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Sleep Paralysis, I Don't Know, I Am Looking For Answers on 2015-09-29

Ok well, let me start this by saying I have no prior experience with this website and I am seriously just looking for answers or at the very least some insight into what exactly has been happening to me. For starters I am 18 years old and live in Virginia, I have been here my whole life and I lo...

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I actually live with 2 other people, and have so in the same house for two years, when it first started I looked into the houses history but it is only about 40 years old and has pretty much NO history. So no luck there at all. Also yes I will sleep walk and wake up outside of my room, as I always have, even when I was young.
WhiteWolf your right, even in regards to my direct family my mother is full Cherokee, however on my fathers side they are almost full Irish, and that to my understanding has been the case for most of my mothers siblings, marrying outside of native blood. So I think it has almost decimated any aspect of tribal blood outside of reservations. I contacted a reservation in North Carolina however they are mostly about tourism now and said they could not help me. So no luck there, however I did order a camera and hopefully will post a video if something strange occurs.
Once again thanks everybody, I am also not extremely tech savvy nor am I in any way rich, but I will look into maybe a long lasting gopro? At least try something that can tape me while I sleep. Also I looked into a sleep study but it was EXTREMELY expensive and considering I am in college and do not have a whole lot of spare cash lol it was out of the question. That is a great idea about the reservation, my grandmother actually lived on a reservation in North Carolina, so I might try getting in contact with someone through that reservation to see what/if maybe they can help. I appreciate all the helpful comments, and if I am able to get my hands on a long lasting camera which records something strange, I will definetly post a video... Also the draining battery thing, I have literally gone through 12 battery powered and plug in alarm clocks in my house, each one just stops working all together, not just the batteries but the whole clock as if it just burns out within a couple days of buying them new. I also can't even use a smart phone because the battery will literally drain in a couple hours. I have gone through 2 new iphones before I ended up getting a flip phone haha which half the time the alarm won't even work in my house. Once again I appreciate all the helpful answers!
Wow thanks for all the explanations and suggestions guys, I consulted some latino friends of mine who put me in contact with a very elder spiritual woman who ended up doing a sort of ritual with an egg to 'cleanse' me lol, that didn't do much though considering since than it has gotten pretty physical with me. I woke up from a vivid dream of myself being choked, and looked in my mirror to see bruise marks on my neck last night, so I don't know if my choice of action was correct. Also zander I am majority native american, I would like to understand more about there religious beliefs, but my grandmother (full blood Cherokee) passed away when I was young and with her went my families knowledge of there practices, so if you by any chance would know where to go to maybe get more info that would be awesome. Also Aussiedas when I went to the elderly woman she gave me a saint benadict rosary that she had performed some 'rituals' on and since than I have been wearing it, but like I said it seems to have become a little more violent since then. Once again I appreciate everybodys helpful thoughts, I also would like to know if possible, how exactly I could grow my supposed 'talents and gifts' lol if it would maybe allow me to further my knowledge of everything. Once again thank yall for the insight!