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I love to learn about the paranormal. I love to hear/read other people's experiences. I am a paranormal investigator since the age of 15. I am also a music freak. Couldn't live without my music! I am very outgoing and love the outdoors. I fish, hunt, camp, anything outside.
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Old Uncle Albert on 2015-10-19

When I was 25 my father passed away suddenly. My siblings and I were all adults, and living on our own. My parents still lived in the place where all of us were raised when my father passed. It was way back in the country and about a 30-45 minute drive from town. My mother didn't drive as she ha...

Waverly Hills on 2015-10-09

I have been doing paranormal investigations for the past 23 years. My team and I have been all over the place conducting these investigations. We have filmed a documentary and been featured on the show My Ghost Story. I often get asked what the craziest thing is I have witnessed during an investigat...

They Were Reaching For Me on 2015-10-05

When I was a child my father was in the navy, so my family and I moved around alot. Between 1980-1981 is when my story began. At that point in time I was 3-4 and we were living in a house my parents had rented in Salt Lake City, Utah. I don't remember everything about living in this house, however t...

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Date: 2015-11-14
JerryB- I love The Beatles first of Uncle Albert passed away long before I was born.
Date: 2015-11-14
ghostlover-8567. I am not sure how he did his magic. Demon? Possibly, I am sure it wasn't anything good or of this world. I often wondered that myself.
Date: 2015-10-25
A few years, after the whole picture incident, Uncle Albert passed in his sleep. He was always up and at Aunt Alice's house bright and early for breakfast, one morning he wasn't. She walked the short distant to his little shack and found him there in his bed.
Not sure though what the cause of death was though. Perhaps a heart attack. I am sure you are right about the anxiety. Aunt Alice did mention to family that she knew Uncle Albert had passed that morning and that he was not just late coming around for breakfast. She said she could just feel it. Not a bad feeling though, she said it just felt easier to breath.
Some people would think that sounds mean to say about your own brother, but when my mother told me, I completely understood. Not that Aunt Alice didn't love her brother, she just lived on edge I assume.
Thanks for reading. Glad you enjoyed.
Date: 2015-10-17
zzsgranny- It isn't real hard to book an investigation. This is how they use to do it when we went there but they may have changed things by now. They open the phone lines for this at a certain time... For only a certain amount of time, around the first of the year. There is a 10 person minimum at $100/person for the 8 hour investigation. You may want to check the website to confirm things are still the same. Good luck! 😁
Date: 2015-10-16
I would most definately investigate there again. 3 of my team members saw their first apparition there. We all had a lot of personal experiences and did encounter a lot of activity. However, as far as documented evidence, we caught a few good EVP's but nothing on video, nothing in pictures. Not to say that your team wouldn't cause we all know how it can be. You can investigate the most haunted place ever one night and get nothing, investigate it in 2 weeks and get the best evidence ever.
While I would investigate there again I am not sure I would go back to the 4th floor. I have been doing this a long time and do not scare easy on investigations. I will be quite honest though, whatever was/is on the 4th floor there scared the hell out of me.
Not everyone had the same feelings/experiences I did but I wasn't the only one either.
It wasn't physical with me although at one point during my time on that floor I did get a horrible stomach ache.
Another investigator experienced this as well but we were in 2 seperate groups and on the floor at 2 seperate times.
It stalked us through the hallway and right before leaving the floor myself and another member heard it coming running down the hall behind us. It came so close to us that I stopped and prepared myself to either be grabbed or knocked down. It didn't touch either one of us though.
You may have a totally different experience but as for me I did not like the 4th floor.
If you do get a chance to go, good luck and have fun!
Rook- I have no memory of Sandy at all. Knowing what I do now, I wish I did.
I am not familiar with Celctic culture or the Catholic faith as I attend a non-denominational church that actually leans a little more toward Penecostal when in worship, if that makes sense. We don't study Purgatory, however everyone has their own beliefs and religions and do not dismiss or refuse to recognize that even if it is not what I believe in. I am a pretty open minded person and will consider some things but not all things.
I have not yet tried to research anything that Maria mentioned so I appreciate the link and the findings you shared.
If you feel that is where my parents kept the liquor, then you may very well be right.
My father and I are very much alike. Very open minded, free spirited, almost a bit of a hippie-ish type of vibe. I feel that yes my father was more open minded to things of that nature and I will explain why.
My father once told me that he saw my grandfather (my mothers father) after he passed away. My father was overseas when he passed and didn't get to say good bye. My father was mowing grass for my grandmother (mothers side) and something caught his attention. He looked to the end of the drive way and my grandfather was standing there waving at him. It didn't scare him and he just felt my grandfather was saying his good bye
My mother was a believer, a few years before she got sick and passed, she was an investigator on my paranormal team. So as she got older she became more open minded. When she was young, she witness things with a family member (story to be shared later) that scared her and so I feel like she closed her mind to things out of fear.
