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That Old Time Religion (a Halloween Tale) on 2015-11-23

I was just a kid in the 1950's. Life back then in Southern Illinois was pretty bland considering what I took as enjoyment was me usually watching the world pass from the backseat of the old family Dodge. Life did have its moments, however, and road trips certainly never disappointed. My adult rol...

The Woman Who Came To Help on 2015-11-18

I was a kid, no more than 5 or 6, I think I was, when I had my tonsils out in the operating room of the nearby Wood River Hospital. I was truly petrified, me, a kid going into a major hospital, under the knife as I'd heard my situation referred to, with the benefit of ether (I say "ha" to that even ...

The Strange Object In The Woods on 2015-11-09

I'm sure you will agree that encountering a ghost ranks right up there on the Richter scale of scary as one of the most bizarre, metaphysical stories we might come to share huddled around our campfires on a chilly night. With your permission, I have another story to tell, arguably not the same as a ...

Incident On A Dirt Road on 2015-11-05

Cornfields, pumpkin pie, trick or treat, ghosts, witches, etc., all come to mind this time of year, it's unavoidable, it's in the air. And that said, let me ask you, ever have one of those moments when you're just sure as hell it was a deceased loved one that intervened in your behalf? I had one ...

Mr. Fire Plug on 2015-11-03

Here's a story from when I was in the U.S. Military. My place of assignment was Baumholder, West Germany. The year was 1965: The work day was over and I was in the Day Room in my civilian clothing sitting and speaking with a friend. As you may not be aware, a Day Room is a location designated spe...

Glass With A Life Of Its Own on 2015-10-27

One day last year after learning of an online ghost story contest, I sat down at the dining room table to comprise my thoughts. I did have a story from my youth that I thought might fit the guidelines, the most significant being the story had to be a true happening and a personal happening. I had th...

No Vacancy on 2015-10-14

It was earlier this month, in October, that I saw something quite strange and find myself even today wondering what, or even who, it was that I actually saw. Here let me explain: I'm a self-employed contractor, working mainly in what's oftentimes in the hot sun in the laborious field of construc...

Very Special Forces on 2015-10-14

In 1965 I was eighteen years old, and a Private in the U.S. Army away from home for the first real time, and on reassignment orders to an overseas facility located at Kaiserslautern, Germany. Being new to the army I had never heard of the place. I was aware of Germany, of course, but never had a...

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Date: 2016-03-14
Hi Caz. Talk about rude behavior -- I'm talking about me saying that. I was rude. Can't explain why I just dropped out of the conversations, but I sure did didn't I. And that was extremely rude. My apologies. I truly do appreciate you making inquiry like you did, Caz.

Thank you, sweetie.

And no Mack, sorry to disappoint but I wasn't abducted. Reading that came with a chuckle, thank you.

You're right Caz, I was seeking publication of another story but it was derailed for good reason. My fault submitting a story that failed to address a real ghost. It was a true story but one based in nonsens. It being nothing other than a late and stormy night; that, and having been caught up in reading a horror novel from the great Stephen King, i.e., Salems Lot, my nerves got the better of my sleep deprived state of mind and I became startled when a drunk, thoroughly drenched soldier suddenly threw open the door and standing there screaming-wet allowed the storm to come rushing inside. Reporting this, I lost track of the importance of this site -- and the powers to be called me on it. I understand and respect the decision.

So much for catching up. Actually I have a lot of reading to actually catch up. That said, I do intend to keep coming here and reading posts. I find you folks serious minded, generally speaking, and I respect what we have here at this site. Very professional group, and I have enjoyed association with same. I certainly don't want to spoil that.
Date: 2015-12-12
Caz. You had no idea, unless you're a mind reader, that I had a Stephen King story inside me that I had all but forgotten. You just mentioning his name. Obviously not in his artistry but what you said reminded me of a certain night I pulled additional duty in the military and a novel of his was involved. Thanks to your comments I've written this story since and will hopefully publish it under the title 'As I Nodded, Nearly Napping'. Right now there is a back load of stories awaiting review and the faucet for new stories has been temporarily shut off.
Date: 2015-12-10
That rant about my time in the army that I just finished, I must apologize to everyone for allowing the typos to go unchallenged. No excuse for this. I am sorry though. Heck of it is, still speaking of my time in the army, one of my earlier jobs I held for a number of years was as an instructor for a basic army administration course at the advanced individual training level at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana. Back then, any soldier student displaying all these typos, such poor typing skills, I'd surely fail and not allow them to pass the course. Looks like the shoe is on the other foot now; I'm embarrassed.
Date: 2015-12-10
RedWolf. Okay, now, I sense this question of yours does in fact qualify as maintaining on subject, after all it does speak to me being in the Army, and your question is Army related. And my answer is: I don't have the foggiest idea.

