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Deep, Heavy Breathing Ghost on 2015-09-30

When I was young (I am now 30), I lived on a sheep-farm in a small town called Waikaka, New Zealand. The house we lived in was built by my grandfather (my dad's dad) and we had lived in it since at least from when I was born. I don't think it was always haunted, or maybe it was but the being was nev...

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I understand that the supernatural can be hard to believe if you've never experienced it yourself, but you're going to be hard-pressed to convince those who have experienced it that such things do not exist.

Thanks for the laugh

As far as I am aware, no one in my family ever saw an apparition (thankfully!).

No, we had no indoor pets on the farm (unless goldfish count, ha!).

I know that heavy breathing sounds seem kind of lame and easily attributable to other more mundane and natural sources than a spirit, but there is no way, in my mind (and I'm sure in the minds of my family), that the origin of the breathing can be put down to anything other than a supernatural entity (ghost/spirit/whatever you want to call it).

It is, of course, hard to truly convey our experiences through the medium of writing, but I am convinced there is a huge qualitative difference between the sounds we experienced and those capable of being produced by an animal or other naturally occurring house sounds.

Despite having had these experiences, I am actually a fairly skeptical-minded person and am more than willing to put an experience down to a non-supernatural explanation if I can come up with one. However, neither am I a fundamentalist type of nonbeliever who refuses to admit the possibility that spirits may exist.