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Strange Events At My Aunts on 2015-11-19

When my Uncle and Aunt lived local to my family I would often house sit when they went away on their adventures around the world on the Catamaran they used to work on. This was always something I loved doing for them. I would look after their cat Floyd and their Golden Retriever Pup Benji. The la...

Quietly Watching on 2015-10-28

This is one of the two experiences that I have had, this one being my first when I was fairly young. I don't remember how old I was exactly but I remember the experiences so vividly. The first house that I remember living in was in Auckland, New Zealand. I would have a few days a week where I co...

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Date: 2015-11-19
Yea I doubted the imagination factor purely because of how frequently I would see this.

I have never looked into the history of the house, I haven't lived there in years and really wouldn't know where to start.
I do know that behind the house there is a massive creek that I used to play in. I guess it is possible that something is there.

I have told my parents. I used to tell them when I was younger I have also bought it up recently to them. But my parents are not believers and just think that I am making it up. Even now they still think its a made up story. Years later!