Strange you ask, however, because I was assigned to a U.S. Army Recruiting Main Station once upon a time (in New York City); a three year minimum tour. I stayed nearly five years in an administrative support capacity for the actual recruiters.

What I find strange is that the recruiters had your name and telephone number to begin with. How'd they get it? I don't see anything wrong in how, but if you insisted they leave you alone, they should have. Of course their job is to recruit new applicants for their particular branch of service, and that involves creating and maintaining valuable leads on possible applicants, I guess these leads might come from a variety of sources. As I understand it, and you could always do a Google search on qualifications for military service for today and learn more; age requirements may gave changed over the years, as has many other qualifying standards such as educational level and even physical limitations.

But back to your question, I don't see anything actually suspect in them calling you and discussing with you as long and as often as possible, again that's their job and I do recall much is done telephonically as preliminary action hoping on the part of the recruiter to nab an applicant. In my day, a thousand years ago (ha) recruiters were forced to acquire a minimum number of fresh applicants monthly, a quota (And how they should go about reaching that number can certainly lend itself to misconduct, and did) but where failure to reach that quota was grounds for removal and a bad report card.

That made for a very cut throat kind of business. All services usd to get excellent leads from databases created from high school aptitude testing given by the military. ASVAB it was called, Armd Services Vocational Apptitude Battery testing, by military personnel working independent (Joint Duty regardless of branch of service) but still with recruiters. Test results were used by high school guidance counsellors, but since we gave the test it also became a primary tool for military recruitment. I know this because I was a person designated to routinely test high school applicants; and additionally for all branches of the military -- army, navy, marines, Air Force.

There used to be quotas for female applicants as well. With today's military that may no longer be true. But probably is as a means to maintaining a desireable strength and mixture.

They probably thought of you as fresh meat. A number. And the fact that you were older a likely better candidate. The applicant isn't the end of it all, it's only the first step, a baby step, but an I portent piece to the overall. Applicants must display certain intelligence and certain aptitudes and stability from time of contact throughout the initial testing (both academic and physical) until sworn into military service. If not the recruiter waste valuable time in reaching that quota. Once testing has begun, that's when the recruiter portion is released and the recruiter is expected to go find another applicant. And another. And another all he while the person is basically forgotten while the new military person continues their individual training and subsequent assignments to duty. Think of used car salesmen and you'll get a better understanding of what I'm trying to say.
Date: 2015-12-10
RedWolf. Apology accepted even if it's not something I was seeking. Always nice to hear someone apologize, and you did do such a good job at doing it. What I got from your initial comment was a continuation of a related subject that had morphed into reincarnation, if only briefly. I have no problem with discussing same, and consider it a related subject as I just said. Related is important isn't it. I think so. It's awfully easy to get sidetracked when discussing subjects here at YGS as many subjects seem to blend into another. And hot under the collar can be a result, especially for someone who seems to have a fire inside like you do. But once again, no foul; apology accepted even if I wasn't expecting same. It is certainly comforting to know (all that said) that the ghost police are hard at work and sensitive to things that can go array here. They're just doing their job, and a damn good job that is too. Thanks Miracles51031 for being that -- a professional, sincere moderator. Calling you the ghost police wasn't meant as a slam, it's just the way I see you. Smile.
Date: 2015-12-10
Hi there. I see your story happened to you while you lived in Illinois. I too consider myself an Illinoisian (not sure that's an actual word) as I was born in Illinois and lived there for many years before leaving on a fast Greyhound out of town with hopes of promised excitement and adventure -- I joined the Army. Not encouraging you to consider doing same, just relating. But my main reason for responding to your story is because it reminds me of something similar that happened to me too when I was very young.

I too woke from sleep and discovered a man standing in my room, at the foot of my bed. Scared the daylights out of me seeing him (anyone for that matter) standing there in the quiet of the room when the only one that should have been there was me. Frightened and understandably so.

