of Georgia and is too far south to have been a Fisher Cat. Unlike the Fisher Cat which repeats their weird cry repeatedly, the scream Billy and I heard only occured once. I spent a lot of time at the lighthouse and never again heard anything like it. Thanks for your theory though and for reading my account.
ChickenLittle - I do believe that Overrated did overreact a bit. I completely understand being uncomfortable discussing the hormonal change theory with a male. That's why I stated it would be helpful to have a female YGS member chime in on that aspect. I also felt that sex might have been a taboo subject within her family due to religious beliefs. Overrated stated in her reposnse that sex is not a taboo subject in her family but that certainly wasn't stated in the account.

Overrated seems to be suggesting that something was attempting to possess her and I was suggesting a more prosaic explanation. She stated her mother also experienced a similar attempt at "possession" and it would seem that as she wasn't that something else was likely taking place. I agree that what she describes seems outside a normal experience related to hormonal changes but I was suggesting that the sound of wind, numbness and a hot feeling on the face, could have been subjective impressions brought about by intense emotional feelings. Would that be weird? Yes. However it seems more of a stretch that something tried to possess her and her mother once each and never again, failing in both instances.

Overrated also stated I should read before commenting, which I did. I found the majority of her account compelling and interesting but found that one bit questionable. I was only stating an opinion. Believe me, I wasn't thrilled to comment on that one aspect but certain things Overrated wrote hinted that what she was describing was indeed related to her boyfriend's phone call. By the way, thanks for your female perspective. That is much appreciated as I REALLY don't want to discuss that aspect any further.
Date: 2018-01-23
Babygoatpuller - I've been called many a variation on Manafon over the years. It never bothers me but thanks for separating me from that other dude😂
Overrated - I was simply throwing out some possibilities. There is no reason for you to be put off by my suggestions that what you experienced after talking on the phone to your boyfriend was related to hormonal changes. That the same type of thing also happened to your mom actually makes the potential that it's a familial hormonal phenomenon seem at least in the realm of possibility. The first thing that is always done on this site is to eliminate ALL non-paranormal possibilities.

I believe you had paranormal activity in your house and discussed that. Your prickly attitude is out of line. I read your account twice and very carefully. If you are unwilling to engage in a discussion without becoming defensive then this is the wrong site for you. I have absolutely no intention on offending you but it does seem that you are misreading me.
Hi overrated - Your account encompasses a lot of commonly reported paranormal activity. I personally have experienced several of the things you reported in multiple houses that had been recently constructed including the sound of footsteps, lights turning off (instead of on as happened to your dad) and doors opening when nobody was around.

Often, it seems, spirits gravitate to new houses if they were constructed near a house they once lived in or a building they worked in but has since been demolished. Do you now if there had been a house or other building on the property before the house you lived in was constructed? That could explain where the activity you experienced migrated from.

As for your experience after getting off the phone with your boyfriend, well, this is a sensitive subject and I hope a female YGS member can deal with this aspect a bit more directly, you seemed to be at the age when you would have been going through a lot of hormonal changes and your imagination might have taken on a life of its own as it were. Was sex a taboo subject in your house due to religious beliefs possibly? Did you feel guilt attached to such thoughts? Just a couple of possibilities.

Actually some of the activity, such as doors opening and the light being turned on, could also have been telekinetic outbursts or poltergeist activity that you, your sister or brother were creating unconsciously while going through puberty.

Interesting account. Thanks for sharing.
Date: 2018-01-22
I looked up the book The World's Most Haunted Places by Jeff Belanger that has a section on the Bayne Library. Scanning the sample chapters I was able to online (sadly the chapter on the library was not available) shows it's a "travelogue" type of ghost book that briefly describes haunted locations around the world. The chapters are commonly only a couple of paragraphs long and there is very lttle detail.

I was curious to know if the man named Zettle that is mentioned having lived there with his wife and child was the same family who fled or did they just witness something? These types of books are specifically written to provide light reading and are not intended as in depth case studies as found in psychical research literature.

People did clearly live in the building, that much is established by the book but again, it doesn't seem that there are any mentions of some of the more dramatic incidents that should have risen to the top of the reports. It would be interesting to know if the American Society of Psychical Research ever visited the location, as they exhaustively interview people who experienced a haunting and scrutinize the evidence, from small to big, to create the clearest picture possible. A book like Belanger's is too vague to provide much information besides confirming there were apartments there for seven years and "allusions to many other accounts and sightings as well of which they are not all written down."

