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25th Floor on 2015-10-22

I have experienced ghosts during high school and I have never though that I will again experience it during my working life. I am working at an office in Makati. It was during my second week when this happened. I was working as a receptionist at the 29th floor and one of our jobs is to assist cli...

Doppleganger Classmate on 2015-10-21

My school is located in Bulacan province. It was said that the location of our school was a cemetery before and then became a hospital, in which case ghost stories were widely spread in the campus. It was during our 3rd year high school level when this happened. It is the policy of our school to...

Making Face on 2015-10-07

This is my second entry. Almost all of my experiences happened when I was in high school. Our school is located in our province in Bulacan and many ghost stories were spread and some were known to be true. But first, let me tell you a side story that will greatly contribute to the entire plot. W...

Bad Hair Day on 2015-10-06

This event happened when I was in high school. My school is located in a province and of course, they said that it was once a cemetery/hospital; therefore, ghost stories were well known/spread there but we have never confirmed if these were true. This was way back 2007 during my Senior year, our gra...

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Date: 2015-11-02
Hi Amzu15!
Thanks for the comments. Thinking back, it was indeed cute! Thanks for adding my story to your favorites.:)
Date: 2015-11-02
Hi Skeptic_1960, no worries there! All comments on my posts are welcome. I really hope it was just a coincidence too.:)
Date: 2015-10-22
Hi Tweed!
I believe so too! Maybe he misses our school too and would like to be remembered again. 😁
Date: 2015-10-21
Hi Biblio. It was not windy and we are enclosed in a classroom, there are no rooms beside us. Thank you for sharing and I hope you're right. 😉