I asked the man if he was a burglar? To which he chuckled slightly and assured me he was not. Still didn't erase any fear building in me, that is, until such time as he moved to the side of my bed and asked me to take his hand -- difficult for me to do BUT doing so was like a light switch suddenly turned on, my questioning who he was became clear as a bell, so to speak. I knew him (Spiritually speaking) and all there was to know about him, as unbelievable as that surely sounds. It as like a curtain was lifted -- He was my Guardian Angel. Another unbelievable thing to say, I wager, but true. It was explained to me that we all receive a visit when very young, unfortunately we don't all remember. The details of such visit, and why that is most of us forget, I have no explanation.

I tell you this because I suspect the Man In The Door, as you explained it, could very well have been similar for you. Maybe not the case at all. But he certainly wasn't there to harm you. And his visit, mysterious as it was, and brief as it may have seemed, did leave you with searching, unanswered questions.
Caz. FYI, I receive daily email links to Educating Humanity. I may have told you that already. This morning came a link up with a Saturday Night Live (SNL) comedy sketch related to three witnesses reporting to The Pentagon their individual encounter with a UFO. Good for a chuckle or two, and related (maybe stretching it calling it that) to my story here. Thanks again for that website.
Biblio - thank you for your corrective input. That's the teacher coming out in you. I completely agree the beginning needs to be reworked. I laughed when I read how you were waiting for me to tell of an auto accident and as a result a possible ghost sitting alongside us as we went. I clearly see I put in too much otherwise unnecessary detail which only served to confuse the story I had intended to tell. Not a good thing, me doing that. It's difficult enough as it is to keep one's interest, muddling up the process is inexcusable. Seriously, thank you for your suggestions to help make the story better. Believe in your world (I.e., academia) what you suggest is called 'constructive critism'. Certainly the best kind to get.
RedWolf. Never thought of it that way -- you're right, in an effort ahead of its time, my step dad did invent the drive thru. Ha. Had to work a few of the bugs out however, this being the first attempt at such. All that broken glass and shouts of surprise and clutter had to be better worked out. That's he way it is with being the first. And I do agree that this little old lady came packed with more than one demon, her anger was a display of such possibility. And the one demon that abandoned ship that evening in the flickering room light was probably the lesser of the lot. Too bad step dad never got around to trying to exorcise additional demons. Actually I'm quite surprised the first one gave up so easily, having been confronted by a would-be preacher under the influence shall we say.

Change of subject: I read your comments elsewhere regarding the verbal assault on Miracles51031. Makes me proud to be part of a group so willing to protect the job of our moderators. You certainly said it the right way. And with that fire you have in you, you might want to consider going into the exorcism business yourself. Just saying.
Agua. Thanks for relating. Yeah just a whiff is all it would take for me too. It's been awhile but last recollection I had of the horrible smelling stuff went right to the pit of my stomach and it was all I could do to keep... Well I guess I really don't need to finish that thought to you do I. I'm not even sure it's used any longer. No one asked me, but it shouldn't be used is my opinion.
Hi Caz. Glad I stopped by and saw your comments. That's the correct title you give, I went online and checked it out -- that's it. I like the two things you had to say about art in general, you either like it or you don't. There's that humor again.

-- That Dali I saw that was so badly treated, you have no idea how much I would have liked having that thing. But that's the story of my life, I see something I truly want and something in me always gets in the way and I find I do nothing. I did not make an offer, wish I had, the worst thing that might have happened is they could have said no, right. So much for that, my loss.

That photo I am working from, the one where I see animals in the trees // how do I go about posting that? Any idea?
Date: 2015-12-05
Thank you for your outstanding comments regarding my story here. Very nice of you; and now I must apologize for my untimely acknowledgement, somehow I let this slip. Sorry. Yes you seem to have hit the nail on the head, I too believe the encounter was due to our many similarities -- Both young, both raised by other than our biological father, both associated with the military in one fashion or another, both overseas and far from home, and both related by blood. Could be even more reasons.

Your comments that supported my story of subterfuge, you're right as there is evidence that historically age and even how some women disguised themself and took on male roles in military life is all too real. And speaking of that, did you see recently in the news where women can now serve in ALL positions in combat that used to be reserved exclusively for their male counterparts? It took us awhile to get there. And that's just a recent change in the USA military community, other countries already did this. No reason for disguise in that regard is there. Not sure how I feel about that, however.
Hello Brokentree, thank you for your exceptionally flattering comments. No, I'm afraid if I told you that I'd be lying; just a story teller, but a truthful story teller. As to any calmness of heart, that can best be expressed as me not fully understanding what was happening, not completely. What seemed to take most of the time was preparation for the exorcism, that, and just generally taking their good old time about matters as first one, and then another, and yet another, beer was consumed.