To really establish the details of a haunting you need a book that takes the subject of hauntings beyond the "pop" non-fiction level and sadly Belanger's book almost begs more questions than it answers (at least in the chapters I was able to read). Still, it is quite interesting to find out people lived above the library!
Date: 2018-01-20
LuciaJacinta - Thanks for providing that book and author information. I have no problem whatsoever admitting I was wrong about something. The thing I'd like you to understand is that the comment section is for asking questions and, if there are doubts, to voice them.

Having been a member of YGS for several years I have read a lot of accounts on this site that have turned out to be partially or completely fabricated. I have bought, hook, line and sinker stories that turned out to be completely fake and that makes a person a bit more skeptical, jaded even, when reading an account with elements that bring to mind other accounts that weren't on the level.

I have stated all along that I believe you saw the apparition of Amanda Bayne. I wasn't calling you a liar. My nitpicking comes from the widespread skepticism that paranormal cases, even extremely well documented ones, face in the wider scientific community where even parapsychology is considered a fringe or pseudo-science. When accounts contain any embellishments it makes an already uphill struggle that much more difficult to convice the naysayers.

With all that said you don't need to feel angry with me. I am just extremely interested in paranormal subjects and as I've been scammed before, can be a bit overly cautious at times.
Date: 2018-01-20
Augusta - I can understand kids listening in on an unexpected and exciting incident but I have to say that, unlike Colonial Williamsburg which is a very famous destination, that a rather small local library would be much less likely to withhold such impressive and startling incidents as renters fleeing in horror or an apparition walking around witnessed by multiple people. I found several articles of the Bayne Library online and all outlined similar activity. In such a small library with an equally small staff, it seems much less likely that such sensational stories would be ignored when newspapers show up every October to detail the haunted history of the place.

There are pictures of the library online too. If you look at them you can see it would be a strange decision to rent to a family with an infant and a toddler as it simply isn't that large and they would almost certainly make A LOT of noise that wouldn't be conducive to the silence libraries insist on. The OP, in a response to one of my comments, went on to write that she didn't know who the renters were and suggests they might have been researchers, students or contractors. Those are possibilities but the two young kids who were mentioned would be a bit problematic in any of those set-ups. Possible yes but to me unlikely.

As I wrote in earlier comments, I absolutely believe the OP saw the apparition of Amanda Bayne, probably several times. I personally feel, however, that she added the more sensational incidents to spice up or enliven her narrative. It's just my gut feeling. I apologize for any confusion regarding my last comment to you. Your insight is always most welcome. I just have a feeling there are embellishments in this account that don't add up when the location is taken into close consideration.
Date: 2018-01-19
Rook asked Oceana if he was departing from a port on the Gulf of Mexico or was going to travel to a port on the East Coast to which Oceana replied, "Gulf of Mexico I think".

There are only two possible responses to your confusion Oceana. One, you were inhaling ether ala Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas or are making stuff up as you go along. Maybe a bit of both.

Everyone, I would suggest the OP has had his fifteen minutes. Let it drop.
Date: 2018-01-19
LuciaJacinta - My point is that stories of full bodied apparitions appearing to multiple stunned people and a fleeing family would be expected to garner more attention and mentions in newspaper articles than lights and fans being switched on. And with that I'm out.
Date: 2018-01-19
LuciaJacinta - I wasn't suggesting that you were scared but you certainly suggested other people were. The fleeing family, the person who almost fainted when seeing the ghost, people exclaiming, "Help, a ghost" and your brother.

As I wrote earlier, the comment section exists to clarify aspects of the account. That's all I am trying to engage in. I don't doubt you saw a ghost.
Date: 2018-01-19
Augusta - I stated in my last comment that I believe the OP saw an apparition of Amanda Bayne. My issues stem from what seem to be additions to add more drama. If multiple people saw the apparition of Amanda Bayne walking back and forth on a landing and then disappearing while descending the staircase, that incident would have been remembered by staff at the library and passed down over the years before lights being switched on would. The same goes for a young family fleeing the building in fear and breaking a lease after seeing a ghost. I found several articles online and all only mention fairly innocuous incidents.

My skepticism is not about the OP seeing a ghost, even multiple times, but to certain aspects of the bigger picture that require clarification.
Date: 2018-01-19
LuciaJacinta - Thanks for giving the name of the library. I looked it up online and there are a lot of articles about it. Indeed the present librarian says she feels Amanda Bayne's spirit watches over the house and is benevolent and friendly. Footsteps are sometimes heard upstairs, lights and overhead fans have turned on unexpectedly and DVD players have become stuck. There have even been reports of Amanda's ghostly torso being seen through her one time bedroom window.