I have heard of the whole portal thing but not sure how I feel about that. It makes sense as you compared them to doors and windows I just don't know that I feel portals are needed. If that doesn't make sense I will gladly explain.
I have enjoyed your thoughts, opinions, and feelings about my experiences and I do hope you will read my other stories as/if they are published and continue to share those.
saher- I am not positive that it was indeed black magic but as I expressed to callmeD, my opinion is that in this case I do not feel the animal sacrafices were used in any good way.
callmeD- Of course that is not always the case and that is exactly why I never stated that it was. I simply said that in my studies of the paranormal and demonology, the scaraficing of animals were MOSTL LIKELY related to that. Since we are not dicussing religion or other cultures who embrace this I did not feel I needed to explain that it is excepted in other aspects. I was asked to explain why I felt my experiences and the animal sacrafices connected and I did just that. In this case where these things went on in the house and afterwards paranormal things were experienced, my opinion is that the animal sacrafices were not used in a religious or good manner.
Saher- Growing up I heard ghost stories and other stories about family members that I will share on here too. I thought for years the hands had to do with ghost. As I got older and started to do paranormal research and studies on demonology, I found that such things as sacrificing animals most likely had to do with the study of black magic, witch craft, devil worshiping, things of that nature.
When a person (s) get involved in things like that they invite things into the world. Things that people like you or I would never want to have anything to do with... Such as demons. I am not sure why I saw only hands but my opinion was that whatever these people were into was evil and when they moved, they left that evil behind and it had an impact of my family and I.
I hope this makes sense and clears up any confusion. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.
Maria- Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragment. I will probably take your advise about the therapy. I haven't told a lot of people about my experiences because with it being just hands I figured people would think I am crazy or making it up. I know a little about Purgatory and nothing about the Celtic culture, but I will be reading into both.
It is eye opening... The fact that you showed my I could take the experiences I had and see the good in them. The conquering of evil with love. Your words have actually made me feel a little better about it all. I feel lighter, if that makes since. Thank you for that.
I love to go to church and worship the Lord and I do pray a lot so I will also take your advise about praying for all the hands and Sandy.
Thank you again so very much for you words of wisdoms.
Hey Rook. Thanks for taking time to read and concern yourself with my experiences. Now to answer some of your questions. I had to call my sister about the furniture because I couldn't remember and both my parents have since passed on. Most of the furniture was ours but a few things were left. A couple of dressers, and some type of old metal cabinet in the kitchen. I am sorry I can't remember what that is called but it had cabinets on top of a small counter top and 2 cabinets underneath as well. I hope that makes some kind of sense to you.
Sandy came to me as soon as we moved it. As we were settling in, I was speaking of, and playing with her.
My father and mother both were social drinkers. Get together with friends and such. Over a short time my fathers drinking got more and more and his anger became as issue.
I wasn't sure what the hands wanted to do. I was scared at just the look of them and was terrified they would touch me. Even if it was just a finger tip touching my arm, I did not want them to touch me.
When I would sleep with my head in the hallway it was because when I was in my room and alone they would come out. When my head was in the hallway I could see the couch, and at nap time I could see my mom or whoever sitting there watching TV. My room was across the hall from my parents so at night time I could see into their room. I guess it made me feel like I wasn't alone and the hands would leave me alone... For the moment. I hope I have answered all your questions and if you have more, please do not hesitate.
rookdygin, no they weren't like that. I didn't see arms, only hands from the wrist to the finger tips Also, they were white, not like they had white gloves on or anything, more like they didn't have any color or really pale.
A demon can surely appear to you as anything. Why, if it is trying to take you over, it would appear as a grumpy old man I don't know. Seems that since it can appear to you as anything, and wants to gain your trust, it would come to you as something more appealing. Not saying that it never would however. I would seek advise from your religious leader as lady-glow mentioned. Even if it ends up being just a spirit/ghost/soul, (which by the way cannot posses you) and not a demon (which obvioisly can) at least you will have peace of mind. Good luck with everything and please keep us informed
Miracles51031- I have heard of the movie. Don't think I have ever watched it. Not sure that I want to now
If you are feeling uneasy in only certain rooms throughout the house you may want to do an emf sweep. Emf stands for Electro Magnetic Field. Using a device that can read the emf's, go from room to room and see if there is a spike in the rooms you feel uneasy in. Anything that uses electric can cause a spike so be sure to turn off all appliances and even unplug them if possible. If you do enter a room and the emf's are high, try to find the source, wall outlet, television, lightswitch, things of that nature. If the emf spikes come and go without finding a source of the spike then maybe you should have more concern. Now, the reason I give this advise is because being exposed to high emf's can cause a number of side affects such as nausea, the feeling of being watched, being paranoid, halucinations, headache and a number of others. I hope this helped and that things get better for you.