Only thing I ever personally encountered like this was this. And when that movie The Exorcist came out years later (years ago now) I can only say my experience was nothing like the movie. And glad for that being the case as that movie was frightening. And speaking more of that movie, when I did see it years ago, I saw it at a midnight showing at a little theater many miles away from home, and after the movie, had to drive home alone over dark and lonely hills, and narrow winding roads (I was living in Germany at the time, a soldier), checking my inside rear view mirror and backseat constantly for confirmation I was in fact alone. So much for calmness if heart heart, I think I was something else. Smile.
Good morning, Caz. What you said about that Dali painting you saw, let me tell you of another Dali I found. It's a large wall size painting in the basement level of the National Art Museum in Washington, DC. It's in a room all to itself, to the right just as you come down the escalator; not many people seem to know it's there but I would stop and view it each time I visited the museum. Don't know the exact title, the Last Supper, I think, paints in the early 1950's. That's the biblical scene but again it's a Salvador Dali and title and theme are not always easy to relate, agreed?

And let me tell you of another Dali. My daughter, the one I told you about that had visited Scotland as an Au Pair, well she recently moved to this gated community I live in. We were all over at her new house (it wasn't actually her house at that time, she was just showing us around as she was then only window shopping, so to speak). Anyway, the owner of the home was present and escorting us around showing room dimensions, etc., when I noticed this water stained, badly framed painting partially stuck behind an odd piece of furniture on one of the less noticeable walls. Yep, a Dali original. I'm not a Dali expert by any means and did not recognize the painting from any art book I've seen, and If not a forgery (the woman claimed it was authentic) then a valuable piece in the care of someone who obviously has no appreciation for same. First time I ever saw anything like that, where someone had something of obvious value and treated it so badly. I commented something (not derogatory) but just chocked it up to someone with $$ that appreciated things differently than I -- and me with no $$. I would loved to have had that Dali even though it was in poor shape, at least I would have tried to give it a better frame and hang it in a better place. Just saying.
Hello Caz. Glad you could relate. That buzzing sound, that swirling color, the sickness, all of it thanks to that horrible smelling gas. I didn't say in the story but when they put that black rubber mask over my mouth and nose they did so with such force to knock out a tooth, a baby tooth, granted, but still it was one of my damn teeth and this was certainly no way to have any of them removed, knocked out. Wonder I didn't choke to death on that little mishap.

Guess it was state of the art for the time.

Your question about more stories from me: I'll have to write more, the last one I had was rejected, too unbelievable apparently. No biggie, I'll get over it. Smile
Thanks, Caz, always such nice comments coming from you. Funny too. What I claim to have seen that evening has remained pretty constant in my memory of events over the many years since. Thinking back to that very night, there was a lot of confusion after that old lady howled like she did and fell out of the chair to the floor. Lying there suddenly put her on the same eye level with me considering where I was seated, also on the floor. As I said, I'd never heard of an exorcism; had no knowledge what was coming or what to even remotely expect. It all happened quite quickly. Did I really see what I think I saw? I wouldn't swear to it in a court of law, knowing how the mind can play tricks on us all. I said confusion, maybe excitement is a better word choice. There was plenty of that for sure. Some were even angry as I recall. That could have been more the alcohol talking than anything else. My mother never did seem to cozy up to the old woman, and when she and I discussed that evening over the years that followed she too claimed to have seen a demon come from the woman and move out the window and escape into the night. Did she influence me? Maybe. She was there as I was there. But the funny thing is when the old woman was on the floor, at my eye level, she and I seemed to share, seemed to have an unspoken awareness from that moment forward about this that my two half brothers (her actual grandchildren) and her never shared. We never spoke about it, just seemed to be aware that something unusual had happened, and we both knew it. For such a tiny person, she seemed driven by anger and I respected her enough to always speak kindly around her for fear of setting her on an anger rant. Didn't always work as I came to earn when she came to live with us for awhile. Never saw anything about her that repeated that night. It was avoide conversation for us all.

Change of subject but somewhat surprised I haven't heard from you about my other story that came posted back to back with this one (not related) but has since moved off the page: The Woman Who Came To Help.
Hi Macknorton. I feel compelled to tell you this, something Caz said earlier triggered this thought in me but at the time decided to not follow up with a comment -- after all you and I do seem to disagree more than agree, wouldn't you agree? Ha.