I wasn't able to find anything about people feeling scared in the building or that there was ever an apartment upstairs. There very well could have been an apartment upstairs in the 70s of course. However, It seems included in your narrative to really drive home how haunted the place was and doesn't line up with the gentle nature of the spirit others have reported. I don't doubt you saw Amanda Bayne's apparition. When you write that Amanda appeared at the top of the staircase to you, your brother and several patrons (several who gasped and one who almost fainted) and then disappeared while descending the stairs, it just seems that incident would have been documented at the time and would have been mentioned in stories of the place down the years before lights being turned on by unseen hands which is what is mentioned in every article.

Your clarifications have helped much. That's the comments section is for.
Date: 2018-01-18
LuciaJacinta - Well that was a heck of a tale. The haunting you describe starts believably enough but quickly descends into awkward and unnatural dialogue ('Help, it's a ghost') and an unclear housing arrangement.

Why are people living upstairs at this library without a private access to the outside. You write, "Again when I was there, I was near the staircase, the young family renting the upstairs came running down the stairs screaming 'ghost ghost... I just saw a ghost!' The young man was holding a baby about a year old and the wife was crying holding another small child. They ran like someone put a rocket under them and screamed 'we can't live here anymore. Enough is enough!' The librarian at the bottom of them stairs understood and tried to calm them down working out the details of breaking their lease."

There are so many things here that don't make sense. Was the librarian the renter's landlord? Why would a library rent an apartment to a couple with a baby and a toddler who could potentially create a lot of noise? Did you really stand there and listen to a full conversation about a lease being broken?

There are so many questions in this story. You even state at one point, "But gradually the incidents changed from sightings to paranormal activity." If you saw a ghost in a window and lots of other kids did, then there was "paranormal activity". There are so many vague elements to this account that it's hard to distinguish what might have happened from what's fabrication or embellishment brought on by stories you heard when you were a child concerning the library and your own imagination.

Please let YGS know the name of the library. I do believe that is acceptable by YGS standards as long as no address is given. If what you write is true, that is one damned haunted library,
Date: 2018-01-17
Bee Beans - Thanks for your nice comment. Humanity encroaches on nature every day as unchecked overpopulation does its damage. Yet the spirits of the Earth still check in on us every once in awhile. Just remain open and receptive to the natural world around you. Who knows, you might have an encounter one day too.
Date: 2018-01-14
Melda - As I wrote, often negative karma points are given for no discernible reason. I just received two for a comment on one of Ghosthunter's stories. I have no doubt one was from GH herself but the other one does suggest some little pud is making the negative karma point rounds.

It's probably the only action they can think of that will get any attention. And if that's what "action" has come to mean in their existence... Well it kind of speaks for itself. One can imagine the "karma dealer" visualizing themself astride a mighty steed, meting out justice as he/she sees fit. Judge, jury executioner. When in reality they're a lonely pud at home alone on a Saturday night on their ipad.
Date: 2018-01-13
Melda - I hope you don't mind me adding my two cents. You wrote that, "This forum is no longer what it used to be". I would suggest it is. There are always periods on YGS when there seems to be a flurry of downvotes. I think just about anyone who's been on this site for an extended period of time has received negative karma points that seem completely out of the blue and unfounded. I have certainly received my share of 'em!

As the late great Lemmy once sang, "Don't let the bastards grind ya down". The people who have been your friends here are still your friends. As George Harrison once sang, "All things must pass", and this recent negative activity is bound to as well. Keep on keepin' on Melda.
Date: 2018-01-09
Oh man Mack your comment cracked me up. Welcome back by the way, your comments have been missed. Actually you are on to something with this story. An eight year old and his four year old sister up in the middle of the night watching Spongebob Squarepants were really setting themselves up for a perfect storm to "see" something in the darkened bathroom. What with the aquatic nature of Spongebob and his chums, it seems likely that if Ghosthunter had flicked on the light switch he and his little sis would have been so slap happy on lack of sleep and wacky underwater cartoon adventure that old Spongebob himself would have probably popped out of that shower! Lol.
Date: 2018-01-05
Augusta - Telekinetic energy, caused by a (commonly) pubescent child, creates what are referred to as poltergeists. Poltergeists however can become semi-autonomous while comitting their mischief and this might be where your confusion between the two is stemming from.

The discussion of telekinesis and poltergeist activity is ongoing within psychical research circles and seems somewhat fluid. That said, most books on poltergeist activity almost always refer to the telekinesis the suspected agent is generating as the the energy behind the poltergeist activity which is usually more complex than an errant telekinetic event. Hope this helps a bit, I'm running out to work!