Trees. The most amazing thing. I'm a painter, an artist who likes working these days mainly in oils from photographs I've taken. I'm working presently on an old and rusty and abandoned road building machine, a sort of catapiller/bobcat, if you're familiar with such things. But back to those trees and the photo I took about a year ago. The vehicle portion is just about finished, it's the trees in the background that are giving me difficulty. All that green, and shadow, not an easy thing to paint and have it come out looking even remotely like it should. I hadn't noticed at first, but I see it now each time without fail -- the faces of animals in the trees, in the leaves. Not distinct, but they are certainly there, dogs, cats, raccoons, etc., all starring out at me. This has given me an anchor, a place to build from as I try and capture what it is I am seeing. They don't move, it's nothing like that. They seem huddled together, captured at the time the photo was taken, some more distinct than others, but there, nevertheless. Kinda like seeing different things in cloud formations, maybe you and others may have played such games yourself and can understand what I am saying here. I seriously believe I am seeing the ghost of these animals, that they can be seen hiding in plain sight, not noticeable at first glance, not in your face, but there they are regardless. Now that ought to give you ground for comment. Have fun. Jerry.
Yes Valkricry, I believe you are right. But just the nicest lady I could have wanted, and needed, when I did. Not much conversation happening, her with her quiet manner and me with my painful throat of fire. I just assumed she was there because she worked at the hospital, but this was dscovered not to be the case. She worked at the nearby ammunition factory, which must have been pretty demanding considering her trying to raise two young sons. I was alert enough to appreciate the names she gave me, knowing that I knew them both. Later learning of her death, I really wasn't that surprised to put two and two together and come away believing it was her ghost that came to my assistance. I told this to her sons but they really didn't believe what I was saying. I do remember their father moved on quite quickly with whatever insurance money came their way, he bought a new car and soon had a new woman living in their house. Even to a young kid as I was back then, it seemed he moved on too quickly, considering; not for me to judge though is it.
Thanks, folks, by your comments it is obvious that you read and took some interest in what I said here in this particular story. Yes, MACKNORTON, you are correct the story could use some serious editing as I too see that the beginning and the ending seem to be addressing two separate accounts. My fault as I tried to relay a particular and undesirable character trait of my step father, i.e., his irresponsible dabbling in religion as motivated by his non-stop alcoholic consumption. I'm sure this came across but granted not as well as it perhaps could have. It could have been better told. Yes, this step father is the same person as in my story The Strange Object In The Woods.

VALRICRY, I can understand and appreciate your conflicting thoughts regarding my tale. A nice little grandmother on one hand yet packed solid with an evil so powerful it should require an exorcism. Well, that's what happened. More to the story (a detail not told in my story above, was more as to the strange setting and what led up to the setting. In short there was much discussion (all the while those oil lamps flickered their growing shadows throughout the room as evening grew darker, inside and outside) a lengthy discussion regarding a few local teenagers and how one, a young girl, had lost her mind it was said upon opening a package of developed film. Seems they, the teenagers, were experimenting with a new camera and drinking and laughing and the young woman aforementioned aimed the camera at the clouds, and cursing, and with a rant of blasphemy regarding God's existence, snapped a photo if the sky -- opening the package days later and seeing that one shot of the clouds -- there was a clear but black and white depiction of Jesus Christ. I saw his photo and sure enough there He was, His face and shoulders clear as a bell in among the cloud formations. That set the mood in the room as the photo was passed around to all present. That and plenty of beer and other strong drink being passed around to the adults present.

MANAFON1, always a pleasure hearing your thoughts on my stories. I must agree with your appraisal. Perhaps I saw only what my mind thought I should see. The atmosphere sure did lend itself to such possibility. I do recall the woman crying for a considerable time afterwards as she was assisted to by my step dad and his intoxicated brother. The next day and days afterwards she seemed alright to me, but there again, I really didn't know the lady very well. She did live many miles away from us and this was my first introduction to her. Over the years that followed, I only saw her once or twice more. She did come to live with us for a couple of months, I remember my mother keeping her distance mainly because if that exorcism event. She did seem an angry, mean spirited person, and recalling my own introduction of her, I too always maintained my distance, just in case.
Vegetarian. I saw a sign once that said: 'Vegetarian. Indian for bad hunter'.
Just sharing.